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He isn't one person he is everyone, because everyone and anyone can be Omnipotent. He is the ultimate sans, if you dont beleive me ask me personaly, i will give a full run down on how he works.

How to become Omnipotent

Credit to Max041 for the ideas.

For the Sacrifices

First you must have over 30 AUs who's Lv is over 10,be willing to sacrafice they're souls, then youmuast have someone over Lv 20 be willing to be Host. Next all the Sacrifices must be on one acord, there must be no conflict with each other otherwise the ritual will never work. Then all of them must give the host they're souls and then all they're magic.

For the Host

The Host must have a Lv over 20 and also must have good intentions of how to use this new power. They also must Have no Negative feelings toward other AUs. They also must accept the souls of the sacrafices no matter how broken or distorted. The Host soul cannot be the following, A braveery,Determenation,Persaverance or a Hatered soul. That is how one becomes and Omnipotent!Sans


  • Omnipotent mode only last up to 30 mins
  • This mode makes you the Ultimate weapon/Killing Machine
  • This kind of power can be activated by any race,example: Toriel,Gaster,Flowey,Frisk and ect
  • This has no draw backs, you are uterly perfect in everyway
  • If the ritual is not done right this power will cost you your life.
  • This Power will give you power stronger than the Anti-Void and the Void combined.