(Just note: By side characters I mean non-rulers)


Papyrus owns a puzzle shop/grocery store with his brother, Sans. He’s best friends with Queen UNDYNE.

Papyrus wears a gray jacket and boots, black pants, a white t-shirt, and black goggles (not over his eye sockets, though. He just thinks the goggles look cool).

He looks up to UNDYNE, and wants to join the Royal Guard out of admiration for her.

He walked right up to her and asked confidently if he could join. UNDYNE found his bravery admirable, and agreed to train him. However, as she got to know him she realized he was too nice for this. She decided to teach him other things instead, hoping he’d find something he liked more. They tried acrobatics, gymnastics, even search and rescue (well, he’d be there for emotional support). Currently they’re trying cooking.

He’s similar to the original, but has more skills. (Though I guess the original personality thing isn’t really bad because as long as they’re in different and interesting situations)


Sans owns a puzzle shop/grocery store with his brother, Papyrus.

Sans wears a similar outfit to Papyrus.

Not much to say about him, though. Other than his dreams of becoming a poet, and his self-consciousness.

He carries around a small, brown journal to write poetry in.


Ralsei wears wizard Outfits (he changes every day)

He wants to become a famous magician when he grows up

Zeno Astrid-

Zeno is the Royal Gardener. For some reason he wears a straw hat with a fancy suit and tie.

He loves pastries to the point of sneaking off to steak some from TORIEL and MUFFET

He tries to be mysterious for some reason

Charlie (Monster Kid)-

Charlie wears a brown sweater.

They want to become a member of the Royal Guard out of an admiration of UNDYNE.

Very ambitious, and kind of cocky.


The Whimsums are... exactly the same as in Undertale but the reason they live in Lawful Good is because they feel safe there.


Shyren wears a fancy blue dress.

She takes piano lessons from the queen herself, and is a famous singer around the KINGDOM. Some even come from other KINGDOMS to hear her sing.

She’s got a bubbly personality.


Dogamy and Dogaressa wear black and white sweaters (bone-themed because dogs), and the opposite color pants to the main color of the sweater.

They’re a happily married couple and in the Royal Guard.


Citizens. They’re chill

Rudinn Ranger-

Rudinn Rangers are in the Royal Guard.

Puzzle Guy-

Puzzle Guy is friends with Papyrus and mentors him in puzzles.

He wears one of those pajama hats for some reason XD.




Grillby wears glasses, a Red sweater, brown pants, and black shoes.

He owns a diner/café. He’s the stoic. Very Responsible.

Fuku Fire-

She’s a school girl. What else should I say?

Also she wears the stereotypical anime school uniform because in this world school uniforms for teens are the usual ones you see in anime XD

Blame the queens


Wears a beanie ;3

He’s a construction worker. Very Positive, yet seems naive

Nester (Striped Bird)-

Librarian. Think of every librarian stereotype XD

(I’m sorry I’m lazy)

Latte (Red Bird)-

They wear a blue sweater.

Hangs by Grillby’s diner, and usually acts as a translator. Chill.

Father Alvin-

Father Alvin wears a red version of the robe the original wears, but it doesn’t have a Delta Rune on it.

He’s gentle, calm, and nice. Choir director.

Heats Flamesman-

Try to remember his name


Bird wears brown pilot goggles and a red and white striped scarf.

They’re in the delivery service. They... well, deliver packages and letters.

Bird is cute. Best bird. Cherish this bird.

Sorry I was lazy XD

Finally got this done though!


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