aka Cory

  • I live in Hot Topic, aka scemo's paradise
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is doing stupid things.
  • I am Genderfluid. (Usually use he/him)


"where are yew, krizmazzz, why can't i find yewww"
(translation: christmas come faster damn it)
– me

Hello there, <insert name here>, and welcome to your doom! Also known as my secret base! I'm CoryΒ and I shall guide you through the doom-filled wonder that is my userpage! Oh, and there's a lot of dumb stuff here..



bloc Β (Very nice person-)

momΒ (good mom)

greatest internet brother EVAR!!!!!Β (crazy boi, also fellow pizza timer)

hunteeeeeΒ (wiki sis!)

others I may have forgot? people like me a lot lol


dad (lol the wiki leader is my interweb dad beat that succers.)


the person who's been around for a reaaal long time (i used to tolerate them but honestly they're just annoying as hell now.)

Likes and Dislikes


My wonderful emo girlfriend ❀

My friends and family

Invader Zim (tho you probably guessed this already... zim is... like, my #1 thing ever lol. seriously i worship this show. If you're around me a lot, you probably have more Zim knowledge then you want to have-)

Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss (I am a very bad chiald. Also Angel Dust, Alastor, Husk, and Moxxie are the best boiz

Steven Universe (Aaaah yas. Gay rocks. Pretty neat, huh?)

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart (An adorable show about an even more adorable, swordfighting cat. What's not to love?)

Villainous (It's centered around a bunch of villians. Of course I love it.)

Powerpuff Girls (The original 1998 series.)

Undertale/Deltarune (well... i mean, duh. im on the undertale au wiki, lal.)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (shhhh >:c)

Happy Tree Friends (I know I'm a sicko.)

Five Nights at Freddy's (very scaery...)

Wander Over Yonder (this show is so underrated *cri* peepers needs moar luv. plz luv him.)

Battle For Dream Island (im a lil moar into the characters than the plot, tho... xd)

My Life as a Teenage Robot (The theme song is catchy as hecc, ermergerd.)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (jack is BABIE!!!! BABIEEEE!!!!)

Animals (Who doesn't like animals?)Β 

Sleeping (yeeee)

Food (yee)

Water (idk i just like it-)

Various fictional characters (Zim characters especially lol)

Torturing my favorite characters (Zim especially... I'm sorry Zim..)

Sonic The Hedgehog (The games and the character. They both rocc. Gotat gee foost.)

Papyrus! (Yeay!)

Big fluffy soft blankets (uwu)Β 

The pizza time meme (Pizza time.)Β 

Scenecore/Emocore (Ye!! Ima scemo kid! i LiVE aT hOt tOpIc (not really i can barely afford anything there oof)

Bright colors (i like burning peoples' eyes lol)

Aliensssss and spaceeeeeΒ  (Spaaaaccceeee..... space is coooooooolllllll........

Rainbow (rainbow is a color i said so)

Food.... I especially like pizza and pasta..

Being edgy (IT'S NOT A PHASE MOM)

Emojis (Some of them, at least.)

Cute scary things (Like, cute versions of things that are supposed to be scary?? Like cute chibi skeletons, ghosts, etc. I love that.)

Playin' video games (They're fun-)

My catsΒ 

Little kids (Ones that aren't absolute jerkfaces.)


Haters of things I like who are jerks to the fans (Undertale haters, MLP haters, and FNaF haters are sometimes like this)

People who make hot chocolate with water (woah there friend you may need to slow down)

When people don't put me in their relations... for some reason. (I'm a narcissist xd)

The kids on my bus. (It's awful, seriously. Like, you would not BELIEEEEVVVEEEE...)

Mornings (Bleeeehhh...)

Being sick (bleh.)

Fortnite (not rly my thing :I plus ppl are rly annoying about it which drives me away more.)

Being deaf (i burst my eardrum once and i was basically deaf and it sucked)

Death (Unless it's fictional- You can tell I like killing random fictional characters-)

Pain, torture, anything that hurts (Unless it's fictional. Especially when Zim's the one suffering.)

Hiccups (Oh my Tallesssstttt.... I hate these things)

The fact I hate so many things (seriously.)

When people use dots for no reason (...bro, stop this..)

Little kids (they can be evil sometimes xd)

Stupid stereotypes (No.)

Politics (Confusing...)

Math (Don't give me that "you need it for the future" stuff either. Half the crap they teach us we won't use. And I don't need to like it just because it's important.)

Things I hate with all my soul

People who kill/harm animals for fun (g r o s s .)

Racism and sexism (They're both just so stupid....)

Having a period (REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- You guys out there are verrryyyy lucky.)Β 

Hormones (They make me act all grumpy.) Β 

Just puberty in general (ew)

You (Nah, I probably LOVE you!)

Being banned as a joke (Kicks are okay, as long as it isn't constant)

Being forced to do things I don't want to do (staph)

When little kids ask me to play with them and I don't want to but I don't wanna be mean by saying no (ugh i HATE)

Similarly, I HATE when people ask me a question and then get all angry when I say what they don't want to hear (bro you asked for my honest answer. if you didn't want an honest answer, you shouldn't have asked.)

When people get mad at me for getting mad at them when the did something bad first (stop it)

People who annoy me to anger me (STOPPPP)

People who don't respect the LGBT community (You don't need to be LGBT, but you should at least respect the LGBT community.)

Most of the boys in my class (They're all disrespectful assholes. There's like, what, 2 who aren't?)

When people complain about a meme's font and/or the website/app it was made with (THE FONT AND APP DOESN'T AFFECT THE MEANING OF THE MEME.)

Homework (NU!!!)

Nevermind (If you were gonna tell me something, TELL ME. If I didn't hear you the first time, IT WON'T KILL YOU TO REPEAT YOURSELF.)

Little kids (they can be heartless devils. i fricking hate children sometimes.)Β 

My AUs

  • Invaded CavesΒ (Invader Zim crossover. The only one I worked on. Status: Indefinite hiatus/Cancelled???)
  • Crazy Fanfics (Not necessarily mine, but I'm in the AU.)

Notes and Trivia

  • Idk who I am lol
  • Underfell is my favorite AU. I see it as a classic. The classic, edgy Undertale. Need more EGG in your life!? Underfell has egg. All of the egg. Many egg.Β 
  • Papyrus is definitely my favorite Undertale character. Sans and Flowey are second.
  • I'm a panromantic asexual. I have a girlfrined in real life. Her name is Lillith.Β 
  • My favorite colors areΒ lime greenΒ andΒ pink.
  • I useΒ Fontmeme for my AU logos. The link here takes you to the Undertale font in case you'd like to use it for your AUs.
  • I'm aΒ scemoΒ (scene + emo) kid! COME AT ME BROOO!!!
  • I saw rawr xd a lot. Unironically... Fite me, rawr.
  • I use emojis sometimes. Unironically!!! FITE MEEEE!!!Β 
  • I also use X3 a lot... Fite meee!! X3
  • Tacos. Just... Just tacos.
  • I enjoy lolrandom humor. TACOS!!!!I
  • I like Courier New I think it's a noice font uwu


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