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"Everyone deserves a Second Chance, or do they?"

Undertale Second Chance is an Undertale AU which takes place after a near Genocide Route, in where Sans is told by Gaster to save the monsters instead of confronting Frisk. The result is all the monsters that survived Frisk were teleported to a parallel Underground without the fear of being killed. Until the next human falls down...


After countless Genocides, the Underground was falling to the same fate again and again. Sans knew of these and had tried desperately to stop the human from finishing their goal, but always failed in the end. This knowledge that he could do nothing to stop this left Sans in despair. Until once while watching the human in Waterfall, he was taken to the void by Gaster.

When in the void, Gaster told him of how the human would not stop and how there was no way to save them. The only option was to save those who were left from falling victim. Sans was then instructed to gather every monster in the Underground to one location, and there they could be saved. He was then told to make haste and was dropped back in Waterfall, but this time some time had passed and the Human was on their way to the castle. The place Sans had been dropped down was the junkyard and Alphys was there, jumping off the waterfall. Sans only just managed to catch her with his blue soul.

After convincing Alphys not to commit suicide, Sans and Alphys manage to use Mettaton's broadcasting technology to message around the Underground, as well as Sans teleporting to any locations out of reach. Eventually all the monsters are gathered to Snowdin town, except the ones in the Ruins who are still trapped. With the help of Gerson and Grillby, the blockade was broken and just in time for Frisk to return to Snowdin. But before any attack can be made, the monsters are teleported to an alternate Underground through the void and so are saved.

With their losses remaining from the Genocide route, the monsters are still in mourning but try to get on with their new lives. Sans was elected as the new ruler of the Underground (as Asgore was killed when fighting Frisk, which served as the distraction for the Underground to be evacuated,) seeing that he was the one who allowed everyone to escape. Alphys stayed on as Royal Scientist, trying to improve the Underground's defences from humans. Gerson was elected to come out of retirement and take the role as Head of the Royal Guard. With the absence of a celebrity, Burgerpants took the opportunity to become an actor as well as Napstablook becoming a famous musician. Monster Kid began his path to trying to capture a human and avenge Undyne, by setting himself up in Snowdin as the next Royal Guardsmen in training. The River Person also moved to Snowdin, in an attempt to help Monster Kid and avenge monster kind.

The monsters could continue without the fear of another human, until this timeline's Frisk would fall into the Underground and face the retribution of the other.

Character Changes

The survivors of the Genocide are listed here

  • Sans- The Saviour of the Monsters and elected new King.
  • Alphys- Still Royal Scientist.
  • Napstablook- Famous Musician.
  • Monster Kid- Determined to become a True Hero like Undyne, and to have redemption on humans.
  • Gerson- New Captain of the Royal Guard.
  • Grillby-
  • Burgerpants- A new celebrity and actor.
  • Nice-Cream Guy- The Protector of the Lost Spiders.
  • Catty and Bratty-
  • River Person- The Avenger of the Monsters.
  • Flowey- Sneaked amongst the other monsters and was saved.
  • The minor NPC's Frisk doesn't fight.


As the one who gathered the monsters and managed to save the remaining monsters from Frisk's genocidal rampage, Sans was given the throne in the new timeline as he showed himself worthy of leading the monsters. Although still somewhat lazy, Sans is a bit more active as he is more heartened by the fact that he can change his fate after all. The sadness of Papyrus's loss did however take their toll and often Sans would feel angry that they did not strike down the human first instead of leaving them in an empty timeline. Themes: TBA


Previously Flowey had followed Frisk to Asgore's castle, but was distracted by the sight of the monsters evacuating New Home. He then followed the fleeing monsters and was in Snowdin at the time of the teleportation through the void. He was there for saved and retook his place in the new timeline. However, Flowey had learned to be cautious of humans and the powers they had to kill, remembering himself dying on previous genocides. He then decided to act more friendly towards any humans that would fall down to gain their trust and potentially survive any problems of getting killed. Themes: Truly Your Best Friend.


After nearly committing suicide and helping Sans to let the monster be saved, Alphys took her place back as the Royal Scientist. The amalgamates had to be revealed in the evacuation, which left Alphys with a heavy layer of guilt but was soon forgiven by those monsters who remained. She set about designing plenty of anti-human traps and puzzles around the Underground and vowed never to try and help another human again, learning from her mistakes.

River Person

The new judge of the Underground, the River Person decided to take an active approach to stopping humans after the genocide and settled down in Snowdin as to be close enough to strike out and stop any humans that would fall down. They also allied himself with Monster Kid, befriending them and agreeing to help them take vengeance against humans. There weapons is their Scythe which they use to intimidate any humans. Themes: Reaper.

Monster Kid






Nice-Cream Guy


Catty and Bratty