Article Creation
Article Deletion

This is an overview of the policy on deleting articles. There are three categories of article deletion:

Instant Deletion

Articles in this category will be deleted without notice. Some may even carry punishment if they are done repeatedly.

  • They consist mainly of Spam. (See Undertale AU Wiki:Rules/Spam)
  • They are duplicates of other articles.
  • They violate the global rules of wikia.
  • They are entirely blank/ contain a single word

Standards Deletion

Standards Deletion is to keep a high quality of articles on the wiki. If it does not meet standards, a Template:Delete will be placed and if the changes demanded are not made in 24h, the page can be deleted.

Here are the standards articles must meet:

  • 2 paragraphs each with 2 or more sentences.
  • Proper grammar

Quality Deletion

Not to be confused with Standards Deletion. Quality Deletion is done when an article is deemed to have a low value in other purposes, or does not have a purpose fitting for the wiki (unrelated articles). {{Delete}} is placed, and can be removed if the article is fixed. If the article is not fixed within 1 month of adding, the article is deleted.

A page with {{WIP}} that have not been edited in a month should receive the 'Candidate for deletion' template as the page is assumed to be abandoned. For work in progress to a an appropriate template, the user must be actively working on the page.