Article Creation
Article Deletion

These are the Rules specifically relating to the creation of pages and additional material.

Page Creation

Basic rules

  • All pages must have a single Infobox and at least one paragraph of written text, no shorter than 4 sentences.
    • Pages that fail to meet this standard will be marked for deletion.
    • Blank pages/near blank pages will not be tolerated, they will be deleted without warning if the only information on a page is only two sentences or less.
      • Information on Characters and Locations are not counted in this, and pages should have more general information on the AU itself instead of just on Characters and Locations in the AU. Trivia is also not counted in the total.
    • The minimum information that is required to be filled out in an Infobox is: Author, Date Published, Link, Type, Sub-Type (if applicable), Tone, and Medium. Read more in-depth information here.
  • All pages should be written formally in a report style and format, not a story. For example, the words 'Once upon a time' should never appear on an article unless it's a character quote.
  • Correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure is also extremely important.


  • Check the Policies page for further elaboration on Article structure.
  • Links must be provided to the location the AU can be read/played/watched.
    • AUs that do not have a story must be clearly labelled as such with the {{Non-existent AU}} template. The page can then be deleted after 21 days by an admin or moderator. To get an AU out of "Non-existent" territory, consult the Non-Existent AU Parameters.
      • The definition of a story is something that has beginning Exposition, an Inciting Incident, Rising Action, a Climax, Falling Action, a Resolution, and an ending Denouement. This can easily be visualized here.
  • AUs that have been cancelled may have pages but they must be clearly labelled (a link to the where the completed parts are must also be provided)
  • Switch Up, Crossover, and Self-insert AUs should use the role names of each character to make clear who is swapped with who.


  • Characters are not allowed here. They should be placed on their own respective wiki or the UTAU Ideas Wiki.
  • Undertale OCs should NOT have a page on this Wiki, their page should be on their own respective wiki or the Undertale OC Wiki.


  • Items/Location are not allowed here. They should be placed on their own respective wiki or the UTAU Ideas Wiki.

Addition material

  • All art must be credited, even if it was created by you.
    • Recolouring an image does not make it yours, you must credit the original creator.
    • Minor edits to images (such as the adding of eye patches or similar) does not make it yours either.
    • If you, for some reason, do not know the name of the artist, clearly state that is the case and provide a link from where you obtained the piece.
    • Repeated failure to credit artists will see you being blocked and your pages deleted.
  • Music and videos must also be credited
  • The file should be named something sensible prior to upload.
  • If an artist specifically states that no one is allowed to use their artwork, then you are not allowed to re-post it here either, credited or otherwise.
  • Please note: If the author/artist requests something to be removed, even if you have given credit, it will be removed. This is true for both the wiki and AU/group projects. Their rights override yours.
    • Side note(to the authors/artists): You must be able to provide some sort of proof that it is yours. Such as on the source material, put that you don't want it to be used.
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