Welcome to the Undertale AU Wiki's FAQ. Here you will have common/good questions answered an even get the answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

What is an AU?

An AU is an abbreviation for "Alternate Universe". What constitutes something to be an Undertale AU is that it must not be accessible in the game Undertale. If you are capable of accessing something in the game Undertale, it is considered an AT or "Alternate Timeline".

I have a page here that I now want deleted, what do I do?

This is unfortunate, but do not fret, as there is a process for this. What you do is you go to the pages that are yours that you would like deleted and put the template {{Speedydelete}} onto the top of the page. This will put it onto the Delete List. A ConMod or Admin will then come by and verify that it is indeed your page and delete it.

I don't see a certain AU here, can I add it?

Yes, absolutely. Just be sure to thoroughly read the Article Creation Rules and Policies of the wiki first.

I'm having trouble uploading an image, it keeps saying "permission declined" whenever I try

Try giving the file an actual name and/or converting it to PNG. If you have already done this, make sure the name is also not entirely capital letters. If problems continue, then contact an admin.

I see a grammar mistake on a page that has the DontEdit template on it. Do I still need to ask permission from the author of the page?

No. The fixing of grammar mistakes is perfectly fine, so long as the other information on a page is untouched. Just be certain that something is a grammar mistake before fixing it, as it may or may not actually be one.

What is a CMod, DMod and ConMod?

Those are shortened names for the roles of some of the staff here on the wiki. A CMod is short for "Chat Moderator"; DMod is short for "Discussions Moderator"; and ConMod is short for "Content Moderator".

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