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Undertale: Twisted Hero is an AU in which Undyne, Captain of the Royal Guard, becomes twisted with the desire to free the monsters from the barrier and so becomes insane.

Character Change


With the monsters trapped behind the barrier, the pressure to free them is on the Royal Guard to capture the seven souls needed to free those trapped in the Underground. Undyne as the Captain of the Royal Guard, has the highest pressure as she takes it upon herself to give everyone their hopes and dreams. However, as no humans have fallen for some time, she grows restless with the desire to free monsterkind.

Undyne has a whisper in her head of someone who tells her of the power of her soul and how she could free all monsters if only she grew in her soul power. Undyne then began a quest for soul power, growing violent and distant from her friends. She ordered Alphys to inject her with does of determination to make her stronger, which boosted her power level but not enough to reach her goal. It was only when the human Frisk fell into the underground where Undyne began to gain LV.


  • This AU is on a bit of a hold, and will be taken up again soon enough in time.