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Undertale: True Genocide is an Undertale fan game that tries to expand on the original Genocide route of Undertale, adding new areas to explore, new monsters to befriend or kill, and a lot more FUN. =)

Frisk is at the end of the Genocide route where they meet Flowey. Before Frisk is about to kill Flowey, Flowey pleads for mercy, and Frisk agrees. Frisk devises a plan and must need Flowey to help them. If Flowey, however, ruins this plan again, it's off with Flowey's head.


Undertale Characters

  • Flowey
  • Frisk
  • Chara
  • Gaster
  • Alphys
  • Grillby
  • Burgerpants
  • River Person
  • Monster Kid
  • Onionsan

Added Characters

  • Mysery
  • Sariel
  • Josh
  • Veronica
  • Coplin
  • Madam the spider bee queen
  • Jack the mole king
  • Mettaton 2.0


Undertale Locations

  • Snowdin
  • Waterfalls

Added Locations

  • Aqualine
  • Swampouts