*Have you thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
*Except you don't exist?

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Undertale: Rusted (Formerly known as PSB!Underfell) is an Underfell AU created by artist and animator PootStaBlook. Many of the main characters have different personalities and designs from the original Underfell.



Before Frisk fell down, they had a shy brother and a very abusive father, who eventually decided to kill them. They decided to end their own lives before he could, but they weren't so lucky. Their brother got killed, and they survived the fall. They have messy hair, a wounded/blind eye, they fear monsters and love flowers.


Not much is revealed about Flowey, but it's stated he can't be trusted, and thus most likely is still evil like in Undertale.


Toriel got traumatized when seeing monsters kill each other, and she became very paranoid, and when she decided to visit Asriel, she accidentally killed a monster in self-defense. After hearing her son was dead, she locked herself in her own house and doesn't allow anyone to enter, except Napstablook.


Napstablook is a ghost haunting an old, dirty blanket, because ghosts aren't visible to the naked eye in UT: Rusted. He used to live happily with his cousins, but while following their dreams they became selfish and aggresive, and when he took action during one of their fights, he lost an eye, both on the blanket and himself. He felt betrayed and became depressed. Their cousins left the Ruins and him without saying anything to him, but he didn't care anymore and wanted to be left alone, but at the same time he needed someone to talk to, and luckily for him he found Toriel.