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Undershadow is an AU in which monsters come out from the Underground in the cover of night to harvest the souls of human children in the village below Mt. Ebott. The souls the monsters take from the children are then infused with jewelery and weaponry, giving them the power of the human's souls they have obtained. The monsters of this world neither speak, nor have what the humans describe as conscious minds, as they act completely out of a desire for power.

The Guardian, a half human/monster hybrid was created by the humans to protect the village every night. He is the main protagonist of the AU, having only a desire to end monster-kind after Sans, the first monster for him to strike dead, killed his sister.


Long ago, a single child and monster lived together in a dark world. The monster and child were like mother and daughter, and for the longest time, took care of each other. One day, the monster asked for the child’s soul, wishing to use its power to help build something from the lifeless landscape around them. The soul corrupted the monster, and instead they grew terrible creatures, each more deformed than the last, forcing the child to flee for their life. The child fell, weakened without their soul, and in their death, planted flowers that would harm the monsters, but strengthen any humans that may still exist somewhere out there. Eventually the humans found the valley of flowers, and a town was created, but as time went on, the monsters found it too. Each night, they awaken and hunt the remaining humans using the shadows, hoping one day they could obliterate them for all eternity, stealing their souls and locking them in the weapons they had created to use their power.

The humans, in the wake of the destruction to most of the planet, took it upon themselves to make a counter to the monster's violence, and created a Guardian for their people. His name was Yue. Wielding nothing but a dagger, Yue would roam the streets every night, a million candles alit throughout the small village to ward off any shadow that might creep too close to a window. If any monster dared hunt down the children while they slept, it was Yue's duty to either strike them dead or send them back to where they came.

The first monster for him to kill was Shadow!Sans, the monster he was certain had been responsible for the death of his sister. Upon killing him, Yue took Sans's own dagger as a trophy and has carried it ever since, releasing the remains of his sister's soul into the ocean so she could be free once again. This was the same dagger to cost him his eye during the fateful fight, as the poison laced onto the blade burned away his ability heal it. This is also where Yue got the idea to begin using poison on the blade's of his weapons and has continued to do so ever since.

Around 3 years after Yue had taken up his role as Guardian, only 18 at this time, the AU began to tear apart as the creator abandoned the idea, believing it too worthless without properly developed monster characters. Ink Sans came to the AU in the hopes of reviving it, meeting Yue to help him stop the destruction of the world. During their time, Yue saved Ink on the third night from Shadow!Undyne, both of them escaping relatively unharmed. In the wake of their escape, Undyne murdered a human child and took a soul for herself. These events occur in the Undershadow comics.

After Ink solved the problems plaguing the AU and returned to his work, Yue went after Undyne in the hopes to stop her newly found power, as she had begun evading his attempts to stop her to quite a degree of success. With 6 souls at her command, all placed proudly inside of her double-bladed spear, Yue faced off with her in a battle to the death. Barely able to stand, on the verge of having his soul shatter, Yue took her spear into his own hands and used the power of the souls to heal himself. The newly felt power was something he could simply not let go of, and he took the spear as his own, using the 6 human souls for his own gain.

With his spear, the Guardian abandoned his AU and began jumping between new ones, searching for another soul, a DETERMINATION soul. His threats to the AUs caught the attention of Ink again and he strived to stop him, only to have Yue escape, snatching a red soul using devious tricks of coding and poison. He would later go silent for 9 years, unsure what to do with himself, leaving his AU to be torn apart. Eventually returning to kill the remaining monsters and strike down Toriel, the strongest of their ranks, Yue was too late to save anyone from his village, all the humans dead, his entire AU left ashen and empty.