*Have you thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
*Except you don't exist?

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Undergale is an AU that starts before Gaster disappears. Gaster created the two brothers, Gale and Typhyrus to fix a certain "warping" that is happening, since he was unable to fix it himself. He gave them both wings of hollow bone to fly, and newer abilities that go beyond dimensions.

Gale is suspicious of Gaster at first, since he never tells them as to why he keeps testing their abilities. But once Gaster spills as to what's going on, Gale is up to helping him. Although, later on an "accident" happens where Gaster now falls.

Now the brothers are out of the lab they never left and face the wonders of the underground...or so you think. Gale, who becomes silent and serious knowning the problem their world faces, now searches to figure out how to bring their world back to their original dimension. Typhyrus isn't left out though, as he joins the Royal Guards to help his brother overcome his "silent" nature and secretly helping him figure out the "warping" as well.


A side AU connect to Undergale. These are short, small, and comedic, comic strips revolved mostly around "Gale" hanging out with other AU Sans'. These are generally unrelated and related to the main source: "Undergale". To explain: if the topic was in "Undergale", this-is-what-would-happen. You could say, these comics come 'after' the main comic "Undergale" ends or sometime before they escape the underground.



The 'Sans' of this AU. His personality is generally the same as classic Sans. Except for the fact that he does not speak at all after he leaves the lab. Only on rare occasions. Weather to warn, comfort, yell in extreme situations, or to speak to Typhyrus. Around Frisk, he is generally lad back and goes along with anything. If things get serious though, even his temper will flip quickly. He has fully grown bone-wings that are used for flying but often drags them when walking because he is lazy. To add to his laziness, he controls his scarf with magic to grab things or attack without having to wave his arms. Favorite condiment: Vinegar.


The 'Papyrus' of this AU and often goes by 'Phy'. He, too, is similar to the classic Papyrus. Although he tends to be less self-centered, and actually prys other Monsters, and the human, to become friends with Gale, in hopes to ease his pain. He is already apart of the Royal Guard, so he can help search the Underground for clues to help Gale solve the "warping" problem. He, too, as bone-wings but the left wing was damaged during an "incident" which has stopped his wings from fully growing and never healed. Favorite thing to cook: Apple Pie.


The royal scientist that created Typhyrus and Gale. He created them to help solve the "warping" problem that, he himself, could not fix. He created the two with success and raised them. In doing so, became more than just a scientist but also a father. Struggling between using them in test experiments but also treating them as something more than just 'experiments'. His mind is always focused on work and see about everything as science or experiments, making him aloof.


The 8th human to fall in the Underground. They are quiet and rarely speak as well. Narration or emotes usually speaks for them. They are pacifist in this world and are aware of Chara's presence. When they first meet Gale, they are glued to him. Even if he is suspicious of them at first. The farther in they go, the more they learn of what Gale is up too and tries to help.


The first human to fall whom is now a spirit attached to Frisk due to their SOUL being strong and similar to their own. Frisk, Gale, and Typhyrus can hear them and their personality is anti-hero. They help Frisk along the journey but wishes to tease and mess with the monsters as they go. Gale and Typhyrus can both see 'them', confused as to why they can, but pass if off as just another human traveling with them.



Coming in the near future. Story-boarding still in progress but sadly has been set back.




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