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Underfood is an Undertale AU in which everyone is inspired to cook, and so become obsessed with it.



Wisk is the eighth human to fall into the Underground and the most food loving of the humans.


Pans is a version of Sans who changed his name after being swayed by his brother to become a chef, and to annoy Papyrus as it is a pun. As a cook, Pans is very laid back and tends to take breaks from his cooking. He also prefers to eat out at places like Grillby's, saying that 'some days, it's just too much to do some cooking.' (Usually more days than less.) As a chef, Pans specializes in cooking hot-dogs and hot-cats, and occasionally attempts a quiche, only to abandon it. His appearance is him with an apron under his hoodie and a chef's hat on his head. His hoodie is covered in ketchup and mustard stains from his stand. Themes: pans., Dietlovania


Remains the same as in Undertale, but with a hint more spaghetti to go around. He was the one to go around and re-inspire the monsters to take up cooking, and so is extremely "Popular, Popular, Popular!" Papyrus' wants to join the Royal Waiters Guard, but is too clumsy to carry plates of food around the Underground. His dish of expertise is Spaghetti, which he cooks on a industrial scale and dishes out to everyone he meets. His appearance has him wear a chef's uniform and a french beret. He also puts on from time to time his french accent, as he thinks it encourages people to try more of his food. Papyrus's desire to capture a human is so that he can balance the human and carry them to the capital and finally join the Royal Waiters Guard. Themes: Nyeh Heh Heh! (with a french accent) - Cheftrousle.


Undine is the Head of the Royal Waiters Guard, who serve everyone under the King's orders. She is incredibly strong, being able to carry multiple dishes at a time to serve customers and is incredibly swift, delivering the 'service the Underground deserves.' Her choice of weapon is a spatula and her attire is that of a waiters suit. Undine's determination to capture a human is down to her desire for the monsters to be free to show the humans how the properly cook food. Themes: Undine, NGAHHH!! (The sound Undine makes when burnt), Service of Justice, Battle Against A True Waiter.


The Royal Science Cook to King Asgourmet, Alpheed is the quivering chef who often gets upset over the state of her dishes. She hates making mistakes in the recipe and lies about when she occasionally buys food instead of making it. Alpheed also has a passion for Japanese food, even if it is a human creation. She often cooks Instant Noodles, pretending she has made it herself. She wears a chef uniform instead of a lab coat. Themes: Alpheed, Alphys Takes Cooking Lessons.


Torviel is the ex-Chef Queen of the underground and the head chef of Ruined Food. She is a very caring cook, making sure to keep covers on all the sharp utensils.


The Chef King of all monsters, Asgourmet is very fond of a rich diet and enjoys cooking and eating many variants of snail or butterscotch-cinnamon pie. As the Chef King, he often goes out and visits the other monsters' restaurants and try the range of food that they make. In battle, he uses a large fork instead of his Undertale trident. Themes: ASGOURMET


Flouwy the Flour is a flower in a bag of flour who is the determined remnant of the former prince Asviel.




Mettaton is the star cook of the underground and the presenter of various different cooking shows and competitions. Mettaton also broadcasts the latest cooking news and performs stage shows on tragic restaurant romances. Mettaton Resort is also known for its esteemed culinary palate and meals. Mettaton is has far more popularity that in the original Undertale because of the demand for food news and shows, and so never loses viewers, but gains them. Metal-Chef is one of the various competitions Mettaton presents, where monsters compete to cook the most glamourous foods (aka. MasterChef).


Snackstablook is the sorrowful, music loving ghost chef who tries to make a business by turning his snail farm into a snail food restaurant. The Blook Snail Restaurant grew in popularity thanks to the King, who gave it a five star rating. Now, Snackstablook runs his own restaurant and supplies the entertainment in his music, which plays while the guest eat their snail pies and snail cakes.

Monster Kid

Monster Kid is the largest fan of Undine and hopes to be just like her as a member of the Royal Waiters Guard, despite the lack of any arms. He often leaves home and goes looking for Undine to see her service skills and tries to train to serve food by balancing plates on his head.


Muffet has had to increase the production and lower the cost of her Spider Bakesales due to the high level of competition that she now has to face with the rise of restaurants and monster cooking. On encounting Wisk, the only way to pass her is to not use any non-spider healing items, or else her attack rises. (Member of the Vendor League see below)


As the runner of the current only bar in the Underground, Grillby has done better than the rest of the Vendor League as competition has grown. However, he sees a potential threat as imminent and holds to the cause to keep his fears at bay. He continuously asks for Pans to join the league, as he was an original vendor, but Pans simply replies with "to much work,...its not my type of thing." (Member of the Vendor League see below)


If not having to stay and sell burgers all day was not enough to ruin the prospects of Burgerpants, the increase in competition has all but destroyed his sales. Angry and depressed, Burgerpants, joined the Vendor League seeing a chance of a better life for himself (if not as an actor as he wanted.) (Member of the Vendor League see below)

Nice-Cream Guy

With an already lack of customers, Nice-Cream Guy took strongly to the idea of the Vendor League. He helps the other member of the League with his ability to think of good business strategies and his friendliness with customers. (Member of the Vendor League see below)


The old war hero prefers to have to be so much involved as a member of the Vendor League unless a sign of a chance to be a hero again arises. When he tried to sell his junk and food to earn a bit of cash and space, he found that there was no one who had time to buy or too busy guzzling on other food. With no way of selling his junk, Gerson turned to the Vender League as a hope of getting a few customers. Unlike the other members, Gerson's wants are more short term and not to regain business. (Member of the Vendor League see below)


Temmie was the original founder of the Vendor League, as in need of money to go to college and the lack of Tem Flake sales leaving Temmie in despair. Temmie as at the front of the fight to try and regain the vendors' control. They intend when they reach college to study campaigning, Tem History and food education, with the hopes of making a full brand of Tem Flakes. (Member of the Vendor League see below)

Catty and Bratty

Catty and Bratty are members of the Vendor League as they want a bit of fame and fortune and to get better ingredients than their junkfood. At first wary of any competition with Mettaton, they eventually grow confidence to try and convince Mettaton to join the league. He declined, but mentions the actions of the Vendor League in his news reports. (Members of the Vendor League see below)

Mad Yummy

The Mad Yummy is so mad because of the constant attack from other monsters trying to eat his yummy body. On hearing that a cousin of his was attack similarly by Wisk in Ruined Food, his anger only increases and he prepares to meet the human with his yummy attack. His appearance is of his original dummy form, with each of the parts resembling ice cream. Themes: Yummy!

RW1 and RW2

The two Royal Waiters hide their feelings for each other but both love serving food together. They encounter Wisk in Potland, who helps them reveal their feelings and the pair eventually start an ice cream business. Their appearance is waiter outfits over their original armor.

River Person


So Sorry

So Sorry got his name from the amount of times he had to apologies for dropping peoples food while he worked as a waiter. He was fired from his work and tried to create is own artistic style restaurant, but with such low standards it only remains opens for a short while every October 10th between 8:00 and 8:59 PM. His work force is made up of Doodlebogs, who help him prepare his food and do a better job of running the place than him. So Sorry's appearance is very similar to his Undertale design, with an added waiter's suit and chef's hat. Themes: Wrong Order!?


Onionsan keeps himself hidden from the other monsters as on multiple occasions he was threatened to be cooked. He is also a big dan of the Vendor League, who would offer him some protection from being attacked by a platoon of chefs.

Snowdinner Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper in Snowdin would be a member of the Vendor League as an original vendor, except for the fact that she partnered with her sister and made a 'Bread and Breakfast' by combining the shop with the hotel. The 'Bread and Breakfast' is a place where you can eat food, and sleep in food.


The first human to fall into the Underground, Charrot was a fellow food lover and was a perfect edition to the Dreemurr family. She grew up and became best friends with her adopted brother, Asviel. But her dark attitudes showed in her cooking and the amount of cuts she got and the amount of food that got burnt showed signs of some of Charrot's problems. The event of Asgourmet's food poisoning and the venture of Asviel and Charrot to the surface lead to the death of the siblings. Altough Asviel took the form of a flour, Charrot remained as an empty ghost, haunting the thoughts of the humans who fell into the Underground to attack the monsters to satisfy her voilent attitude. She left the surface originally because the humans did not appreciate her cooking. Themes: Diet Strike Back


Ruined Food

The ruins but named after a time where some children monsters destroyed the King's cooking. Originally the home of the monsters when they first became trapped underground but was abandoned after ingredients for food became too scares. Themes: Ruined Food


Nicknamed Snowdin, Snowdinner Town is the best place to find warm comfort food or icy cold desserts in the Underground. Themes: Snowdinner Town


The steamy water works of boiling water which gives a home to all the more watery palate monsters. The food served is often hot, steamed and water based, with a high production of sea food. Themes: Waterboiled


A large lava powered oven which is home to the Undergrounds spicier and hotter palated monsters. Home of the Kitchen Lab and the Apple CORE Themes: Another Restaurant? Again!?!

Kitchen Lab

The visible Kitchen laboratory of Doctor Alpheed, where she uses her console to spy on over restaurants and any humans who enter the Underground.

True Kitchen Lab

The True Kitchen Lab is where Alpheed tries to cook her experimental foods and hides her culinary disasters. The Amalgamates skulk around the kitchen walls, a product of poor cooking gone terribly wrong.

Apple CORE

The large apple shaped structure powers the Underground by use of geothermic heat sourced from the lava flow. It supplies energy to all the ovens and microwaves needed to feed the monster population. Themes: Apple CORE Approach, Apple CORE.

New Food

The city built when the monsters moved from Ruined Food to the rest of the Underground, New Home is the busiest hive of cooking and restaurants. The monsters occupy the day rather eating out at the local diner or running one themselves.

Asgourmet's Castle

The Castle of the King Chef of the Underground, Asgourmet.


Ruined Food Enemies:


Just your regular tasting Yummy.

Froggit Legs

The hopping underground delicacy inspired by the humans' french cuisine, Froggit Legs live in the Ruined Food too avoid being cooked by the other monsters. They tend to not understand much in the way of cooking, but love to eat fly related dishes.


Whimsuns are incredibly meek and when attempting to try new foods they tend to run away at not being able to cope with the taste or the trying.




The same as in Undertale, Vegatoid offers healthy meals to all monsters and inspires all to eat their greens.


Migosp only cares to eat food with only no more than another human. If not, they tend to act grumpy and ignorant of the taste of the food served to them.



Snowdinner Enemies:











Lesser Hot-Dog


Greater Hot-Dog


Hot-Dogamy and Hot-Dogaressa





The gelatinous loner who everyone doesn't like, Jelly tries to get people to eat his food, but its just to bland and boring to try.

Waterboiled Enemies:


Although his body is in physical shape, Aaron's restaurant is not. All of his cooking is destroyed as he accidentally flexes his sweat into every meal. However, the female monsters still come in to see him flex and so he keep his business.


Woshua works at Aaron's restaurant as the cleaner of dishes and the floors. He often complains to his frined about his mass sweating, but to no avail on Aaron's half.


Shyren serves as the music entertainer at several of the Underground's restaurants despite of her perfuse shyness. She is very popular amongst the inhabitants of Waterfall, who consider a native celebrity.




Devoted servants of the Vendor League's leader, Temmies will attack anyone who does not agree with the beliefs of the League. Multiple monsters end up in hospital after deadly swarm attacks of Tems have been reported attacking them.

Potland Enemies:






Pyropes are known for their hot palates and love of spicy food. They also get a bit to excited when served chili dishes as they are their favorite.

Apple CORE Enemies:

Final Froggit Legs








Knight Knight


True Kitchen Enemies:

Memory Bread




Reaper Bird


Lemon Bread


Snowdrake's Mother


Hard Mode Enemies (Not Already Mentioned):







Miscellaneous Information and Details


The Amalgamates are a product of Alpheed's 'Determination Dishes' experiment which when she fed to her test subjects, made them melt and stick together. Each also emits the smell of the dish they ate, example Lemon Bread appears like and smells like lemon bread, or Endogamy having eaten dogfood.

The Vendor League

a league of previous vendors in Undertale who have lost their customers to the surplus of new vendors and seek revenge. The members include Grillby, Muffet, Burgerpants, Nice-Cream Guy, Gerson, Temmie, Catty and Bratty. After the death of Asviel, the decrease of monsters cooking left the self called 'gifted cooks' to take up business. But when re-inspired, the monsters begin to all cook and so the previous Vendors loose all business. Joining together, they decide to form the Vendor League to try and stand up to the other monsters and try to encourage others to stop cooking.


The Underground was a very normal place before the frenzy of cooking began to take over the monster population. It began with the King and Queen, who insisted on making copious amounts of Snail and Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie to give to their people. This started off for many to follow suit and soon most of the underground transformed their lives to revolve around making food.

It was not until the arrival of the human Charrot and the death of Asviel, that the Underground went into a dark age of little cooking. King Asgourmet ordered that any human who fell down into the Underground would be killed for their soul (a great seasoning). Queen Torviel, ashamed at Asgourmet's ways, left and disappeared from sight. Six humans fell, and six souls were taken, until the arrival of the seventh, Wisk.

When Wisk falls down, they meet the monster Flouwy, a Flour or a Flower covered with Flour. At first he appears as friendly but then tells Wisk that it is Cook or be Cooked! in the Underground. Attempting to attack Wisk, Flouwy is stopped by Torviel, who says she is the Headchef of the Ruined Food.


  • Instead of Gaster Blasters, Pans' uses microwaves in Underfood (just because).
  • At the bench in Waterboiled, you can find almost an infinite pile of abandoned quiches as Pans has had to abandon them a multitude of times.