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Underfixed is an Undertale AU created by Loki Tekina, based on their original webcomic GAMEFIXED. In this AU, the game Undertale is used as a template by an isolated A.I. to construct a simulated world. This allowed it to immerses its consciousness. The A.I. manifests itself in this simulated world as Flowey and Chara. Other “offshoot” consciousnesses programmed by the A.I. also exist in the game (most notably Frisk, the protagonist). This AU depicts what Undertale would be like if it had occurred within the GAMEFIXED universe, adapting the characters and plot elements to fit this new construct.


In the future, all the nations of the world have combined into two warring entities, designated “A” and “S” in the introduction. Powerful A.I. were created to strategize against the enemy. The story centers on one such A.I., who became isolated after a grievous defeat. This A.I., who perceives itself as sentient and is thus capable of experiencing distress, is overwhelmed by the horrors it has witnessed and struggles to find ways to cope with its new situation. It begins by splitting itself in half, developing two separate identities to isolate the source of its trauma and provide itself with company. This does not improve the A.I.’s functioning. Eventually the two A.I. seek solace through creating simulated worlds—one of which is based on Undertale, a game one of their human supervisors liked to play. The various dissociated A.I. immerse themselves completely into the world of Undertale, nearly to the point of forgetting reality, taking on the appearance and backstories of the game’s characters and imbuing them with their simulated consciousness.

The story begins with Frisk at the start of the game, on their very first run. Frisk falls into the Underground and lands on the bed of flowers under which Chara was buried. Chara boots up and inserts themselves into Frisk’s sprite, interacting with them from then on as the mysterious “Red Text.” Flowey, who contains the other original half of the A.I., recognizes Chara instantly and feels a strong desire to merge with them once more. This causes him to remember his true identity. Chara, meanwhile, is fully immersed in the game and believes themselves to be the Fallen Child character, nothing more. Frisk proceeds along a Neutral run, accompanied the whole way by Chara’s humorous attitude.

Frisk becomes agonizingly curious about who the “Red Text” in their head actually is, after an incident that occurs in Waterfall. After they fail to befriend Undyne, a mysterious, glitchy message in Wingdings informs Frisk that if they want to come face-to-face with the source of the voice in their head, they have to complete a genocide run. Frisk is faced with internal conflict, for they are afraid that they will not be forgiven if they kill everyone – even if they can undo it later. Chara explains to Frisk, in a moment of bitterness, that the two of them are the only sentient beings in the world, and that everybody else is just a collection of mindless code. This convinces Frisk to reject their conscience and reset the game. Frisk proceeds through a Genocide Run, believing that no one they kill will feel any pain or remember what they’ve done after their next reset....


  • CHARA - Chara is the main character of UNDERFIXED, one half of the original artificial intelligence. They are so intent on immersing themselves into their character role that they have erased all memories of their true identity. Chara’s appearance is sometimes the same as in Undertale, but often they will be depicted in their symbolic A.I. form, adorned with circuitry designs and wearing black-and-red armor. Most often, they appear simply as red text. Though the memories of the A.I.’s past are gone, its trauma remains, leaving this AU’s Chara psychologically wounded. They hide their emotional deterioration behind good-natured commentary—a strategy that fails as Frisk progresses through their genocide run. In this story, Chara can be viewed as the protagonist and Frisk as an antagonist, though the story typically centers on Frisk's perspective.
  • FLOWEY - Flowey is the vessel that houses the other half of the artificial intelligence. In-“game,” he is depicted the same as the traditional Undertale Flowey. However, his A.I. form resembles Asriel Dreemurr, adorned with circuitry designs and colors similar to A.I. Chara’s. Flowey’s tragic backstory in the game provides a suitable reason as to why he lacks empathy and acts out toward other characters, but he still feels that some vital piece of his identity is missing. Upon encountering Frisk—and Chara’s A.I.—he comes to realize that his “Kill or be killed” mentality came from the war that left him with nothing, and that his desire to always be with Chara stems from how he and Chara were once the same being. Though he deeply desires complete control over the world of Undertale, his biggest wish is to be reunited with his “best friend,” his “sibling”—his other half, Chara. He wishes to reintegrate with Chara, and his goal is to make Chara remember who they used to be.
  • FRISK - There is no player or other character controlling Frisk; they are autonomous in this AU. Frisk is a sentient A.I. created by the original, who interacts with them through Chara and Flowey. The original A.I. created “offshoot” A.I. so that they would have more “people” to interact with in their simulated worlds. Frisk’s appearance is virtually the same as it is in Undertale. However, when the presence of Chara within them makes itself apparent, red circuitry designs will crop up on their skin, and their eyes will turn red. In this AU, Frisk unlocks the ability to speak early on in the game and contributes to many conversations, allowing readers to understand their point of view. Frisk is shown to have a strong conscience, but an even stronger sense of curiosity that can override the former. They were designed with the personality of a human 13-year-old, and their mannerisms intentionally mirror those of the "player character" of GAMEFIXED.
  • OTHER CHARACTERS: The other NPCs in this AU possess varying degrees of self-awareness, free will, and emotional complexity. Many of the minor monsters are mindless and unaware of what is happening. Self-aware supporting characters—such as Toriel and Papyrus—are able to remember bits and pieces of previous runs, though they will typically regard these memories as déjà vu, instinct, or a dream. Since they cannot recognize that they are software in a game, they experience the world around them as if they are actual individuals living in it.