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Underblank is the sister AU to Creatortale. Not much is known about it, though a few chapters of its book take place within the AU. All its characters share a tiny fraction of the ability to CREATE; however, if put together, it would rival the abilities of Creator!Gaster or Creator!Frisk. The AU is the remnants of a game that an unknown user opened, but never played. It is noted that he tried the Gaster naming Easter egg before the game was closed forever.

The characters remained 'unloaded', and were just Lost SOULs, according to Creator!Frisk. They were not capable of speaking or even having a consciousness. However, the Creator!Gaster ended up transferring a tiny bit of the power to Blank!Sans, and he passed a tiny bit of that on, causing a chain reaction to help the Blank!monsters out of their unloaded state, except for the lost SOUL effect remaining for some part of them, and a mark appearing where the CREATE ability was passed on.



One of the two most focused characters in his universe, the other being Goopy. Creator!Frisk refers to him as 'Blank'. His jacket retains the lost SOUL effect and he has a star-shaped, multicoloured mark on his skull. He is enthusiastic and happy, despite knowing about RESETs. He is shown to be very powerful when defending Papyrus, before half his magic was taken.


The main antagonist of Shattered SOULs. He was loaded in just after the game was closed and slowly went crazy with loneliness. When everyone comes back, he tries to steal monster's magic, and succeeded in stealing Papyrus's, half Sans's, and Creator!Frisk's determination. His goal is to make sure no-one is lonely again.


A minor character, and was relatively strong with magic until it was taken. He is extremely protective and worries about Sans a lot. His mark, a purplish moon, is on his shoulder


A genocidal human, immediately trying to murder Flowey, and catching Toriel off guard. They leave no monster alive, not even NPCs.