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Underball is AU where the characters and locations of Dragon Ball take place in Undertale.

Character Changes

  • Frisk : Uub (possible change)
  • Toriel : Bulma
  • Froggit : Turtle
  • Napstablook : Muten roshi
  • Doggo : Yamcha
  • Dogi : Tien
  • Greater Dog : Chiaotzu
  • Grillby : Yajirobe
  • Sans : Gotenks (possible change)
  • Papyrus : Gohan
  • Monster Kid : Tranks (possible change)
  • Mad Dummy : Good bou
  • Mad Mew Mew : Arale
  • Temmie : Saibaman (but it's cute)
  • Undyne : Piccolo
  • Alphys : Krillin
  • Muffet : Android 18
  • Royal Guards 1 and 2 : Two Namekian warrior (possible change)
  • Mettaton EX : Android 17
  • Mettaton Neo : Super 17
  • So Sorry : Ribrianne
  • Asgore : Vegeta
  • Amalgamates : Androids (15,6,19,8 and 16)
  • Asriel : Son Goku (possible change)
  • Flowey : Its flower his name is Kakarot (possible change)
  • Chara : Shenron (possible change)
  • Snowdin Shopkeeper : Lunch
  • Gerson : King Kai (possible change)
  • Temmie Shop : Fortune-teller Baba
  • Bratty and Catty : Videl
  • Burgerpants : Mr. Satan
  • River Person : Whis
  • Gaster : Beerus (possible change)
  • Annoying dog : Toribot



Takes the role of Frisk as the eighth human to have fallen down. He has Gohan' clothes for Dragon Ball Z ending, the power pole and four-star ball.


" Bulma ATK 25 DEF 12 HP 550 Knows best for you"

Takes the role of Toriel. she was Vegeta wife and she lives alone at the end of west ruins. At the beginning of the game, Bulma saves Uub from Kakrot and healing any damage done by the murderous flower. She encourages Uub to deal with monster encounters by talking to them, as opposed to acting violently. She gives him a cell phone to keep in contact with one another. She introduces Uub to their room and plans to raise them as her own. After the protagonist asks her about leaving the West Ruins, Bulma abruptly leaves; the protagonist follows and the two entered into a fight. She attacks with guns and explosive capsule.

Master Roshi

"Master Roshi ATK 10 DEF 10 HP 180 that old man doesn't seem to have a morales"

Master Roshi blocks the protagonist's way in the Ruins because he as sleep. he travels into the ruins hoping to find a beautiful lady. He does not appear again until the protagonist fights the Majin Bou and saving him with Ma Fu Ba and invites the protagonist to visit their home. Master Roshi attack with an electric and small ki blast.


"Gohan ATK 28 DEF 20 HP 981 He wishes to capture you in order to get popular"

Takes the role of Papyrus . Gohan first appears in Paozu Forest, where he proclaims to his younger brother Gotenks that he will capture a human and become popular. After Gohan meet Uub the first time, he attempts to antagonize Uub with puzzles . in the Battle, Gohan first attack is much blue ki blast after these attack Gohan turns the protagonist's SOUL blue and the SOUL remains blue for the rest of the battle. if your HP down to 1 Gohan instead places them in his shed he can easily escape his shed. After the battle, if you spare him He and Uub become friends. In hang out, Gohan wears Great Saiyaman Suit and give Uub special gift. After hanging out, Gohan give Uub phone number.

In Genocide Route he remains oblivious to the protagonist's motives until their battle, where he instantly spares them, wishing to guide the protagonist on a better path and be friends. The protagonist can then spare or kill Gohan. If he kill him he states he still believes in the protagonist and thinks that they can become a better person because believe that anyone can become a good person.


Takes the role of Sans. He likes bad joke and her brother gohan . in Genocide he combat Uub with her true power and give you bad battle. He use the ghost a place of Gaster Blasters and the wave in place of bones.


"Piccolo ATK 60 DEF 35 HP 1480 that warrior NEVER gives up and take your revenge for humanity"(base)

"Piccolo the SUPER NAMIKIEN ATK 1000 DEF 725 HP 42000 Ultimate warrior reformed by her own god ki to save Earth"(Piccolo the SUPER NAMIKIEN)

He is Gohan's Teacher, the leader of royal guards and krillin best Friend. Piccolo follows Uub throughout Namek Waterfall and repeatedly attacks them with ki blastes , but the protagonist always evades capture by either dodging her attacks or due to Tranks's interference. After these, Piccolo fight Uub and on the battle Uub ran away and Piccolo chases Uub into Desert Where he hears a loud voice leading to loss of consciousness where Uub closes the ears of Piccolo.

After Piccolo battle, Gohan call Uub for during Piccolo's chase and suggests that they and Piccolo should hang out at her house . Piccolo is initially hostile to the protagonist but he lamentes for approval when Gohan reminds him of all the good things the hero has done. After the hangout Piccolo Fight Uub Training Battle and these battle dstract destroy his house

In Genocide Route, After Uub attacks Trunks, Piccolo protects them and takes the blow instead. Even though her HP reduces to zero, Piccolo holds on through the ki frome the all the authers namekiens and reforms into Piccolo the SUPER NAMIKIEN.


The royal Scientist and piccolo friend and he make body for android 17.

Android 17

"Lapis ATK 17 DEF 720000 HP 9999 His barrier renders him invulnerable to attack"(Base)

"Android 17 ATK 72 DEF 48 HP 2000 He haven't any weak point"(True form)

"Super 17 ATK 1700 DEF 17 HP 150000 Dr.Krillin's strongest invention"(Super 17)

When meeting Krillin in the Lab, Uub is warned about a Android that he had created , Lapis. Krillin escribes it as a robot warrior made to fight but he become TV star. Immediately after this warning, Lapis (Android17) bursts through the wall and forces the Uub into a deadly quiz show

In quiz show, Android17 asks a series of multiple-choice questions that must be answered correctly within several seconds. For the Last question Android17 chooses to humiliate her by quizzing Uub on the identity of Krillin's unrequited love interest : Piccolo,Vegeta,the human,Lapis

Later, he appeared a breaking news segment, in which Mettatonhe asks Uub to report on one of the several items within a room which all turn out to be bombs hidden by Mettaton and Uub defuse all of them. It is unknown whether the cooking program and the Musical exist

After Uub reaches the Loukoot they are once moreconfronted by Android17. This time, however, Android17 reveals that he had re-arranged Karin Tower and the Loukoot and hired Frieza solders so as to attempt to kill Uub and Lapis  flip the switch for transforme into his true form Android 17 EX and begins the true game show. By taking damage, using popular brand items, or using specific ACTs to raise the Ratings of the show to above 10 000 Mettaton stops the battle. To his surprise, this is the highest rated episode he has ever had and begins to take call-ins from viewers. The First call from Master Roshi and he said he would be bored not to see the show and added that he wished the Android 17 EX would become his girlfriend and Android17 He closed the phone and said "I am a man". and after that, Several callers convince Mettaton that he is highly valued in the Underground, and is the primary source of entertainment that many of the inhabitants have and he decides that he no longer wishes to leave the Underground

In the Genocide Route, Android 17 never appears until it reaches Lookout, where it discovers that its program still contains the original target, which is killing, then turns into its strongest form, Super 17, which attacks Uub In contrast of Mettaton NEO but he was still dies with one attack

Android 18

"Android 18 ATK 48 DEF 18 HP 1680 If she invites you to her homme, Prepare yourself to die"

She runs her own bake sale in Hotland, with the purpose to get rich. After Uub running into her trap Android 18 fight Uub. After the battle she will stop fighting because she knew that Uub did not have money. Later it is clear that Android 17 is the one who told Android 18 he coming human. She attack with yellow ki blast and Kienzans and big ki blast (In the place of the pet)


Underground King is the only enemy destroy mercy button.


Happy ending finale boss. He is frist fallen human friend and he killed by the humans after try Bring the dragon ball to the underground. After he died he Returned to life looks like flower and He called himself Kakarot and Follow the rule "in these world Fight like a warrior or you be killed".



Location Changes

West ruins

West city and the Ruins.

Paozu foret

Mount Paozu and Snowdin.

Namek waterfall

Planet namek and Waterfall.

Desert land

Diablo desert and Hotland.

Korin tower and The lookout

take the place of the core.

New Capsule

new home and capsule corp.


Before +9000 years aliens races ruled the earth with the humans.

One day the war broke out between the aliens and the human.

After long battle the human use the dragon ball and wished all the aliens prison in Underground with a magic spell

In 7?? , legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

Uup He went for the mountain and fell in the underground.

They embark on a journey to return to the surface.

And he will change the underground, for the best or the worst.


West ruins Enemies :


Turtles take the place of Froggits.


Pilaf take the place of Migosp.


Bubibinmans take the place of Whimsun.


Poops take the place of Moldsmal.

Monster carrot

Monster carrot take the palce of Vegetoid.

King Nikochan

King Nikochan take the place of Loox.

Paozu Forest Enemies :


Puar take the place of Ice Cap.


Olong take the place of Jerry.


InoShikaCho take the place of Snowdrake.

Namek Waterfall


Tambourine take the place of Aaron.


Cymbal take the place of Woshua.


Piano take the place of Shyren.


Drum take the place of Moldbygg.

Desert land

TBA (possible movie villains solders)

Korin Tower and The Lookout

Frieza solders take the place of core monsters.

Potential Music Themes

A growing list this AU's Soundtrack.

001 : Once Upon a Manga

002 : Start Menu

003 : Your Best Rival

004 : Fallen down

005 : Its West Ruins

008 : Unnecessary Tension

009 : Lets The Fight Begin

010 : Oldman Fight

011 : Your Ki

012 : Capsule House

013 : Capsule House (Music Box)

014 : Capsuleache

015 : Gotenks.

016 : Hi Hi Hi Hi

017 : Paozy

019 : Three Eyes

020 : Mysterious Arena

021 : Tori Song

022 : Paozu Town

023 : Shop

024 : Hairtrousle

025 : Enemies Become Friends

026 : Friendship Tense!

030 : Piccolo

031 : Namek Waterfull

032 : Run!

034 : Memory

036 : Bou!!!

037 : Kame House

041 : Peace of Mind

043 : Saiba Village

044 : Fortuneteller Baba Shop


046 : Beam of Revenge

048 : Krillin

049 : Android Appearance

050 : Barrier Crusher

053 : Stronger Enemies

059 : Accel Dance

060 : The Worng LOVE

061 : Oh One True Love

064 : Karin Tower Approach

065 : Lookout

066 : Last Battle!

068 : Death By Android

071 : Chala Head Chala

072 : Song That Might Play When You Fight Gotenks

076 : Prince Of Saiyan

077 : Vegeta

078 : Baga

079 : Your Ultimate Battle

080 : Finale Hope

081 : An Ending

084 : Androids

086 : Don't Give Up

087 : Mind and Soul

089 : Finale Spirit Bomb

090 : Our Theme

091 : The True Power of Ultra Instinct

092 : Reunited

096 : Last Goodbye

097 : But the Earth Refused to Give Up

098 : The Battle Against a Namikien Warrior

099 : Power Of "SUPER17"

100 : Dragonlonovia

101 : What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku Fusion?

102 : Everything Hakai

103 : Beerus Theme