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WARNING: Horror content here! Please watch with caution!!

UnderZero or Fataltale is based on the horror videogame called Project Zero or Fatal Frame (especially, Project Zero 2 or Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly).

In this universe, almost all the monsters are actually dead, but their spirits still roaming in the Underground. All of them has the damage that Chara make on them, for example, Toriel has a large cut wound in the torso, Papyrus carries his head, Undyne is melting, etcetera. Each of them is suffering, trapped in the agony of the Genocide route made by Chara. When she completes the Genocide Route and goes to the surface, humans are able to stop him. It passes 25 years and two brothers fall into the underground: Saria and Florens. Both of them will have to travel the haunted place, filled with the spirits of the monsters killed that terrible day.

Will them survive this chaos...?


In order of appearance:

  •  Saria: She will take a role like Mio, she will be the one who uses the Spectral Camera, or easier, the controllable character. She has an extraordinary sixth sense, good dodging attacks and has a really merciful heart. She has 20 years old.
  •  Florens: He will take a role like Mayu, but he will help more... He will be the one who helps the player, and on certain occasions, he will also be able to use. He is the older brother, but even so, he does not have the same sixth sense that she does. He is smart and even more sentimental than her sister. He is 22 years old.
  • Frisk's Crimson Butterfly: It's his form in a big part of the adventure. He will be the one who will lead the way to your adventure to save everyone, also the one who will guide you to the Spectral Camera. He wants to save everyone souls and help them to find freedom again.
  •  Flowey: You can see him sometimes in all the places you go to. He cries and shakes with fear. Most of the time he will say "Please... Don't kill me...".
  • Toriel: Puedes verla vagar en las ruinas. Ella puede llorar la mayor parte del tiempo, también puede encontrar sus diarios para su vida. Cuando estés saliendo de las Ruinas, ella te detendrá y luchará contigo.
  • Papyrus: You can see him in Snowdin, trying to call his brother. He will help you to pass Snowdin and by his traps and puzzles. He also leads you to know what happened to him. In the end, he will find you again and say "Find him... And save us... I believe in you... I'll always do...".
  • Monster Kid: He will be playing and running in Waterfall. At the start, he will do the same stuff as the first time in the underground, as he was with someone else (Frisk), but at the end, he will run away screaming and crying, as the time in the Genocide.
  • Undyne the Undying: She will appear only at the end of Waterfall, in the same spot of the battle. She will try to kill you, thinking that you'll do the Genocide again. She will say phrases like "I won't let you hurt them again..." and "I'll save them..."
  • Alphys: You'll find her at the Lab in Hotland. She will lead you in, knowing about the reason why you're here. She will upgrade the camera with better lenses and extra rolls.
  • Mettaton Neo: She can be found in the same spot of battle. At first, you'll see her broken and off, but then suddenly turns on and tries to kill you.
  • Chara's Spirit: When you start to cross the final corridor, Saria faints and starts to see everything in black and white, as the special scenes with Mayu. Suddenly the corridor fills with blood and Chara appears and attacks Saria.
  • Sans: He will appear after Chara's battle. He will help Saria to wake up. Here he's alive by the little piece of magic that he has, but he can't attack, use magic, teleport and run. He will guide you with Asgore and explain to you what happened 25 years ago. In the end, he says "good luck out there, kiddos..."
  • Asgore: Él es el último con el que luchar y ocultar en la Sala del Trono. No hablará en toda la batalla y mirará al suelo todo el tiempo.
  •  Frisk: Part of his remaining soul still exists in the Underground. He will be the one who will lead the way to your adventure to save everyone, also the one who will guide you to the Spectral Camera. He wants to save everyone souls and help them to find freedom again.


  • Freedom: This ending can be obtained if you never lose. Saria and Florens win the battle and found out Frisk's butterfly, which turns into his form, thanking the brothers to save the Underground. He turns into a butterfly again and flies away. Saria and Florens go back home with their family. The butterfly goes with Sans and he looks at it and grins saying "well kid... you were right..." The camera reveals a photo of them with their mom and at the right of it an old bottle of ketchup hidden in the dark. And finishes the phrase with "... you really choose the right ones..." (This is the Canon ending).
  • Determination: This ending is the neutral one and appears if you have died from 1 to 5 times before. Saria and Florens win the battle, but the place starts to collapse, then Florens founds out a Save Star, saying that they can RESET, but that will make them disappear from this world. Knowing that there's no way to escape, she accepts and they press together the button. Then we saw Sans waking up scared, and his brother waking him up. When Papyrus exits the room, Sans starts to cry and says "i should have taken better care of them...".
  • No Mercy: This ending is the neutral one and appears if you have died from 6 to 10 times before and died at Chara's battle. Saria and Florens win the battle, but then Chara's spirit comes again and says "Do you actually think that you could stop me? BOTH OF TWO ARE PATHETIC!" And then, he attacks and kills you. Then the scene will turn red and his maniac laugh will be heard.

Some Information

  • Saria and Florens have some power that Sans give to the surface, with the hope to find people who can save the monsters.
  • Frisk and Chara are males in this AU.
  • There will be secondary monsters too, roaming, and even, trying to attack you.
  • All the monsters have a different design.
  • All the places will be darker.
  • The color palette is darker.
  • The comic will have a more anime style by the drawing difficulty.