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UnderTime is an AU where the nine main characters of Undertale are keepers or defiers of time. The characters are dressed in clothing based on if they are a defier or keeper and also based on what they are based on.The characters of UnderTime defy time its self which is why they are keepers and defiers. While following Frisk, you jump through the different stages of time and reality. But while following Chara you destroy the stages of time and tear the universe apart unil you either are stopped or succeed.


Undertime is an AU where the main character Sans and the Narrator try to uncover the mystery around the disappearance of the residents of the Undertime universe. There is one crossover to the AU Horrortale, which i do not own, none of the characters are mentioned or used but the universe is used slightly. Also the mention of Ink Sans and Error Sans, which i do not own, they are not present in the story but it should be mentioned. All credit goes to its rightful owners, i own the Undertime universe and characters accept the ones mentioned above. 

Inktale owned by Comyet 

Errortale owned by TheCrayonQueen 

Horrortale owned by Sour-Apple Studios 


Among TIME and SPACE there was the Keepers, warriors who maintained and stabilized Timelines of different universes (AUs). But when the deifiers, the ones who cause chaos throughout the multiverse, increase their attack, it is up to the keepers to stop them... that is until Sans bites off more than he can chew.



  • Sans- Time Traveler
  • Papyrus- Time
  • Undyne- Future
  • Alphys- Change
  • Toriel- Present
  • Asgore- Past
  • Frisk- Hourglass (a special power to freeze time or reverse it)


  • Chara- BLACK HOLE (One Who Destroys Everything)
  • Gaster- Paradox