*Have you thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
*Except you don't exist?

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UnderDespair (provisional name) is an AU created by ADgee and based off Danganronpa. In here, the plot and system change completely. A mysterious villain (thought to be Flowey), got the Human Souls and trapped the main characters underground again. But this time, everything changed. The whole underground is in crisis and stuck in something called the Ultimate Hate Program. The characters are supposedly forced to "kill each other" to survive. They must work together to gather back the seven souls and shut the program down to restore normality. But not all of them will make it alive.

Character Changes

Main Characters


Talent Status

Ultimate ??? (former)

Ultimate Pacifist

Alive (yet deceased twice)
Napstablook Ultimate.....Remixer? Alive
Toriel Dreemur Ultimate Teacher Deceased
Sans The Skeleton Ultimate Comedian Deceased (finally.)
Papyrus The (Greatest) Skeleton Ultimate Cook Alive.
Undyne, Captian of the Royal Guard. Ultimate Fighter Deceased
Alphys The Lizard Ultimate Scientist Alive
Mettaton Ultimate Dancer Deceased
Muffet the Spider Ultimate Salesman Deceased
Asgore Dreemur

Ultimate "Child-Murderer"

Ultimate Monarch


Chara Dreemur

Ultimate " Misanthrope " Alive?

Location Changes


Additional Changes


Pacifist Route

At first, the protagonist/Frisk will appear in the typical bed of flowers,through most of them are either filled with blood/dust or rotten. After walking through a path, they meet Flowey, which has gone insane. He tells Frisk that the underground had been filled with despair, and is now under someone's rules. He then proceeds to say they have to kill in order to survive. Then Flowey summons a wall of pellets and throw them at Frisk. They get severely harmed, having little-to-no HP and their soul severely cracked.

Toriel then appears, wearing a different suit, and a dialogue triggers:

" disgrace. What are you doing to this poor child?"

"Showing them the RULES. MY Rules. They have disobeyed them."

"For last time, THIS IS NOT YOUR GAME. Leave immediately before I burn you to crisp."

After that, Flowey leaves. Frisk and Toriel enter the ruins, and see the puzzles have been strangely deactivated. A panel is seen which says:

"Every single monster in the underground has a golden rule they must follow. If they break it, their SOULs will be poisoned and shattered in pieces, as a punishment for the latter."

After completing the puzzles, they find a pile of dust. Toriel arrives to the scene and freaks out,  Flowey appears indicating that obviously a murder have been commited. The three starts arguing, giving each other their own point of view. After a while, Toriel tries to defend the protagonist and offer them various lessons about Flowey's weakpoints. This shows to break Toriel's golden rule, and subsequently, she gets executed. (The lines indicate the execution part.)

Toriel is seen on a pre-built school. She is shown to be frowning, and a bunch of students appear. They start stabbing her with several tools: Rulers, very sharp pencils, and others. Finally, she gets his head smashed hardly by a fat, heavy book about the basics. She smiles for a second, looking at Frisk, and falls to the ground, bloody and creating a huge pool of blood in the ground. Her soul shatters, and the scene ends.

In compensation, Flowey heals Frisk. Then they proceed to leave the Ruins and enter Snowdin. After that they'll meet Sans, which will greet you quietly, starting the following dialogue:

"Hello there, human. I saw what happened there..."

"I...I'm also saddened, but I can't change my face. Poor Toriel, she....she didn't deserve it."

After some seconds of silence, then he finally speaks.

"Alright. Let's just go, HE might be watching us. Anyways, my brother is an affictionate of human-hunting. He's desiring to be in the Royal Guard. I really hope he becomes part of it, I can't handle seeing him sad."

After that, both of you progress through the gate.

"i recommend for you to hide behind that lamp over there. he is rather NERVOUS and EXCITED about this."

Then Frisk hides behind the lamp, and Papyrus appears.


Number on the List AU Name Original Name
00 A Story Of Havoc and Despair Once Upon A Time
01 The Start Of Everything Menu
02 Killing Tutorial Your Best Friend
03 Welcome Underground Fallen Down
04 Visit The Ruined Paradise Ruins
05 Passive, Calmly Climax Uwaa!! So Temperate
06 Enemy Battle..., is it? Anticipation
07 Pressure Fills The Air Unnecessary Tension
08 Easy Peasy Enemies Enemy Approaching
09 Empty of Matter, Full of Despair Ghost Fight
10 Don't Let Despair Take You Determination
11 A Sweet and Comfy Place to Live Home

Gnight, Sleep Well!

Home (Music Box)
13 The Fire of Hope Heartache
14 Sick Comedy sans.
15 The Greatest Of Them All Nyeh Heh Heh!
16 Snowed, Icy Landscape Snowy
17 Cold and Friendly, just like Winter Uwaa!! So Holiday!
18 A Dog Couple's Curiosity Dogbass
19 Something Hides Beyond The Door Mysterious Room
20 Playful Puppies Come To You!


21 Friendly, Snowed Home. Snowdin Town
22 Go Shopping Shop
23 A Battle full of Calcium Bonetrousle

Let's Do This!

Tension in the Moment

Friendly Fighting

Dating Start!

Dating Tense!

Dating Fight!

27 So, Let's Talk Premonition
28 Mysterious Risk Danger Mytery
29 Spying in the Dark Undyne