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Note from the Creator:

Hiya! Its Mystery! I´m the co-founder and will answer you´re questions! (I will be also answering on Shadow´s acc. too!) TwistPlot was an idea Me and Shadow made before we found this website! If you have any problems according to our plot (get it?? No..? Ok...I´m not that funny) you can ask me like why are Asgore and Toriel Family Related. (Ok... For this answer we just thought about it ^^⁾ Well... I hope you enjoy our AU!) Have a nice day!

Twistplot is like Storyshift, where the pairs of characters are swapped with other pairs (In Storyshift, Toriel and Asgore are swapped with Undyne and Alphys). Selected characters are swapped, and most monsters stay the same. The character's personalities are around 60% the person they take the role of and 40% the original character. This AU was created mostly for fun.

Character Changes


Swapped with: Papyrus

Nicknames: Tor


Art by CranberryDreemurrs

Special Weapons: Fire Magic

Special Locations: Snowdin

Relationships: best friends with Asgore (Not yet married)

Personality / Backstory: Toriel has most of the same character traits as her cannon counterpart. What she carries over from Papyrus is a hate for puns, and an aspiration to be in the royal guard. She's even friendlier than Papyrus, due to her role as a caretaker in the original Undertale. She is very good at making pie, but is terrible at making anything else.


Swapped with: Sans

Art by CranberryDreemurrs

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: Fire Magic,

Special Locations: Snowdin, Judgement Hall

Relationships: Best friends with Toriel (Not yet married)

Personality / Backstory: Asgore carries over a soft core from his original counterpart, and has a high likeliness for saying puns. One thing that is different is that he is obsessed with tea, instead of ketchup. His favorite kind of tea is Goldenflower Tea.


Swapped with: Undyne

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: Bones, an occasional Mace, turns heart blue

Special Locations: Waterfall

Relationships: Brother of Papyrus

Personality / Backstory: Sans cracks jokes a lot, but not as much as his UT counterpart. As the captain of the royal guard, it's his duty to try and let Toriel into the royal guard. Instead, he teaches Toriel how to make food, but during the lessons, he ends up throwing them at people's faces. He watches cooking shows with his brother, Papyrus a lot.


Swapped with: Alphys

Nicknames: Paps

Special Weapons: Bones (Doesn't Fight you, though), Turns heart blue

Special Locations: Hotlands

Relationships: Brother of Sans

Personality / Backstory: Papyrus is less confident in himself than usual, but he still is very confident. He hates the puns and jokes that Asgore and Sans say. Instead of Anime, Papyrus likes to watch cooking shows with his brother, in order to learn how to cook better.


Swapped with: Muffet

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: spears, turns heart green, turns heart red to escape

Special Locations: Waterfall

Relationships: Likes Alphys

Personality / Backstory: Undyne tries to make a living by becoming a bounty hunter to kill the humans who come through the underground. As a former member of the royal guard, she was kicked out by Sans for being "too confident". Instead of Spider bake sale posters posted all throughout the underground, there are many Wanted Posters, depicting various humans on them.


Swapped with: Grillby

Nicknames: Alph

Special Weapons: Lightning Magic (Doesn't Fight You)

Special Locations: Snowdin

Relationships: Likes Undyne

Personality / Backstory:


Art by Wolfdorked911 (Baguetta).


Swapped with: Toriel

Nicknames: Blooky

Special Weapons: Tear Magic?

Special Locations: Ruins

Relationships: Cousins with King Mettaton

Personality / Backstory:


Swapped with: Asgore


Art by Wolfdorked911 (Baguetta).

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: Bombs and Lightning Bolts

Special Locations: Barrier, New Home

Relationships: Cousins with Napstablook

Personality / Backstory: Since Mettaton became king, he has turned his royal position into a television show with a robot body made by Papyrus and a camera crew consisting of the Ruins Dummy and Mad Dummy. He enlisted Grillby to be his main reporter on all the news and gossip in the underground. After people became more interested in Grillby than his show, he shut down the show and made Grillby the new star of the underground.


Swapped with: Gaster

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: Lightning Magic, Fire Magic, and Hyper Goner

Special Locations: CORE

Relationships: Best friends with Chara, Son of Toriel and Asgore

Personality / Backstory: Asriel was the first royal scientist, and he was very happy. He eventually fell into his core, sending him into the eternal void, and erasing him from every timeline. Because of Asgore's ability to remember timelines, he knows what happened to Asriel, but he can't stop it. Instead, a new Twistplot timeline was created in a word where Toriel And Asgore weren't married yet, but Asriel would never exist in.


Swapped with: Semi (River Person)

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: None (Doesn't fight you)

Special Locations: Snowdin, Waterfall, Hotlands

Relationships: Best friends with Asriel, Foster daughter of Toriel and Asgore

Personality / Backstory: She was the first human that fell in the Asriel timeline. She is a caring and eccentric person, often traveling through timelines to get you where you needed to go. Her determination allowed her to travel timelines, searching for her lost friend, before she realized he was truly lost. Often, she says seemingly random things that do not relate to the matter at hand, but have deeper meanings later.

Semi(River Person)/Flowi

Flowi- 9be00656-94c5-41e1-b224-58a5a

Art by Paul Grote Beverborg

Swapped with: Flowey/Asriel

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: The weapons that the souls give him

Special Locations: Ruins

Relationships: Brother of Gaster

Personality / Backstory: Semi, Gaster's younger brother, was orphaned in the ruins, always relying on his brother to take care of him. After Gaster seemingly disappeared for three months, Semi killed himself because he couldn't live with the pain of knowing his brother wasn't there for him. When Gaster came back and saw Semi's dust, he tasked Papyrus to somehow bring him back to life. In the time that it took for Papyrus to think of an idea as to how Semi could be brought back to life, a small, blue flower grew in Semi's dust. Papyrus then injected determination into the flower, and Flowi the Flower was born.


Swapped with: Chara

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: Lightning magic and knives

Special Locations: Throughout the game

Relationships: Brother of Semi

Personality / Backstory: Orphaned in the ruins with his brother, Semi, Gaster was fascinated with the hole in the ceiling of the ruins. When the first human died, he stole their soul and went across the barrier for three months, gathering intel from the humans. Gaster went into hiding after his brother, Semi, died. Throughout the genocide run, Gaster appears, guiding you in the shadows.


Swapped with: Napstablook

Nicknames: None

Special Weapons: Spiders, Turns heart purple

Special Locations: Ruins

Relationships: Best friends with Grillby

Personality / Backstory:


Swapped with: Mettaton

Nicknames: The Underground's Flaming Star

Special Weapons: Fire Magic and Bombs

Special Locations: Hotlands

Relationships: Best friends with Muffet

Personality / Backstory: Grillby always wanted to be famous since he was little. When King Mettaton gave him the chance to be on his show, he readily agreed. Little did he know, Grillby would become the Underground's most famous star after Mettaton handed his show over to Grillby. He currently hosts a talk show, a cooking competition show, and a news channel. When he became more and more famous, Grillby was actually pushing away his best friend, Muffet, more and more. *Note: Grillby is NOT a robot, because Mettaton is already one.

Location Changes

There are pretty much no location changes except that for the most part, the characters are now placed in the areas where you would find the character they take the role of. The only exception to this is Undyne, because she hates the heat and she would easily burn up in hotlands.

Additional Changes

The only additional changes are that the Royal Guard Canine Unit is now the Feline Unit, Temmie has an Orange and Purple shirt instead of a Blue and Yellow shirt, and Endogeny now more closely resembles a cat.