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Twisted Rotation, also known as the FRAGMENTED version of DELTARUNE, is an alternate universe that doesn’t follow by the rule. An AU with elaborate plans, customized story and timeline, longer length, modified characters, affected traits, and altered relationships and interactions. A new world without having the monsters sealed underground. Instead, they formed their twisted world with a twisted lady. A world formed for their own decision. A world divided by two races that had never been together for a very long time. A world for a better living… until everything changed because of these two heroes : a HUMAN and a MONSTER. Together, they were destined to free them all from their lifelong hardship.

Character Changes

  • Toriel and Kris are The Protagonists
  • Onionsan is The Empty one
  • Naptablook and Mad dummy are The Caretakers
  • Sans is The Recluse
  • Alphys is The Judge
  • Undyne is The Ambitious
  • W.D Gaster is The Idoliser
  • Asriel is The Royal Guard Captain
  • Chara is The Enraged
  • Mettaton is The Royal Scientist
  • Papyrus is The Celebrity
  • Muffet is The Monarch
  • Asgore is The Fallen
  • Gerson is The Soulless Angel
  • MājĶû kÆnə & ¡¿? is The Forgotten Scientist

Charater Info

Main Charaters


He’s a simply a synthetic creature. A creature created by “W.D. Gaster”. Originally, he was a test subject, however, Gaster allowed him to explore the outer world and see how cruel it can be. Gaster put a human soul (a soul of joviality) inside him for experimental purpose. Once he realized how anarchic the tyrant is, he began to plot something… interesting and play it discreetly. Onion has absolutely no connection with Gerson and it’s not a vessel for him either. They are literally two different people. However, Onion is fascinated by the legendary history of the former king.

Location Changes

  • Land of Fear => Mt. Ebott/Underground
  • Spectral Mansion => The Starting Point
  • Forlorn Quarters => The Ruins
  • Halcyon Wilds => Snowdin
  • Mudflout Vault => Waterfall
  • Azure Reverie => Hotland
  • Prime Genesis => The CORE
  • Arachnid Turret => New Home