Tubertale is an alternate universe initially created by RPG_Freak/Sonixayra, later being picked up by Thatguywiththegibus and Pixelcrusher. The first comic part was released on January 29th, 2019 (and can be found on the official Tumblr).

The AU is a crossover AU between Undertale and Youtubers that uses the sprite comic format, following Frisk traveling to see if the legendary myth is true.

Long ago, two types of people ruled Earth; those who utilize technology and those who are against it. Those against tech revolted against the others, going on many rampages. The few tech-supporting survivors there were said to be put on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean; as time passed, this myth only seemed as such.

Character Changes

  • Flowey is replaced with Tiny Box Tim, an out-of-place box that seems to want to help.
  • Toriel is replaced with Marzia, Pewdiepie's fiancé, who keeps track of the Ruins replacement.
  • Napstablook is replaced with Pyrocynical, one of the few residents in the Ruins replacement.
  • Sans is replaced with Daithi de Nogla, an Irish Youtuber who has seen better days. Unlike most other residents of the island, he's represented by their mascot/icon rather than his actual self.
  • Papyrus is replaced by Jacksepticeye, the louder of the Irish men; known for his sense of green and loud voice, among other things.
  • Undyne is replaced by Vanoss, leader of the Royal Guard and defender of the icy caverns he lives in.
  • Alphys is replaced by H20Delirious; while not being a scientist himself, he maintains the water treatment plant that serves as a key component to the island.
  • Asgore is replaced by Pewdiepie, the previous "king" of Youtube itself, now king of the island instead.
  • Asriel is replaced by Markiplier, a friend of Jack and Pewdiepie. He is currently trapped within Tiny Box Tim for reasons currently unknown.
  • Muffet is replaced by Vsauce Michael, a scientist that has been taken over by an unknown force and became insane. His previous creations (tiny, sentient robots) now roam the Ruins replacement, selling any scrap they can as well as some info on the outside.
  • Grillby is replaced by Vinny Vinesauce, a restaurant owner who grills and plays songs for occasional entertainment.
  • The True name of Chara is "Sean", otherwise known as "Antisepticeye"; however, the connection between him and classic Jacksepticeye is currently unknown.

Location Changes

  • Instead of the underground, the entire story is set on a discrete and desolate island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
  • The ruins are an overgrown, seemingly ancient city that might have once been populated.
  • Snowdin is a small Ireland-like town, which rains quite often.
  • Waterfall is a collection of frozen ice caverns.
  • Hotland is an open sea of icebergs and few pieces of actual land, with bridges and such to connect them.

Additional Changes

  • The entire battle system is overhauled, now striking similarity to Deltarune's and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga's.
  • Textboxes now utilize battle sprites within them, as normal Undertale-styled battle sprites are not used due to the change in battle system.
  • The overall spriting style is similar to that of SNES-era games, a notable example being the Mother series.



  • There's a fair amount of confusion between Tubertale and similar-in-concept AUs such as Tubetale, Undertube, Youtale, etc. However, besides similar concepts, these AUs have nothing do with TuberTale in any way, shape or form.
  • As there are literally over millions of YouTubers to pick from for certain roles, these roles are picked subjective to the creator's wishes; because of this, please don't argue about which YouTuber should go into which role in the comments or elsewhere.