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- Introduction

Town Of Robloxia: Destroyed is an Undertale Alternative Universe created by Sacred Snorlax. It's recommended you know roblox for this.

This AU combines Undertale with Roblox, it uses the sprite-comic format that follows a hacker named 1x1x1x1, meeting some Roblox Developers along the way.



  • The person you take the view as. A hacker however unlike most hackers who took advantage of no devs he went and explored. he was an adventurous hacker who doesn't know what to do until hes in a situation this means that he doesn't know what to do with enemies until he encounters them. He is clumsy too and should not be taken seriously


  • The first character encountered is Builderman, an helpful and supportive robloxian to say the least.


  • A neutral robloxian making their way through the Underground Dungeon. Watches over the place and keeps it clean.


  • A simple person that thinks everything is "totes adorbs" they could get annoying at some points, but there's no way to stop them. She doesn't know what to do in a fighting situation and she gets awkward easily in hard situations.

Roblox (David)

  • A very, special... robloxian. They don't talk much, and they have a friend named Noob. They are very curious on the whereabouts of 1x1x1x1.

Noob (Classic)

  • A very adventurous robloxian, they are very talkative and very social. They love to hangout with David. (They act like a kid on sugar, just not all the time.)


  • A robloxian who loves to hurt other people when they are allowed. When they are not sport-hurting, they are interactive with the people around him and loves to challenge people to battle. He doesn't have many friends, and wishes for some.


  • A engineer who works in explosives, they create a variety of bombs for their games and is a nice fellow, but if their busy they don't like being disturbed.


  • The old king who kept things in place, when he was around everyone was happy and was in perfect harmony. He cared in keeping the place fair and when he was alive allowed tix.

John Doe

  • A maniac to say the least. Power has taken over him ever since he became king. (he isn't king, but in the story it acts like he is) after dying to inceptiontime he waited for someone just as powerful and just as a maniac to come a long and bring revenge

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