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Timetwist is a Role-switch AU where everyone's role and backstory will be in a "twist".

Character Changes

  • Chara is The Protagonist
  • Papyrus is The Empty One
  • Undyne is The Caretaker
  • Ruins Dummy is The Recluse
  • Frisk is The Judge
  • Monster Kid is The Ambitious
  • Grillby is The Repetitive Vender
  • Nice-Cream Guy is The Restaurant Owner
  • Asriel is The Idoliser
  • Asgore is The Captain of the Royal guard
  • Napstablook is The Royal Scientist
  • Mad Dummy is The Celebrity
  • W.D Gaster is The Monarch
  • Sans is The Fallen
  • Alphys is The Forgotten Scientist