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The Creatosphere is an AU created by ADgee on 2018. This one takes place in the "Creatosphere", a place located in the middle of the multiverse.


A long time ago, The Creatosphere was a place full of Peace and Tranquility. The CREATORS were wonderful beings, capable of writing universes and stories using the BOOK OF CREATION.

Until one day, the evil RENCU TAYARTOT, a CREATOR exiled from CREATOSPHERE, returned to cause chaos.

He broke the CENTER of CREATOSPHERE, breaking reality and creating a rupture that connected the universes.

Thus, RENCU TAYAROT created an army based on his evil universe, BAJULURIAJO.

One of the creators decided that he had to gather an army of AUs to stop him, and he started by creating Creatosphere! Frisk, to try to reunite them and form peace again.

CR! FRISK, together with an army of AUs, attacked RENCU TAYAROT, and this was defeated.

But he had an ace up his sleeve, which made explode the CREATOSPHERE, and with it, all the universes within.

The remains of the BOOK OF CREATION were scattered in the vacuum, creating a new universe...



The protagonist of the story. A young 18-year-old girl who was born from an unknown creator in order to defeat Rencu Tayartot. Currently 19 years old, likes to explore and visit other AUs, rather than just stayin in hers. She has a circle divided in various colours, (representing creativity and imagination) on her shirt.


She is a young girl of the same age of Creation. Both of them are BFFs, as they go practically together all the time. She forms a duo with Crea, seemingly unbreakable, and as well takes all the decisions due to Creation's shyness.



The New Universe

A new universe created from the remains of the Book of Creation. Looks like a blank sheet of paper, that can be written and drawn over to add stuff. Currently CT!Frisk's home.




Final note

If you want, CT!Frisk can visit your AU, since she's on a tour around the multiverse. ^^


  • RayoAzul7: Helping me with the AU and making the backstory.
  • Bone Apetit: For having the idea on the original Creatosphere concept. Thanks to them, this AU wouldn't be a thing. ^^