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Terrorshift is a Chinese AU which is the darker version of Storyshift.



Sans is the ruthless king of the Underground and knows something about the truth of world of Terrorshift. Although he knows Papyrus resists his government, he chooses not to "clean" Papyrus and feels regret for Papyrus' "not knowing the darkness of the real world". He is still cold and takes the responsibility of being a judge in which he thinks no one is innocent. He is also collecting Human SOULs.


Papyrus is Sans' younger brother and the first one to resist Sans' government. He eventually fails and goes to live in the Ruins. He starts to think an imaginary friend is with him due to his powerlessness and hopelessness.


Asriel is Asgore and Toriel's son and Chara's adopted brother. He brutally brainwashed Chara to make them become his loyal slave. He leads the police team in Snowdin and secretly collects Human Souls.


Toriel is the capation of the "Ministry of Cleaning" who will make every monster who keeping their mind against the Sans' mind disappeared. She is deeply like Asriel and she feel gulity.