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Taoyuan-Tale (桃源传说, "Taoyuan" is referred as a type of Chinese traditional utopia), also called Arcadia Tale, is a Chinese AU which is heavily based on Tao Hua Yuan Ji written by Tao Yuanming. The story is similar to the original Undertale story with some changes.

The story takes place after the war between Monsters and Human in Qin Dynasty in China. Human defeated the Monsters and killed most monsters. However, some survivor escape to a secluded area called Tao Hua Yuan (桃花源). Monsters peacefully lived in Tao Hua Yuan until a fisherman entered the Tao Hua Yuan accidentally in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Monsters gave him a hospitable reception and told him not to tell this secret area to any other Human. But this Human broke a promise and led many people to wipe out the remain Monsters. Monsters killed them in anger and set up the Barrier to ensure every Human who enter the area will never return.

The Barrier is set up by seven most powerful Monsters: Toriel, Asgore, Papyrus, Muffet, Alphys, Undyne, Sans. When seven Monsters are all dead or seven Monsters all accepts to remove the magic of Barrier, The Barrier will be removed.

Character Changes


Flowey is a talking peach blossom with five petals. His Omega Flowey form's face is a scrolling Shan Hai Jing(山海经, the Classic of Mountains and Rivers).


Frisk is a kid who entered Tao Hua Yuan accidentally when collecting Chinese medicinal herbs. They are missing their family and want to escape the Tao Huan Yuan in any case. They have the power of Determination and can relive themselves when they are dead.


Chara is a kid who entered Tao Hua Yuan accidentally when playing. They think killing is one of the games and they were gathered, watched and attacked when attempted killing a Monster and were saved by Asriel. But Chara induces Asriel to kill Human and absorb their Soul to be strong enough for Chara to absorb. They like Tang Hu Lu (糖葫芦, sugarcoated haws on a stick).


Sans is a fisherman and sentry, and one of the Seven most Powerful Monsters who Created The Barrier. He is Papyrus' elder brother and has many part-time jobs. He often drink and then sleep on a tree. Also, he likes reciting Chinses traditional poems he learned from other Human who enters the Tao Hua Yuan. He seems lazy, and he is not talent magic learner. However, the deceased Gaster gives him the ability of judge player.


Papyrus is a tall and energetic skeleton and one of the Seven most Powerful Monsters who Created The Barrier. He is Sans' younger brother and he thinks Sans needs his protection. His dream is to be a loyal swordsman who fight for justice. He likes to call himself "The Justicial Papyrus".


Alphys is a girl born in wealth family and she is taught to have traditional femininity. She has mastered to traditional etiquette and she secretly learned familial traditional Chinese mechanism. Like the source game, she has a crush on Undyne and is guilty to make some troubles.


Undyne is Alphys' friend and she is born in poor family. She was a undefeated general in the war between Human and Monster but it has ended. She eventually know that Alphys is on crush on her and she chooses to pretend to be male in order to company Alphys.


Mettaton is a humanoid kuilei (傀儡, It's considered as the wooden robot in ancient China). He looks like the adult male Human. His back is carved with incantation which can force him to think Human as enemies. Also, he doesn't have block form.


Muffet is one of the Seven most Powerful Monsters who Created The Barrier. She is the leader of spiders in Tao Hua Yuan and runs the Spider Sweets Sale (蜘蛛糕点铺). Money means everything for her and her sweets are incredible expensive.


Snowman is scarecrow with a pumpkin covered his head. He has a green scarf worn by Papyrus. Like Undertale, Frisk can ask for a pumpkin which is a recovey item.


Gaster is a monster made of ink with the ability of observing everything such as LV, HP and MP(His left eye), thought reading and appearing in someone's dream (His right eye), reincarnation of life and death and reincarnation of rounds (Inner eye). He shouldered a mission from the fate of finding Xuanwu (玄武) and he is nearly successful in finding Xuanwu, but he fell into the lake of The Cave. He despairingly found that The Center Island of the Lake is actually Xuanwu's bones. Gaster didn't want to reincarnate without the loss of information he found, so he chose Sans and lived in Sans' dream.



  • It is said that Asgore's appearance is based on Slow Goat from Chinese animation Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, especially the ability of growing leaves on his head when thinking deeply and his being the village head. It may be a reference of Asgore's widely considered as goat.
  • The author said that Sans knows some other Sans from different AU such as Blueberry, Underfell Sans. However, he dislikes the light-minded Sans.
  • The author even made a Underfell, Underswap and Horrortale version of the AU. Also, Sans in this AU is captured by Error!Sans at some time.
  • The author has wrriten a story of the last day before Frisk's death and it strongly imply that the author is shipping Frisk and Sans. It is noticed that the story is based on Underfell version of this AU.