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Star Sanses! - Official

"We... are the Star Sanses! We'll always save the day! And if you think we can't, We'll always find a way!"
We are the Star Sanses

The Star Sanses, are a group of three star-eyed Sanses established by Dream!Sans who seek to protect the universes and are the self-proclaimed guardians of humanity. Their title as the "Star Sanses" distinguishes them from the Homeworld Sanses.

The owner of the Star Sanses comic is Jokublog.



Before Dream brought them together, Ink was an artist born to create and Blueberry was just a lonely boy that wished to be in the Royal Guard. As for Dream he was just the defender of Dreamtale. But one day, Dream found a gatekeeper deep in a cave. It had the shape of a bell with a star on the front, but when he touched it, he was teleported. He found himself in a dark forest and saw himself, however, he looked different. He walked up to him and said "Where am I?" But he answered in a laugh. A creepy, horrifying laugh and he turned slowly and said "Hey buddy, how's it going?" In a really happy, cheerful voice and a big smile "What's your name?" Dream replied, the cheerful skeleton said "Oh, my name is blueberry call me blue for short. What about yours?" Dream replies "Oh, my name is Dream".

(This actually have a comic made by Joku on Tumblr but something went wrong on their Tumblr that's why the comic of The Star Sanses and Dreamtale AU comics were deleted)