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SnapTale is an Undertale AU in which a sudden, unexplainable event causes half of the population of the Underground to perish, leaving the survivors to deal with their losses.

Character Changes

The List of Known Victims and Survivors:

  • Sans - Found dead in his brother's arms at his home in Snowdin.
  • Papyrus- Alive and living in Snowdin. Mourning the death of his brother.
  • Undyne- Alive. Still the Captain of the Royal Guard. More determined than ever to free the remaining monsters from the barrier.
  • Alphys - Dead. No current replacement has come to fil the role of the Royal Scientist.
  • Toriel - Died in the Ruins. Soul and consciousness still live on inside Asriel.
  • Asgore - Died amongst his garden of flowers. Throne still lies empty as no one wants to take the role of King.
  • Mettaton- Still alive and keeping feelings up for the grieving monsters. Secretly hides his deep sadness for the loss of Alphys and Napstablook.
  • Napstablook - Died and found when Mettaton found his dust over old diaries.
  • Asriel- Alive and in true form after absorbing his dying mother's soul.
  • Muffet- Alive but struggling to keep business with the mass death of multiple spiders. Her pet is dead also.
  • Monster Kid- Living but orphaned. Sleeps where they can.
  • Burgerpants - Died on the job. His life is still a mess after death.
  • Gerson - Dead, nothing left but his shell and his books.
  • Mad Dummy- Alive and madder than ever.
  • Ruins Dummy - Dead and more untalkative than ever.
  • Doggo - Dead. Found dust at sentry station. Truly nothing moves now.
  • Dogamy and Dogaressa - Dogamy alive but Dogaressa dead. The former in a state of shock over his wife's death.
  • Lesser Dog- Alive but less drawn to petting.
  • Greater Dog- Also alive, but less enthusiastic
  • RG1 and RG2 - Dead. Nothing left but two piles of armor outside the lab in Hotland
  • Nice-Cream Guy- Alive. Replacement for Burgerpants as the vendor for MTT Brand foods. Travels around underground with cart for Nice-Cream and burgers to cheer the monsters up, to little avail.
  • Catty and Bratty - First Alive, second dead. Catty left in mourning at junk store.
  • Temmies - Confirmed to be all but a few dead.
  • Tem Shop Temmie- Alive but abandoned all hopes of going to college over grief.
  • Bob- Alive.
  • Ragel- Alive and still dancing, but for sorrow.
  • Onionsan - Unconfirmed. Presumed dead but potentially alive. Due to water, it is impossible to tell for sure.
  • River Person- Alive, or are they? Riddles now revolve around the tragedy.


During the sudden death of half of all monsters, Flowey was near enough by to Toriel to be able to be next to her at her death. While she died, Flowey took her soul and reverted back into Asriel. Asriel then took the place as caretaker of the Ruins and carer for any humans that would fall down into the Underground. In his head, he can hear the voice and consciousness of his mother surviving in her soul. Toriel's words keep Asriel on track and to keep being kind and caring. Themes: TBA


When half the monsters began to die, Papyrus was at home with his brother Sans and held him in his arms when he began to die. Papyrus was then left in tears with his brother's death and never recovered from the incident. From then on, Papyrus lost his enthusiasm for cooking, puzzle making, and other things. He also spends a lot of time hanging out with Snowdrake, as he likes to get annoyed at the bad puns as he once did with his brother. He wears Sans' hoodie as in Disbelief. Themes: TBA


After the sudden disaster, Undyne was filled with an overwhelming sense of failure and defeat for not being able to do anything about the death of half the monsters. But from this, she awakened a power inside of herself which allowed for her to carry on. Undyne uses her DETERMINATION to continue as the head of the Royal Guard, and this power keeps her determined to capture a human more than ever. Although Alphys is gone, Undyne often talks to Mettaton about fond memories of the royal scientist in their spare time. Themes: TBA


The star of the Underground was heavily affected by the event. Mettaton lost both Alphys and his cousin Napstablook in the disaster and carries a great sorrow with him throughout his performances on TV. He tries to put on a happy façade and continues to keep the spirits of the grieving monsters through his various shows. With Alphys dead, Mettaton took the responsibility of looking after the Amalgamates in the True Lab, who he still keeps a secret as to not give any further grief to their family members. Themes: TBA


The event took a mass toll on the spider population of the Underground and many including Muffet's own pet were all killed. Muffet was left to grieve her fallen kin and gathered the remaining spiders together. She kept up her running of the spider bake sale, but with most spiders gone the amount available to be made was massively reduced. To compensate for the limits on making spider-based products, Muffet raised the prices dramatically. Muffet became somewhat more violent after the great disaster, hating those who refuse to buy from her and support the spider cause. Themes: TBA

Monster Kid

Having being orphaned in the disaster, Monster Kid was forced onto the streets of Snowdin. From then on, Monster Kid was forced to go around and beg for places to sleep each night, often spending weeks at Papyrus's house or at Grillby's. Occasionally, he would ask to sleep at Undyne's house, who he was let into gladly. This allowed for Monster Kid and Undyne to become friends, and for Monster Kid to finally be known to their true hero.


  • The name SnapTale is a reference to Infinity War.
  • It is up to interpretation for if Thanos is responsible for this AU or not. Your decision.
  • Originally it was canon, but it created a bit of controversy, so it was made up to interpretation.
  • Because monsters have less physical matter than humans, they can never be reversed back to life.