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Sitcom Realities is an AU where characters from Disney shows assume the roles of characters in Undertale. Humans replace monsters and Cartoons replace humans.

(NOTE: This AU is a community shared AU. So people can add more additional info (Like Artwork or sprites) if they want.)

Character Changes

Main characters

Dewey Duck (Duck Tales)

  • Dewey takes the role of Frisk.
  • His the nephew of Scrooge McDuck and brother of Huey and Luey.

Mr Teddy (Hannah Montana)

  • Mr Teddy takes the role of Flowey.
  • He was Miley's favorite stuffed toy when she was a kid.
  • At first he may seem cute and cuddly, but like Flowey he to has some dark and evil intentions.

Raven (That's so Raven/Raven's home)

  • Raven takes the role of Toriel.
  • She was Bobby ray steward's second wife.
  • However after Miley and Jackson's death they both left each other.

Dalus (Bunked)

  • Dalus takes the role of Napstablook.
  • She first is seen camouflaged herself as a pile of leaves to capture Dewey.
  • She is bit more cynical than Napstablook.

K.C (K.C Undercover) and Alex (Wizard of Waverly Ways)

  • K.C and Alex take the of Sans.
  • They both are great friends and quite helpful to Dewey.
  • Alex is usually the lazy one while K.C is the funny one.

Ernie (K.C Undercover)

  • Ernie takes the role of Papyrus.
  • He often calls himself "Ernie the awesome".
  • His battle cry is "Looky loos".

Bobby Wasabi (Kicking It)

  • Bobby Wasabi takes the role of Undyne.
  • He is the samurai general of the royal knights.
  • He is Ernie's sensei in marital arts.

Donald Davenport (Lab Rats)

  • Donald Davenport takes the role of Alphys.
  • He is the founder and CEO of Davenport Industries.
  • He is the creator of the first bionic human lifeforms.

Paige, Frankie, Amelia and Bernie (Bizaardvark)

  • They take the role of Mettaton.
  • They are one of the great robotic Vuugle stars in history.
  • Their secondary functions are to exterminate all cartoons.

Booby Ray Steward (Hannah Montana)

  • Bobby Ray takes the role of Asgore.
  • After the Death of his children at the hand of cartoons, he has declared war against them.
  • His Weapon of choice is a heavy metal guitar.

Miley Steward (Hannah Montana)

  • Miley Steward takes the role of Asriel.
  • After her death she became infused into the body of her teddy bear.
  • When she transforms into a God Of hyper-death her appearance resembles Hannah Montana.

Jackson Steward (Hannah Montana)

  • Jackson Steward takes the role of Chara.
  • He appear at the end of the Slapstick Route (Genocide Route).
  • He was Miley's trouble and goofy brother who always created mischief.