Shifted Schism is an Undertale AU that uses the role placements established by Storyshift, but with a twist; the story is set in a grittier, darker Underground that's in the midst of a civil war between the Skeleton Kingdom and a rebel organization led by Toriel.

It is planned to be released as a full sprite comic, and its creators are currently working on the script, spritework, as well as the official soundtrack[1] using a mixture of original motifs, motifs from Undertale and other fanworks. Backstory content is being released through the in-character ask blog in the meantime.

Besides a multitude of changes to canon, Shifted Schism features the addition of several new regions and dozens of new characters, situated in a Game of Thrones-inspired plotline of intrigue and conflict that has almost zero parallels to Undertale. The lore has also been greatly enriched, all the way back to the great war between humans and monsters.[2]

The story is not told from the perspective of a single protagonist like Undertale and the majority of AUs, but instead utilizes multiple points of view from several different characters; the currently confirmed POV characters are Bobbie, Burgerpants, Chara and Sans.


Undertale Characters[3]


Main protagonist of Shifted Schism, and thus functions as the replacement of Frisk. They are the first human to fall since Chara; Bobbie's SOUL trait is anticipation, which is colored dark green.



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The king's younger brother. A free spirit, Papyrus was disgusted by the practices of his royal bloodline and ventured out into the Underground to help citizens in need. Currently, he resides in the Ruins under the incognito identity “Mr. Bones”, where he leads a sizeable following of peaceful monsters who refuse to take part in the civil war.


Formerly Professor Asgore's assistant; now assistant to ‘Mr. Bones'. Alphys became terrified when she unearthed Aster Labs’ “True Lab”, where horrifying experiments on live subjects were taking place. She freed Undyne, then fled to the Ruins, abandoning her career.


Leader of the breakaway Royal Army, ex-wife of Professor Asgore. To her followers, Toriel is the “Queen of All Monsters”; to the Skeleton Kingdom, she's a traitor and a renegade. Toriel is a ruthless commander, who is utterly committed to bringing Asgore and the Skeleton Council to justice… or rather, bringing justice to them. Whether she’d make a better ruler herself remains to be seen.


Regarded as a hero of legend among monsterkind, General Gerson serves a dual purpose; he is a capable right-hand man to Toriel, as well as a walking propaganda rallying beacon for her cause.


Just an unwilling conscript in the Queen's army. Gerson may be an overall nicer boss than canon Mettaton, but Burgie remains the butt of his co-workers jokes across the multiverse.

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LV 3. Inexplicably, this human has evaded capture by either side of the war, and they’ve been an all-round nuisance since their fall. May serve a higher cause, but nobody seems to know what, exactly.


The wayward son of Toriel and Asgore; more recently known for being the human Chara’s friend, minion, and possible lover. Moving from a lonely sheltered upbringing to being a teenage mercenary, constantly on the run, was an easy step for Azzy, or so he’d have everyone believe. Consistently refuses to use his full name as given at birth.


Undyne became an unwilling cyborg as a test subject of Aster Labs. When Alphys helped her escape the test chambers, she initially accompanied her to the Ruins. On the way, however, driven by a deep grudge against Aster Labs and all things skeletal, she decided to join up with Queen Toriel instead.


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A surprisingly capable warrior for her young age, but prone to insubordination. Serving as Undyne’s right-hand woman; the concept of open rebellion against the government just really appealed to Susie. Has requested to be paid in chalk.


Professor Asgore Dreemurr is the current president of Aster Labs, and responsible for many great scientific feats. He also has some skeletons in his closet… or rather, various kinds of monsters, in the hidden bunkers beneath Aster Labs.


Muffet is the relatively young, but ferociously effective leader of the spider forces that comprise Queen Toriel’s secret intelligence service.


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The skeleton king is a broken man, whose ineptitude as a ruler has allowed malicious elements in the Skeleton Council to take over his kingdom, turning him into a mere figurehead. His only means of resistance, in his own words, is "aggravating the ever-living shit out of all these boneheads".

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Primary antagonist of Shifted Schism. A spectre with a hidden agenda, who's supposed to be dead. To hear him tell it, a glaring lack of monster showmanship is what caused the Underground’s descent into darkness.


A depressed, sentient flower who has seen too much, and would rather just stop existing.

W.D. Gaster

A former king, who is rumored to have been erased from the history books.

Added Characters

'The Courier'

A mysterious cloaked figure who is often seen consulting with Toriel and Gerson, and commands a sizeable portion of Toriel's "Royal Army". Rumored to be a skeleton.

President Tahoma

Head of the Skeleton Council in the King’s absence, and formally the King's right hand. A true politician at heart, whose propaganda keeps the Kingdom docile.

Georgia Cambria

Ruthless leader of the Fenceguard, the skeletal secret police. In recent times, has been mainly concerned with rounding up political prisoners for Aster Labs to experiment on. Carries spider pesticide on her person at all times.

General Palatino

Commander of Camp Hotland and all the skeleton armed forces. A true military man, who is never in the mood to joke.

Dr. Marlett

CEO of Aster Labs, and Asgore's direct superior. May or may not have a legitimate doctoral degree.


Bink likes barrels.

Grandpa Semi

Retired King, former scientist and grandfather to Sans and Papyrus. Has not been seen for some time, but reportedly living in Marrowsville.


Undertale Locations

The Ruins

Unlike in Undertale, the Ruins in Shifted Schism still function as a bustling settlement after the rebuilding effort spearheaded by Papyrus and Alphys.

Snowdin Woods

A dense, dark forest surrounding the Ruins, which spreads for miles.

Snowdin Village

At the start of the story, Snowdin Village is a smoldering ruin. Once a hotbed of Toriel sympathizers, the Skeleton armed forces descended upon the town in force and laid waste to it.


Much the same as in canon, except that is home to the 'Old Core', an abandoned hydropower installation.


Similar to canon in scope, but instead of MTT Resort, it is the location of the town of Hot Springs. It is separated from Waterfall by a new region known as the Stormlands (more below).

C.O.R.E. Industrial District

A complex of industrial plants and infrastructure companies, functioning as the economic capital of the Skeleton Kingdom. Aster Labs, Inc. is located here, as well as the C.O.R.E. which provides electricity to citizens of the Skeleton Kingdom.


Located at the site of canon's New Home, Bonestown is the capital of the Skeleton Kingdom and location of its government as well as the Royal Palace.

Added Locations[2]

Snowdin Tunnels

While in canon these tunnels were merely a means to quickly move the protagonist around, the Snowdin Tunnels in Shifted Schism were dug by Toriel's spy network to quickly move around the Underground. They connect the ruins of Snowdin Village to the town of New Snowdin, but be warned: the tunnels have not seen much maintenance lately, and are prone to collapse.

New Snowdin

Not much of a town, New Snowdin is a palisade encampment surrounding the Old Core on all sides, filled to the brim with refugees and Toriel sympathizers from all over the Underground.

Old Core

The Old Core is a former hydropower plant that fell into disrepair decades before, when the Skeleton Kingdom switched to the state-of-the-art C.O.R.E. Industrial Complex for its power supply. At the time of the story, Toriel and her followers have repurposed it as their headquarters.


A new area located between Waterfall and Hotland. A desolate area that functions as a demilitarized zone between the two warring factions. Everything east of the Stormlands is firmly controlled by the Skeleton Kingdom.

Hot Springs

A town in Hotland.

Camp Hotland

The Skeleton Kingdom's primary military installation, located near the town of Hot Springs.


A town in the C.O.R.E. Industrial Region, home to Grandpa Semi and Aster Labs.

Aster Labs, Inc.

The pinnacle of skeleton society's scientific pursuits. Located right between the C.O.R.E. Industrial District and the actual C.O.R.E. Region. Currently led by Prof. Asgore.


  • The protagonist is not Frisk, but another human named Bobbie whose SOUL is colored dark green.
  • Chara was never adopted by the Dreemurr family.
  • Asgore and Toriel separated several years before the start of the story, and are unlikely to ever reconcile.
  • Chara and Asriel are in their mid-teens, as opposed to the presumably lower age they have in Storyshift canon.
  • The disappearance of the erstwhile King W.D. Gaster has a much greater plot significance than Gaster did in canon.


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