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"... You are filled with the powers of DEDUCTION."

SherlockTale is an Undertale AU based upon Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Book Series and not any other rendition of the characters. It is based in a world where London is the Underground, and the inhabitants are all characters which appear in Conan Doyles's works.

Character Changes

  • Frisk- Frisk (With Victorian clothes and is a criminal instead of a human.)
  • Sans- Dr Watson
  • Papyrus- Sherlock Holmes
  • Undyne- Inspector Lestrade
  • Alphys- Inspector Tobias Gregson
  • Toriel- Mary Morstan
  • Flowey/Asriel- Professor Moriarty
  • Mettaton- Irene Adler
  • Muffet- Athelney Jones
  • Mad Dummy- Johnathan Small and Tonga


In this AU, Frisk is a human who falls into London, a city long ago banished underground, and retains many of the original Frisk's attributes. Frisk wears a Victorian gentleman's suit, with a flower in a breast pocket, despite being genderless.

Dr Watson

Watson is a calm, middle-man who after buying an accommodation with the private detective Sherlock Holmes on Baker Street, became part of his many cases. Watson in this AU watches after his companion as he often has to keep him away from drugs or dangerous scientific experiments. Watson also has a relationship with Mary Morstan from the Ruined Slums, who both share feelings for each other and an interest in the ways of Sherlock Holmes. Themes: watson., The Writer and The Witness.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is an eccentric and profoundly intelligent private detective who uses his powers of deduction to capture anyone who fall into London. Lestrade thinks Holmes should join Scotland Yard, but for his repellence of their methods and boastful nature. When Frisk enters Baker Street, Holmes begins his attempt to capture the criminal to yet again thwart his peers at Scotland Yard. Themes: Ha, Ha!, Holmestrousle.

Inspector Lestrade

Lestrade is rat-faced and determined. He chases after Frisk all the way along Riverfall in an attempt to capture them. He has a rivalry with Inspector Gregson, who prefers to search for new evidence than examining old while searching for crime. He is very insistant on Sherlock Holmes joining Scotland Yard through their organised methods, but can't convince him due to his stubbornness to follow his own path. Themes: Lestrade, ARGHH!, Case of Mystery, Battle Against A True Detective.

Inspector Gregson

Gregson uses methods that contradict his colleague Lestrade and has a rivalry with him.

Mary Morstan


Athelney Jones


Johnathan Small

Angered from a long and treacherous life, Johnathan Small and his companion Tonga search desperately for the stolen Agra Treasure they see as rightfully theirs. With the treasure kept in the Ruined Slums and Frisk having examined and taken some of it, the wild, one legged man strikes out an attack to try and get the treasure, or at least have justice against Frisk for taking it. He often shouts and his companion Tonga when accidentally shot at by his blowpipe. Theme: AHHH, TONGA!


In place of the Mad Dummy's dummies is Tonga, the pygmy native with a devilish face and blowpipe serves as both assassin and companion to Johnathan Small after having been saved from death by him. Despite being a good shot, Tonga can make mistakes and so anger his friend.

Irene Adler

Themes: Death by Scandal.


Ruined Slums

On the outskirts of London lies the Ruined Slums, a part of London once filled with wealth and prosperity but was abandoned when the businesses once their left. The inhabitants are very thin, worn out and weak due to lack of food or water, and generally lack the energy to commit crimes. An inhabitants of the slums is the not-to-bad off Ms Mary Morstan, whos gentle nature and care to the hurt or upset makes her caretaker of the poor. Themes: Ruined Slums.

Baker Street

Baker Street is the refined corner of London which is the home of detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson. In SherlockTale, the street is shown to be very refined, especially compared to the Ruined Slums. The place is also filled with various traps and puzzles, designed to outsmart any criminals who may come by. These were placed by Sherlock Holmes, who also uses his many disguises to try and capture criminals. Themes: Baker Street.


Riverfall is the Thames River and it's many docks. The inhabitants are sailors, fishermen and the occasional skulking criminal. Riverfall has several piers, walkways and piles of scrap metal. Detectives, such as Lestrade, rely on Riverfall to try and capture fleeing criminals who may use the river to avoid capture. Themes: Riverfall.


After Riverfall is the countless working and steaming factories of London. Workland is filled with the hard workers of London, and the brutalist of crimes. Commonly survived by Scotland Yard, Workland holds more brawn then brain in its population, with criminals often choosing muggings or murders over robberies. Themes: Another Murder

(CORE Replacement)


New Scotland Yard

New Home but for detectives.

(True Lab Replacement)


Potential Themes

001. Once Upon A Novel

002. A Menu in Scarlet

003. Your Cunning Friend

005. Ruined Slums

009. Suspect Approaching

011. Deduction

015. watson.

016. Ha, Ha!

018. Uwa!! So Mystery

022. Baker Street

023. Witness

024. Holmestrousle

025. Investigation Start!

026. Investigation Tense!

027. Investigation Fight!

030. Lestrade

031. Riverfall

035. Cab That Carries You Over A Disproportionally Small Bridge


045. ARGHH!

046. Case of Mystery

048. Gregson

051. Another Murder

069. Death By Scandal

070. Staircase

071. SherlockTale

072. Symphony That May Begin When You Confront Dr Watson

098. Battle Against A True Detective

100. The Writer and The Witness

101. Case Closed


  • On Genocide, Watson's eye becomes the Blue Carbuncle instead of just glowing blue. This is a reference to the Sherlock Holmes adventure, The Blue Carbuncle.
  • All enemies in this AU are just Human, Victorian-style versions of the monsters in Undertale, with the occasional exception.
  • It is understood that this AU was not in demand, but it is here anyway. And although others may prefer an iteration of the Sherlock TV Series in AU form, I am not the one to do it. Yet.
  • The Creator of this AU's favorite Sherlock Holmes story if 'The Sign of Four'.