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Seven-kwaidan Tale (七怪谈传说) is a horror-theme AU after the Pacifist Route. It features a written story game which everyone can take part in the AU.

Unlike other AU which only needs fans to waiting for updating, this AU uses a written story game mode which everyone can vote to given choices to promote the development of the story. The author gives three Bad Ending, one Normal Ending and one Good Ending for every character.

Character Changes


Frisk is the controllable character who received the warning message which stated that if they choose not to transmit the message to others, their friends will be in great danger. Frisk ignored it and something dangerous occurred in their friends. Frisk must give them the right way to let them avoid being killed or influenced by sending instructive messages.


Toriel is meeting the Japanese Creepypasta called "The human body model in the school" when she is in school at night correcting students' homework. She is currently a teacher who is popular among students.


Sans is meeting the Western Creepypasta called "Men in Blue" when he is hanging out. He is keeping many part-time jobs and lazy enough that he keeps the same blue coat.


Papyrus is meeting the Western Creepypasta called "Disappeared Hitchhiker" when is sitting in his automatic driving car in highway as usual.