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SSECtale came about when in the Stupid Short Eevee Comic (SSEC) discord started to talk about undertale, and who the comic characters would be in an AU.


Long ago, there was a war with the Eeveelutions vs the Eevees. The Eeveelutions were outnumbered and were Trapped in the PC while the eevees stayed in the real world. Any pokemon that took sides with the Eeveelutions also got trapped


all images here made by UndertaleDipps

Eve The brave eevee that Traveled to the PC Alone. Soon to be greeted by Daisy.
Dusk The lazy sentry of the PC, the first Eeveelution you encounter outside of Box 3.

Not so lazy if you go on to kill everyone in the PC. He likes Tacos and Apple Juice.

Blizz The charismatic glaceon who wants nothing but to Prove to Dawn his stregnth to get into the Eeveelution Squad

He likes Burritos and Orange Juice.

Daisy The caretaker of Box 3 and the first character to be met after the encounter with Miku.

Separated from Vay after the loss of their two best friends Flame and Sora

Vay The Sad Vaporeon that is also the Ruler of the PC.
Miku/Sora Miku is the first character you encounter in Box 3, who then tries to kill you.

Sora is the lost friend of Vay and Daisy, who was ambushed by eevees when leaving the box.

Bolt The shy Jolteon who is the Royal Scientist. Recently depressed after being tortured by his two "Little problems" the Troll and the Wimp. Also the replacement for the previous royal scientist Night.
Oliver An eevee who took sides with the eeveelutions, given robotic enhancments by Bolt to become a PC-wide superstar.
Flame The first eevee to go into the PC, who became friends with Sora and evolved into a flareon soon after. Flame gave his soul to Sora to use to get revenge on the Eevees.