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ResidentTale Evil 2 is an AU based off of the 2019 remake of the video game Resident Evil 2. The plot is the same, except some characters are replaced with Undertale Series characters.

DISCLAIMER: Capcom owns Resident Evil 2. Toby Fox owns Undertale and Deltarune. Red belongs to her creator (forgot name).

Character Changes

  • Chara S. Kennedy (Chara takes the place of Leon S. Kennedy)
  • Frisk Redfield (Frisk takes the place of Claire Redfield)
  • "Red" Wong (Red takes the place of Ada Wong)
  • Asriel Birkin (Asriel takes the place of Sherry Birkin)
  • Toriel Birkin (Toriel takes the place of Annette Birkin)
  • Asgore Birkin (Asgore takes the place of William Birkin a.k.a. "G")
  • UNDYNE a.k.a. Ms. Death (Undyne takes the place of HUNK)
  • Papyrus Branagh (Papyrus takes the place of Marvin Branagh)
  • EPD Chief "King" Irons (King takes the place of Brian Irons)
  • Rouxls Bertolucci (Rouxls Kaard takes the place of Ben Bertolucci)
  • Sans Kendo (Sans takes the place of Robert Kendo)
  • Susie Kendo (Susie takes the place of Emma Kendo)
  • Onion (Onion-san takes the place of Tofu)


Zombie (t-Virus)

A deformed human or monster that has been degraded by the t-Virus. The heart is now in a permanent state of cardiac arrest. They do not need to rest, eat, drink, or sleep, yet they still hunger for flesh. They also are incapable of feeling pain. They are able to spread the t-Virus via direct fluidic transmission.

Licker (t-Virus, V-ACT)

A zombie mutated further via a secondary V-ACT process generated by the t-Virus. They look like they have been skinned alive, and long since shed the appearance of human or monster. They have an outer brain that covers the top half of their head. They also have an extra long tongue that extends to well over double the body length. They are blind, so they can only hunt by sound. They also now have massive claws, measured o be about 12-15 inches.

Zombie Dog (t-Virus)


Failed G-Embryo (G-Virus)


Mutant Alligator (t-Virus)


Flower 43 (t-Virus)


Ivy Zombie (Flower 43)


G-Birkin (G-Virus)


T-103 Model Tyrant (Specific Tyrant labeled "T-00") (t-Virus)


Location Changes

Ebott City

This is the city where all hell breaks loose when the t-Virus escapes. This city was firmly nestled in the grip of the pharmaceutical Umbrella Corporation. The story takes place in the following locations: the Ebott Police Department, the Ebott Orphanage, Kendo's Gun Shop, The sewers, and the BARRIER.

More information below.

Ebott Police Department a.k.a. The EPD

The police building in Ebott City. It had previously a library four years ago, and six years before that, the museum. It's built like a maze now, and has a secret passage to the boiler room. The passage is located the main hall, but can only be activated by using three medallions scattered throughout the station.

It's mostly haunted by zombies and Lickers, and the parking lot and holding cells are the territory of the zombie dogs. One would need all four card keys (spade, club, heart, and diamond) to access all areas of the station. One would also need a key card in order to get out of the underground parking lot.

Strangely enough, no one can find the key to the front doors in the main hall of the station. The main hall was also the only safe area, at least for a short while. The station has three floors and a helipad, but the helicopter crashed.

Ebott Orphanage

This orphanage was used to house orphaned children, and was controlled by EPD Chief "King" Irons. Albeit, the children were used by the Umbrella Corporation in their experiments. This was allowed because Irons has had dealings with Umbrella. This is located a little ways behind Kendo's Gun Shop.

Kendo's Gun Shop

The gun shop owned by Sans Kendo. He has holed up here with his infected daughter. This is one of the few buildings in Ebott that isn't crawling with zombies or mutants. It's located behind the police station, in front of the underground parking lot.

The Sewers

The sewers are the filthiest part of Ebott, home to zombies, failed G-embryos, and a mutant alligator. Towards the end of the sewers is a cable car that can be used to access the BARRIER. A loading area for cargo is nearby.


The secret underground Umbrella laboratory beneath Ebott City. This is where Asgore and Toriel Birkin did work on the G-Virus. It's also where the PACIFIST vaccine is kept. They were experimenting on a "Flower 43" here, but it breached containment. The BARRIER is home now to Lickers, zombies, Ivy zombies, and Flower 43 itself.

Additional Changes

The G-Virus

The G-Virus now has one huge change: the name. In Capcom's universe, it's short for "Golgotha Virus," but in ResidentTale Evil 2, it's short for "Genocide Virus."

The PACIFIST Vaccine

As with the G-Virus getting a name change, it's cure must also undergo a name change. In Capcom's universe, the cure is called the DEVIL vaccine, but here, it shall be known as the PACIFIST vaccine, obviously.

Flower 43

Instead of Plant 43, it will be referred to as "Flower 43," as in this AU, the plant started out as a flower. The flower species is a Golden Flower that goes by no other known name.

Ivy Zombies

The Ivy Zombies will now have a slight change, as in their left eye socket, there is a small, golden flower there.


NOTE: The story of RE2 has been edited to suit this AU's needs.

Consequences of Actions

Asgore Birkin was enraged with his employers, the Umbrella Corporation. In spite of all his efforts, in spite of his miracles with the G-Virus, the Genocide Virus, he has been denied the rank of executive. In an effort to leave Umbrella behind, he planned to sell the G-Virus to the United States Military, in exchange for asylum for him and his wife and son, Toriel and Asriel Birkin.

Umbrella got wind of this, and quickly scrambled a team to apprehend Birkin and retrieve the G-Virus. The team, headed by UNDYNE, Umbrella's best soldier, arrived at the secret Umbrella facility, the BARRIER, beneath Ebott City, on the night of September 22, 1998. They were nearly discovered after one soldier accidentally dropped some C4, but they evaded detection.

The team infiltrated the BARRIER and confronted Birkin, who was packing G-Virus and t-Virus samples. When he attempted to retaliate, a jumpy soldier shot him. UNDYNE reported the error in the plan, but nonetheless, they made off with the samples.

After they left into the sewers, Asgore injected himself with a massive dose of the G-Virus. Toriel found him, but couldn't bring herself to shoot him. Birkin mutated and pursued the soldiers to the sewers, killing almost all of them. He proceeded to consume the Genocide Virus samples and destroyed the t-Virus samples. Rats proceeded to feed off the t-Virus, then began to infect the citizens of Ebott City.

Thus began the apocalypse.

The Ebott City Outbreak

September 22nd, 1998

The t-Virus outbreak in Ebott City started on the night of September 22, 1998. Over the next week, panic and terror would grip the survivors of the initial outbreak, and a zombie apocalypse was the least of their worries.

Mutants, some created by the outbreak, some being Umbrella experiments, roamed the city, preying on anything. The zombification process wasn't just restricted to humans and monsters. Animals also suffered from the threat of the biohazard.

September 23rd, 1998

It was early in the outbreak when the only survivor of the Umbrella team, UNDYNE, awoke from being knocked out by Birkin. She fought her way through the sewers and the EPD, coming to a rendezvous with an Umbrella chopper and escaping with a single sample of the Genocide Virus.

Very soon, Flower 43 breached containment, and the t-Virus was spreading throughout the BARRIER. Parts of the BARRIER were put on lockdown, and researchers were succumbing to the effects of the biohazard.

Backing up to the Birkins, Asriel was told by Toriel to stay in their house whilst she attempted to survey the damage and track down Asgore, who by this point has mutated into a strange beast called "G." Asriel eventually went to find his parents, but ended up attempting to survive the horrors of the EPD by hiding in the boiler room, after dicovering his mutant father was searching for him.

September 24th, 1998

During the outbreak, "King" Irons began to go insane, fearing he was already infected and scattering weapons and ammunition throughout the station, making it harder for the officers to hold off the zombies.

At some point, Irons holed up in his office, and started to search for Asriel, believing that if he held him hostage, he would be granted safe passage out of the city. Later on, the K9 unit's dogs became infected, breaking out of their pens and roaming the underground parking lot and the holding cells.

September 25th, 1998

About some time around midnight, some zombies began to undergo a secondary V-ACT process, turning them into hideous, skinless mutants nicknamed "Lickers."

Eventually, after a long siege, the officers began to withdraw from parts of the station, with many of them succumbing to the virus or the zombies, with only the entrance hall being the last safe haven in the station.

September 26th, 1998

Around the evening time, the same chopper that evacuated UNDYNE came back to rescue another Umbrella operative that is even less known about than UNDYNE: Onion. Basically a giant onion, no one knows how he came to be, or why he ended up in Ebott, or even why he needed to be rescued. He wasn't even seen again after that.

The sewers were now also corrupted by the biohazard, and tremors began to occur in a single section of them, a known haunt of an alligator that had been there for some time.

September 27th, 1998

By this time, even the BARRIER had succumbed to an outbreak, with Lickers and zombies roaming about, and since Flower 43 had broken out of containment, it had been snaring zombies and mutating them further, turning them into strange "Ivy Zombies."

"G" has also tried and failed to successfully reproduce, and at least two mutant G-embryos now stalked the sewers, competing with the mutant alligator for dominance. Territories have long since been drawn, and G now mostly stalks the dark underground of Ebott City.

September 28th, 1998

About sunset, Sans Kendo was forced to kill his wife after she had become one of the walking dead and bitten his daughter, Susie. He holed up in the gun shop he owns, mourning the death of his wife and fervently watching his daughter.

Details are sketchy, but around the night of the 28th to the early hours of the 29th, several explosions rocked the city and the EPD was broken into, seemingly by some large mutant perhaps pursuing someone. The only living person who had to have seen the events, Papyrus Branagh, was actually unconscious at the time, only sensing something was off when he awoke.

At this point, Papyrus was sending any remaining officers to hunt for an exit, as he couldn't due to a zombie bite he sustained. Only one other officer remained alive at this point. There was another, but she vanished after breaching the outside of the station.

ResidentTale Evil 2

September 29th, 1998

It was about about 10:00pm when Chara S. Kennedy and Frisk Redfield arrived in Ebott City. Both of them quickly realized something had happened in the city, and now the town was infested with hordes of the undead. Briefly fighting against the horde with their handguns, they hopped into a police cruiser and took off.

After a brief moment of peace, an out of control truck hit the cruiser, forcing it to crash and for Chara and Frisk to escape. As the horde closed in, they agreed to meet back up at the police station and took off.

Frisk arrived rather quickly to the front doors of the station, but was forced to navigate over to a side entrance in order to actually get in and evade the horde that began to besiege the station. She discovered a wounded Papyrus Branagh in the main hall, who informed her that a way out had been discovered, but since he was wounded, he couldn't get the necessary components to unlock the secret exit. Frisk then proceeded to hunt for the three medallions she needed.

Meanwhile, Chara was still navigating the streets, evading the general zombie hordes. He heard what sounded like a giant crash after hearing helicopter rotors, and proceeded to investigate. When he came upon the side of the station, he encountered Frisk and the crashed chopper. They engaged in a conversation, only to be cut off by the chopper's explosion and the presence of a horde. Chara and Frisk went their separate ways, promising to get through this together.

It was around 11:00 when Umbrella deployed a T-103 Tyrant (nicknamed T-00) into the EPD in order to secure a sample of the Genocide Virus and eliminate any and all survivors. About this time, Chara managed to finally get into the station, and went off to find an exit and any possible survivors.

Frisk later arrived in the hall where the chopper crashed, only to encounter the Tyrant. Terrified at the creature before her, she ran off, losing the Tyrant in the main hall. Chara also encountered his first Licker, but quickly discovered that it was blind, and hunted by sound. Staying quiet, he got past the Licker and secured the spade key, as well as a shotgun from the weapons locker.

Frisk did some snooping around the second floor and secured one of the medallions, returning to the main hall and placing it on the pedestal. She also managed to secure the diamond key and continued her search while Chara had his first encounter with the Tyrant after detonating some confiscated C4. He evaded the Tyrant and secured a second medallion, finding the pedestal in the main hall and placing the medallion there. He later attempted to save a fellow officer, but only managed to grab half of him. He fought through the zombies with a renewed hope, as the cop had held a paper with instructions leading to an exit: the underground parking lot.

September 30th, 1998

About the beginning of a new day, Frisk had placed the final medallion and regretfully left a dying Papyrus behind, heading into the boiler room. She encountered a scared and hiding Asriel, but distracted by being forced to duel with a mutated G-Birkin, who she knocked off a railing and sent him plummeting into the darkness below. She paired up with Asriel and found the parking lot, but was held at gunpoint by "King" Irons. She was tied up as Irons made off with Asriel, and she swore she would get him back.

Chara eventually made his way down and found a tied up Frisk, but before he could save her, he was tackled by a zombie dog. He was saved by a mysterious monster girl that looked like a human, the only information that she gave to them being that she was from the FBI. After she left, Chara untied Frisk, and they headed into the neighboring holding cells. They met Rouxls Bertolucci, who was locked in a cell and holding the lot gate card. He refused to give it up unless he was freed, but the Tyrant ended his life quickly after he said so. Chara and Frisk paired up and headed back into the station, investigating Irons' office and the third floor to find the electrical parts necessary to open the cell.

About 1:00, after they found the parts, evaded the Tyrant again, and finding a grenade launcher that Frisk kept, they headed back down, plugged in the parts, and opened the cell. They retrieved the card, but were forced to evade the Tyrant once again. They ran back into the lot, only for the Tyrant to grab Chara and nearly end his life, with Frisk firing ineffective shots. A police riot van started up and rammed the Tyrant into a wall, freeing Chara. The mysterious monster appeared again and blew up the van for good measure, revealing her name as "Red."

Frisk left to find Asriel as Chara and Red headed off to get to the bottom of the outbreak. As they did so, Asriel broke out of his confines in the Ebott Orphanage. He attracted the attention of Irons, who he distracted by hitting him in the face with a bottle of acid. Asriel stole his keys as Irons washed off the acid, but failed to escape. Cornered by Irons, he was rescued by none other than his own father, who implanted a G-embryo in him as Asriel hid.

Chara and Red briefly encountered Sans Kendo and his daughter, Susie. After realizing that Sans will be forced to end his own daughter's life, due to her infection, they left him in peace, with Chara demanding that Red tell him everything she knows. As they headed into the sewers, she began to tell him about Umbrella, their experiments with the t- and G-Virus, and a little lie saying that Toriel was the one who released the t-Virus. She also told him she was to secure a sample of the G-Virus and take it to the FBI. After killing a mutant alligator, Chara was shot saving Red from Toriel, and Red left him to heal so she could pursue Toriel.

Meanwhile, Frisk arrived at the Orphanage and managed to find Asriel and a deceased Irons, but they were forced to flee from the Tyrant. They nearly got away, but the Tyrant stopped their elevator. He was stopped short of killing them by G-Birkin, but he in turn sent their elevator plummeting to the ground after mutating. Upon awakening, she realized Asriel was missing, and also encountered Toriel, who was surveying the damage caused by G-Birkin. After Toriel left, she was pursued by Red, who in turn was pursued by a Tyrant (whether it was the same one or not, no one knows). After evading Toriel's traps and the Tyrant, she fell into a trash pit, next to an unconscious Asriel. She tried to move, but was stuck due to being impaled on the leg.

About 2:00, Frisk and Chara met up again, they set off across the sewers to hunt for Red and Asriel, telling each other what they've been doing since they left and fighting off G-embryos. They discovered a cargo platform, and used the environment to their advantage as they dueled G-Birkin, knocking him off the ledge with a cargo crate. They found the two, but discovered Asriel was implanted with a G-embryo. They also discovered a cable car, which Red told them led to Umbrella's secret facility, the BARRIER. They then used the cable car to travel there.

After arriving at the BARRIER at 3:00, Frisk, Red, and Chara split up to find Toriel, the PACIFIST vaccine, which Red said can cure Asriel's G-infection, and the virus sample itself. After a harrowing ordeal involving killing Flower 43, evading the Tyrant again, Toriel telling the truth about everything to Chara and Frisk, an incredibly cinematic battle with G-Birkin, and recovering the sample and the vaccine, Frisk had Toriel cure Asriel while Chara went off to find Red.

Toriel left after curing Asriel to start the self-destruct sequence at around 5:45, while Frisk and Asriel headed to a massive train car elevator to escape. After Frisk fought off G-Birkin again using a minigun, they headed towards the front car to wait for Chara as the self-destruct sequence started up.

Chara found Red and they held each other at gunpoint as Red's true intentions were revealed. After realizing neither would shoot, Toriel arrived and shot Red, finally passing away from injuries given to her by G-Birkin. Chara attempted to save Red, but regretfully let her fall away into the darkness with the Genocide Virus sample. As Chara headed down to the train platform, he encountered the Super Tyrant, a mutated version of the Tyrant that had been stalking them for ages. With the help of Red (but he had no clue of her role) Chara used an anti-tank rocket launcher to finally destroy the Tyrant. He hopped on the train and Frisk started it up, leaving the BARRIER behind.

As a tremor shook the train, and Frisk went to investigate. When she discovered the source, she was forced to do battle with a heavily and grossly mutated Asgore Birkin, who could no longer be recognized. After she stabbed his center eye with a rod, Chara separated the cars, sending Asgore into the flames. As the train passed out of the tunnel, Frisk, Chara, and Asriel finally survived the horror, and left the nightmare of Ebott City behind.


Frisk left to hunt for her missing brother Kris, heading to Europe. Meanwhile, after meeting up with a military convoy, Chara and Asriel were taken into protective custody by the U.S. government.



  • I honestly didn't expect this AU to survive longer than a week.
  • This was originally supposed to be restricted to Undertale characters, but due to a cast shortage, an OC and Deltarune were included.
  • The T-00 isn't replaced due to the fact no character suits him.
  • The T-00 is referred to as "Tyrant" in the story, because Mr. X is a fanmade nickname.