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Redemption!Frisk is an Undertale AU that mainly centers on the Character Frisk. The story is mainly about Frisk's struggle with guilt and depression. The problem worsens after they complete a genocide route. They eventually run away, in an attempt to redeem themselves.



Frisk is the main character of the story. They don't express emotion often, yet are somewhat childish. They view themselves as worthless or a bad person. Frisk has cuts on their arms and legs. However, they wear long sleeves and leggings to hide this.


Flowey is careless and irritable. He claims to be SOULless. SOULless beings lack love, hope and compassion, but Flowey occasionally shows signs of these traits.


Chara is often sarcastic. They urge Frisk to reset the timeline, and finish the genocide route one last time. Chara remains translucent to the viewers (with the exception of when they are in the void), but can only be seen by Frisk. Their eyes are naturally red, but glow whenever they are mad or make their "creepy face".


The areas of the Underground are the same as the original game.

There are added areas, such as the campsite and the town on the surface.


The rest of the story cannot be told yet.