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Asgore Dreemurr
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R-Tale is an magically fabricated underground with no surface keeping advanced amalgamated monsters created by a Blank Space called the "Library" Laboratory. They live this lie awaiting a human to one day come. This Universe itself is quite prone to humor. Some Monsters can even enter other universes with knowledge of a lot of them and uncommon sight ability. it's an alternate universe constructed in a blank space after resetti's universe was destroyed during a genocide run.


  • RTR - 001 [R-Tale Sans]
  • RTR - 002 [R-Tale Bob]
  • RTR - 003 [R-Tale Amagot*]
  • RTR - 004 [R-Tale Aiplena*]
  • RTR - 005 [R-Tale Yeye*]
  • RTR - 006 [R-Tale Starbrats Buttermonster*]
  • RTR - 007 [R-Tale Temmie*]
  • RTR - 008 [R-Tale Grillby]
  • RTR - 009 [R-Tale Muffet]
  • RTR - 010 [R-Tale Papyrus]
  • RTR - 011 [R-Tale Undyne]
  • RTR - 012 [R-Tale Alphys]
  • RTR - 013 [R-Tale Napstarblook]
  • RTR - 014 [R-Tale Hapstarblook/Mettaton]
  • RTR - 015 [R-Tale Lesser Dog]
  • RTR - 016 [R-Tale Woshua*]
  • RTR - 017 [R-Tale Monster Kid]
  • RTR - 018 [R-Tale Burgs/Burgerpants]
  • RTR - 019 [R-Tale Vulkin*]
  • RTR - 020 [R-Tale Toriel]
  • RTR - 021 [R-Tale Asgore]
  • RTR - 022 [R-Tale Jaiden]
  • RTR - 023 [R-Tale Vegetoid*]
  • RTR - 024 [R-Tale Moldsmol*]
  • RTR - 025 [R-Tale Zquanius (Quinnist)]
  • RTR - 026 [R-Tale Hip Hopp]
  • RTR - 027 [R-Tale Sweepz]
  • RTR - 028 [R-Tale Nice Cream' Guy "Nick"]
  • RTR - 029 [R-Tale Madjick*]
  • RTR - 030 [R-Tale Gaster -Dead?- ]
  • RTR - 031 [R-Tale Tuppepa]
  • RTR - 032 [R-Tale "Error" Flowey]
  • RTR - 033 [R-Tale Ray Dreemurr]
  • RTR - 034 [R-Tale Chara]
  • RTR - 035 [R-Tale Marqus Flint]
  • RTR - 036 [R-Tale Gerson]
  • RTR - 037 [R-Tale Rohni]
  • RTR - 038 [R-Tale Shyren]
  • RTR - 039 [R-Tale Mad Dummy]
  • RTR - 040 [R-Tale Arkk]
  • RTR - 041 [R-Tale Kason]
  • RTR - 042 [R-Tale Suzie]
  • RTR - 043 [R-Tale Lyss]
  • RTR - 044 [R-Tale Ted]
  • RTR - 065 [R-Tale RiverPerson]
  • RTR - 090 [April Quak.]
  • RTR - 093 [R-Tale Scarf Demouse]
  • RTR - 097 [R-Tale Spinn "mind wiper"]
  • RTR - 098 [R-Tale May & Whim]
  • RTR - 100 [R-Tale Ren Seto]
  • Resetti
  • Kindness
  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Perseverance
  • Mercy
  • Fight
  • Item
  • Flowers
  • Webb
  • Chelle
  • Bus
  • Arial Italics (Male)
  • Arial Bold (Male)
  • Danith Weakruss

Undertale Characters

R-Tale Sans

He's more analytical and organized and fears apathy. His clothes got a color change to green. Otherwise rather similar.

R-Tale Bob

A major overhaul of importance being separated from his role as a joke. He's edgy underestimated TRUE Genocide Final Boss who is overprotective of sans. His tendency to imitate and idolize him symbolizes that.

R-Tale Froggit (Amagot)

Design Changed Froggit who's more of an jerk. He's called Amagot as fits the design.

R-Tale Temmie

Still as goofy, The Clothes change is noticeable.

R-Tale Grillby

Actually Talks and is formal. Isn't stuck to being the waiter and owner of a bar. He has necromancy of a sort.

R-Tale Muffet

Much more generous to a fault. She is more giving and unfortunately also more dangerous.

R-Tale Papyrus

A Optimistic Hyperactive narcissist as always but more introspective in his kindness. He's also has a change in His iconic laugh which this version states "Nyeh, heh, Ho!".

R-Tale Undyne

Lost an arm and cause major anime lover got a sword replacement. She trains Papyrus, Sans & Bob with motivating. As Determined and considerate she'll never give up no matter the danger. Captain of This universes royal guard called the Royal Fighters.

R-Tale Alphys

Doesn't hold the lingering guilt of failure. She's still stutters and as timid as classic version.

R-Tale Napstarblook

More inspiring & courageous with mind power, more self-deprecating and misses hapstarblook. The Star in name is a pun of there semi-corporeal pin giving a boost in power and physical touch but still being near undefeatable.

R-Tale Mettaton

More about the symbolic meaning of being a star. With doing it not for fame but to bring hope. Their more complicated. They also say darling a lot.

R-Tale Lesser Dog

A lovable pup it's difference is only color change.

R-Tale Woshua

There change is a upgrade of powers and their curiosity.

R-Tale Monster Kid

Still an rowdy undyne fanboy but with more capability in combat. He's just as caring and loving.

R-Tale Burgerpants

His Character is more depressed after given a second chance at path of life only to once again had failed which caused full on apathy towards death. They do medic work as well as cooking for minimum wage. They rather be killed and care for others. He's more cool though.

R-Tale Vulkin

A More powerful version of himself, just as naive.

R-Tale Toriel

Caring & Motherly. Still In the deep disgust of asgore but without the death. Moreso her children disappearance being mind manipulated to grieving daughter and dead son. Also dislikes jaiden.

R-Tale Asgore

More Of a goofy lovable dork than classic and still as powerful a presence when needed. He has yet to hit the descent into depression but can still be saved.

R-Tale Vegetoid

Has strawberry snake attachments.

R-Tale Moldsmol

Now Red and more deadly due to acid manipulation powers

R-Tale Nice Cream Guy

Given the First Name "Nick" and middle and last being "Cregg Esheam" which is designed to give the impression "Nice cream" is a nickname. he's often looking on the bright side, but dim on being unnoticed. He's quite cherry. And also an killjoy to Nice cream x Burgerpants shippers with denying the cute crush and causing Burgerpants depression.

R-Tale Madjick

Their rather collect & focused but can be intimidated. They pose their mischievous grin to ward enemies thinking their up to something & pretending every move is planned. He still as easily fooled.

R-Tale Gaster

Same Demise. Different reason. Gaster was caring yet was to curious causing him to figure out the dark secret of Resetti and thrown into the core. Now filled with revenge and apathy he wanders the void with voices in head of other gasters and a unwanted need to help others.

R-Tale Flowey

Separated from Asriel and more an failed experiment of him with discontent for him. He became obsessed with Error Sans and idolizes their philosophy wanting to summon them. Calling Himself "Error" Flowey and acting like a yandere.

R-Tale Asriel

More like storyshift, with the name "Ray" he's hidden away in snowdin deep forest by his sister. He's friends with papyrus and only reason stuck is Chara's fear of him dying.

R-Tale Chara

Is now a advanced amalgamated monster, specifically A Demon Amaglamonster which is why they look humanoid. They have white hair and a gloop star scar for a eye. More an assassin for hire bratty child.

R-Tale Gerson

Actually still part of royal guard of this universe known as the royal fighter's stepping down from his original captain position as knows slowly getting less youthful.

R-Tale Mad Dummy

He can leave the dummy and as ghost has a name "Jason" colored yellow to fit with Napstarblook blue tint & Hapstarblook pink.

R-Tale Riverperson

Have green eyes and have a cross on their cloak still mystery figure.

R-Tale Shyren

Shyren is a very lovable, energetic, ecstatic type even if shy, timid and quiet. She's a musical fanatic loving to sing. Of course she's also a bit of a worrier as any singing comes out as a attack. She's rather absent minded sometimes.

R-Tale Gift Bea r

Given a cuter less chubby look and named Ted.

R-Tale Snowdin Shopkeeper

Given a cuter simpler design and named Suzie.

Added Characters

R-Tale Aiplena

An Apple like monster in design with a desire for manners.

R-Tale Yeye

An uncountable full body eyes. Amalgamonster with a want to see.

R-Tale Starbrats Buttermonster

A butterfly monster whose way too talkative about self.

R-Tale Jaiden

A rather feminine neko Amalgamonster whose flirtatious in a family friendly way. Also independent and strong.

R-Tale Zquanius

Based off the diamond kids npc's this ball balancing shield barring diamond head monster (monster meaning Amalgamonster) hates school systems and wants validation for opinion.

R-Tale Hip Hopp

A Fusion of Gryfott and A White Rabbit Npc, he's energetic but easily discouraged by things. He has a candy cane mace and wings. Based off a Jackalope.

R-Tale Scarf Demouse

A Fusion of Scarf Mouse and Red Demon Npc, this character is He's rather shy, yet pretends to be happy. He has a gloomy outlook on life. He can combat. He dislike puns. He comes off as cold and distant yet just wants pals

R-Tale Sweepz

Based off of Baldi Basics "Gotta Sweep" to replace the janitor of MTT Resort with a more hilarious broom that can talk, desire cleans and fight if needed.

R-Tale Tuppepa

Based off stiff wood puppets. His name is A puppet backwards and his stiff personality reflects that.

R-Tale Marqus Flint

Based off a combination of a angsty teen and hellfire destroyer to be the "meh" guy. He has a passionate fighting spirit even if his attitude sways towards in the pessimistic.

R-Tale Rohni Strings

Based of a doll with button eyes and is a genderless referred as a he. Rohni is rowdy character. Xe is considerate yet tends to not showcase it. Xe's rather active individual and decent fighter. Xe's quite morale. Xe is seen rather plastic individual and will snarky remark they are...their a literal living doll.

R-Tale Arkk

Based off a stronger Angel called a "Arch-Angel". He is nice yet also observational. Arkk is humble, strong willed & has high integrity. He's a rarity in the universe R-Tale owning compared to the gloopy mess yet still normal upside down heart shape he has a diamond shape soul.

R-Tale Kason

A Energetic Character which face is a literal mask and has a serparate entity on their belly which looks like a teddy. They throw ice in the lake to cool down the magically fabricated core.

R-Tale Lyss

A spin on the concept of the monster known as the lich. A absent minded fighter amalgamonster who is abstract. Their odd.

R-Tale Spinn

Based off a insect and anime little children in design to look innocent despite their power being highly danger memory alteration, copying, storing and erasure. Their made after an accident to do stuff wanted by Resetti.

R-Tale April Quak

A duck with for gag purposes the power to change size from 1' to 5000' and's a mischievous yet kind duck.

R-Tale May & Whim

The sister of ren a failure of making ren with a split personality. Both sides care for ren well being but lack memory of other sides experiences & actions. One half "May" is kind, nice, lovable and decent at combat. She's energetic, motivated but clumsy. The other "whim" is sadistic, cruel, evil and very...Kuudere around people they like.

R-Tale Ren Seto

Ren Seto is an arrogant, rash and childish kid with lackful social skills. His attitude seams from seclusion of others. He also lacks the necessary biology that creates motivation making him often lose battles on purpose regardless if he could win though he's trying to fight that. He's rather emotionful and actually scared he's gonna fail his sole duty to protect his universe. He also has a lot of curiosity and will often output it. He also has PTSD of wanting to win from...event.


The Scientist and Near-God who created all 101 (not all shown/made) the Amalgamonsters. A coward and morally gray skeleton. He harnesses the 6 souls from his destroyed Undertale Universe which is also how he escaped it.


A living echo flower whose like "Flowey" except with emotions and the bodyguard of resetti who retains zero memories of what his dust was.


They are obviously Kind & caring. Has Tendency to stand up for others and has a cook's assistant quirk. One of six souls resetti harness which can project as a hologram to interact.


The rowdy pick a fight, always rooting for you type who thinks he's awesome. One of six souls resetti harness which can project as a hologram to interact.


Like the gang's judgement guy whose all cowboy like and is careful around new people. One of six souls resetti harness which can project as a hologram to interact.


Very patience to a fault. They likes to output opinions but too patient, their nice and smart too. One of six souls resetti harness which can project as a hologram to interact.


He sorta keeps order, acting as the straight guy in the situation and thinking "logically". One of six souls resetti harness which can project as a hologram to interact.


The geeky type character who also the quietish type in a sense. One of six souls resetti harness which can project as a hologram to interact.


The Lab Crew's pacifist who kind, caring but also strict and firm. She keeps Fight in check and has a pet snake. Her design is based off medusa hair but as seaweed having 3 eyes as reference. She harness the secondary color traits Patience, Integrity & Perseverance.


The Lab Crew's Rowdy Determined Fighter who trained Every Amalgamonster to best potential. She has a level of violence of 49 yet thanks to Mercy guidance can be energetic instead uncaring and bored always. Her design is based of undyne, specifically if undyne was a species but more dynamic clothes option.


The Lab Crew's Clerk and Janitor Item is reserved, focused and quiet to an eerie degree. Unlike his co-workers with their rambunctious attitudes he's often the one to stay more focused. Also he the one which resetti utilizes to extract "Hate". He'll speak up when feels necessary.

Guests: Aren't from this AU

  • Webb: Dimension Travelling Wireframe Monster who travels here for trivia. He's very stale sounding individual. He can detach and reattach for some reason.
  • Chelle: Dimension Travelling Cat like monster with chipper spirit and deadly sense of humor. Mocky, confident and goofball.
  • Bus: Dimensional Travelling Cat like monster the kid of chelle with Green Magic and green telepathy/Teleportation and generating wood for wood kinesis.
  • Arial Italics (Male): Dimensional Travelling Skeleton Guest that go to the au's grillby. He's wear a cloak and are more soft spoken and thoughtful, as well as fights to protect others.
  • Arial Bold. (Male): Dimension Travelling Brother of Italics. He has a scar and is more bold and tough. He's as caring in a different way and more into dramatics and action words. He has a scarf and a cool black jacket and jeans.
  • Danith Weakruss: Author Insert Character whose main purpose there is so author can outlet to audience. Has a dynamic personality based off the Author. Also powers the author chose for them.


  • Underground: An complete expanded immensely in size but identical recreation of classic places with 3 new places.
  • Blank Space, Library: An Blank Space which is more like a mansion with white walls.

Undertale Locations

  • Hotland: It's got more sections but still same
  • Snowdin: It's got more sections but still same
  • Waterfall: It's got more sections but still same
  • The Ruins: It's got more sections but still same
  • New Home: Same as normal. Some houses are open.
  • MTT Resort: It's got more sections but still same.
  • The Core: It's got more sections but still same.

Added Locations

  • Blank Space, Library: An Blank Space which is more like a mansion with white walls. It's a catacomb and a labyrinth of books with infinite pages in infinite height and amount of shelfs which no matter how far you got lost you could easily find a way to exit. As well as save the spot in labyrinth with a bookmark and go to other parts of the odd blank space.

Such as a infinite food supply cafeteria, an arena for training made to keep all in unable to die, and a large laboratory/commons area.

  • Snowdin Deep forest: A deep forest expansion leading to a big gray bubble where Ray & Chara live hidden to others.
  • RoomPlace: A checkered floored landscape for amalgamonsters to live
  • DarkPlace: A Dark Place for amalgamonsters.


  • This AU is Rather confusing combination of elements and all amalgamonsters were made with two factors ingrained. Must have one of shapes and must look like they were made more for fighting with attack capabilities.
  • All can see uncommon things.
  • Some can ignore the Trickster Virus due to biology beyond certain parts
  • All have a lot more attacks, abilities and powers.
  • All have "Factions" somewhere often eyes.
  • The Story is majorly different.
  • RTR is a codename in numerical order for R-Tale Amalgamonsters. Going from RTR-001 to RTR-101.
  • The Story section only shows what currently been made which is part of chapter 2 as prequal and chapter 1 are to be worked at a later time


The rest of the story cannot be told yet.



Inspired From for Character Design Elements