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"How could you do this to us? How could you kill them? After all that we did to help... This is how you pay us back? Heh. Get lost. You dirty brother killer."
— Punishment

Punishtale, an AU created by PunishmentFrisk, is an AU that is surrounded by a lot more mystery behind the characters Sans and Frisk. Chara is completely replaced with the creator's OC, Punishment. However, that is not what the name's origin is from. The events happen in order to specifically punish Sans, for what he has done in that universe is incredibly wrong. Punishment is a narrator, to go along with the 'Chara is the narrator' theory. Punishment can also not take complete control of Frisk. Both Punishment and Frisk are females in this story.

Punishtale is about Punishment and Frisk making their way through the underground, with a genocide route happening around them, more or less. Sans is the killer in this world and actually kills absolutely everyone. Punishment lends Frisk her powers, in order to try to stop Sans. Similarly to Undertale, Frisk's actions change the ending.

Punishment (Personality, Backstory, and Purpose)

Similar to Sans and Frisk, Punishment has quite a bit of mystery surrounding her, as Frisk only finds out much of her story at the end. Punishment is a strange character, who seems to be very mischievous, although can be quite serious. Punishment loves pranks and practical jokes (similar to UT Sans) but she knows that is not her reason to exist. She also is (once again, similar to UT Sans) similar to an 'Arbiter of the Underground' or a judge. However, she does not judge someone by their LV, as her's is quite high at LV 23, instead, she judges them based off of how they gained that LV, and why. It is notable her LV does not ever reset when the timeline is reset.

She was the first fallen human, she fell when 12 and died the day she turned 13. Sans was angry that the royal family would ever accept a human child. Especially since Punishment could use her powers to summon wolves, had mismatched, unnatural eye colors, and had less than 1 hp. He began to kill others and was only noticed when he killed Asriel Punishment, filled with grief and determination, confronted Sans. They made a deal. If he would stop killing the others, he could kill her and destroy her soul. However, if he ever began to kill again, she would return to guide the next fallen human down a path that would stop him.

It is notable that Punishment's true role in the story is still unknown.

It is notable Punishment can reach to/interact with any AU Sans. She uses this ability to protect AUs, although this can be used to get information, as she cannot meet them in person.

Main Changes

  • Frisk has a sister that fell into the underground, named Maya.
  • Sans kills everyone in the underground once he finds the human, similar to Dusttale Sans
  • Flowey is imaginary.
  • Flowey never had the ability to reset.
  • Flowey never knew anyone currently in the Underground.
  • Frisk cannot RESET until she is given an ending.
  • Only Punishment can load SAVE files.
  • Papyrus is 100% clueless of what happens.
  • Sans never spoke with Toriel.
  • Asgore never killed a human, they were all killed by other monsters.
  • The player never interferes, unless you hack into the universe. (In crossovers between aus, etc.)
  • The RUINS is empty.
  • Both Sans and Punishment are sadists. Punishment is just better at hiding it.
  • All characters (except Flowey and Sans) has an appearance that was made to be in memory of Punishment, Asriel, or both.

Information About Creator, and How The AU Began

This AU was by PunishmentFrisk, who seems to only be accessible through their Wattpad account.

That is where she will eventually begin writing the story (referring to myself in third person, haha). Maya was not originally her character and was created by a dear friend of hers. The AU itself was created simply because "well why not" and has no real story behind it. Seriously. If you came here wanting answers, you are just wasting your time.

Character Summaries


Role: Punishment/Frisk's imaginary friend.

Personality: Has the personality of Asriel. However, he has gone a bit sadistic, similar to UT Flowey.

Bio: He is based on Asriel Dreemurr, but is simply not him. This is shown through his complaints, constant referring to death, and his ability to remember every Ending.

Appearance: Is a yellow flower, with a face. That's it.


Role: Narrator and Frisk's friend.

Personality: She is very judgemental, but can be very kind. Is a sadist, although she hides is well.

Bio: The first fallen human and the protector of the underground. She had killed herself to save the underground and is now respected among the monsters. Was an assassin on the surface.

Appearance: She is a human with dark brown skin, long dark brown hair, usually in a ponytail, and red and purple eyes. Her eyes leave a red and purple trail when she is angry, and she has red and purple ribbons weaved into the braids in her ponytail. She has a red and purple striped sweater, a pair of jeans, and leather boots.


Role: Motherly Figure and First Boss Fight.

Personality: Sweet and caring, but you shouldn't anger her.

Bio: Former queen of the underground. She left once she discovered what Sans did, deciding to protect an area nearby. Asgore agreed with her actions. Toriel hopes to one day discover his reasoning behind the killing.

Appearance: Like UT Toriel, she has the long purple robes with the deltarune symbol on them, but the deltarune is red rather than white.


Role: Antagonist.

Personality: Appears like a lazy and funny guy, but is a sadist.


Appearance: Blue hoodie, blood-stained white t-shirt, and shorts. He does wear sneakers instead of slippers though and typically has a belt holding many knives.


Role: Second Boss Fight and Support.

Personality: He is a nice cinnamon roll! He does his best to keep Sans from killing again.


Appearance: The GREAT PAPYRUS has his red scarf/cape, his 'battle body' has purple trimmings instead of gold, however.


Role: Third Boss Fight and Support

Personality: Rough and competitive, but also nice and a bit of an otaku.

Bio: She's a royal guard, but doesn't enjoy hunting humans. She helps Frisk stop Sans, rather than fighting Frisk. Past is unknown.

Appearance: She usually has on a black tank top with blue jeans and a pair of black boots. She has a purple ribbon tying up her ponytail and a monster soul design on her eye-patch.


Role: Support

Personality: A shy, nerdy otaku! She really is nice though.

Bio: Past is unknown. Is the royal scientist, finishing all of W.D Gaster's research. She is definitely not strong or powerful.

Appearance: She has her white lab coat with a design that looks like a monster soul. She also has a red shirt underneath, barely visible.


Role: Support and 4th Boss Fight.

Personality: Is narcissistic, and is considered a star. He can be quite nice though.

Bio: Napstablook's cousin and loves to dance. The only star of the underground. Doesn't that make him the best?

Appearance: UT Mettaton, but red, purple and silver instead of black, pink, and silver.


Role: Support

Personality: Just, an ambitious, outdoor loving king.

Bio: ????

Appearance: He has red trimmings instead of gold trimmings on his cape, and his crown has a gem shaped like a monster soul.


Role: ???

Personality: ?????

Bio: ?????????????????????