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Polterswap is an ambitious take on Underswap by Team Polterswap.

It has been in the works for many years, this project is hoping to give the most 'authentic' Underswap experience.

Character Changes

Most Characters from like Papyrus, Sans, Toriel, Asgore etc. retain their roles from Underswap. However, several other characters have now switched roles fully.

  • Aeris is the Protagonist
  • Echo the flower is the Empty One
  • Froggit is the Chaotic Villager
  • Chara is the Souless Angel
  • Asriel is the Fallen Child
  • Catty is the Oppressed Vender

Character info


Aeris is a 10 year old girl who stumbled upon Mt. Khara one day whilst exploring, she's a smart, kind and caring individual who loves to make friends and solve issues! She is the protagonist of the story.

Echo Flower

A mysterious, quiet whisper echoes through the entryway of the underground.. A new friend? Or something more malicious. Don't listen to it's praise, because it may not be what it seems.


Retired King of the Underground, he lives alone in the Raindrop Catacombs waiting for his family to reunite once again. He only wishes for your safety, and will do whatever he can to keep you safe.

The Megalomaniac Dummy

A dummy who's got aspirations to be a big fighting star, with a big blue contact lense. (He lost the other one.) His aspirations are unfortunately for naught, as he is but a dummy who can't move.


A rock and roll ghost gal who's dream is to be the underground's BIGGEST STAR! She loves to make music with her cousin, Napstablook. She and Aeris become great friends as the story progresses!


A chill, cool dude who happens to be the ladies man of Sundown, he's got a knack for designing puzzles and hanging out with Undyne. His hobbies include cooking and hanging out at Muffet's Spider-Diner.


An adventurous dude with a heart of gold and a love for jokes and puns. He loves hanging out with Alphys and playing video games. He's a little lazy but that won't stop him from accomplishing the task at hand!!

Kid "Monster"

A playful little kid who accompanies Aeris for a short time period, having a love for humans and showing lots of interest.


A quiet, soft speaking and flirtatious spider who uses her charm to get people to pay more for their orders.