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Plannedtale is a 'creator-insert' AU where users from the Undertale AU Wiki take the roles of Undertale characters. This is not to be confused with several other 'self-insert AUs', such as "UTAUWikiTale" or "A Slight Niche of Cliche". Those who ask for a role shall not be accepted, due to the fact that it is not an AU where you can decide which role you want to be, that will be up to the creator.


Note: This list will change overtime.


  • Originally, the AU was a mock-idea, constructed with user "Max041" as you can see by this thread.
    • You can also see that some ideas were put into Plannedtale and some were scrapped.
  • The name "Plannedtale" was originally a 'Work In Progress' name. However, many people liked the name, therefore, the creator decided to keep it, due to popular demand.
  • None of the personalities from the original characters are kept the same, some would consider them 'twisted'.
  • Some people were removed because of an agreement with the user, a simple decision or the fact that it had been done before. These people in particular being:
  • Every location has been changed to fit the theme of the AU.