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Patroltale is Crossover AU between Dragonball Infinity and Undertale, created by MakutaDethos. In this AU, the Underground was faced with a new threat, making the life of monsters much more difficult and forcing them to stay in the Ruins and Snowdin. Thanks to changes that have occurred in this version of the Underground, some characters, such as W. D. Gaster and Asriel, are still alive in this universe.



Human chosen by the Time Patrol to find Tabasc's Fragment, and then destroy it. There were four reasons he was chosen for the Mission :

  • He is skilled in close combat, and with weapons.
  • His Power Level is relatively low, so he could not cause permanent damage to the AU.
  • Being awful in Energy Blasts, there was no risk that he would bring entire Mt. Ebott down by accident.
  • He was from a race that could be found from the AU, being pure human.

Trench's soul is rather unusual, as it appears to be colorless, much like a glass heart. According to W. D. Gaster, said soul should not even exist in the universe... APATHY.


Eighth fallen human, who first questions Trench's motives, but eventually agrees to help him. Possesses DETERMINATION. However, unlike most Frisks, she does not have ability to perform a "RESET" but has "REWIND" - Ability to recall time backwards, though ability does not come without a price.


First Fallen Human. His soul was first one to be consumed. After his soul was taken, his body was placed on stasis, in hopes of reviving him once his soul has been reclaimed. Has not ages since the incident.


Captain of the Guard, lost one of her eyes while fighting Shadows.


Member of the Royal Guard, who has been assigned to keep watch for Fallen Humans, and to protect them. Younger son of W. D. Gaster.


Older son of W. D. Gaster, who helps his father in research of the Shadows. Lazy, loves puns, and agrees to join Frisk and Trench for journey.


Assistant of Royal Scientist, a bit shy. Has crush on Undyne.

W. D. Gaster

Royal Scientist. Works tirelessly to find a way to defeat Shadows and to free the monsters from Underground.

Unnamed Amalgamate

More information coming soon.


King of Monsters, and the one who discovered the Cursed Statue first. Has sworn to protect his people from it, and break free from the Underground.


Son of Toriel and Asgore. Wishes to recover Chara's and other childrens' Souls.


Queen of Monsters, and wife of Asgore.

The Fragment

Also known as "The Cursed Statue", fragment of Gargaion 's power. Originally meant to absorb only negative energy from world it was sent, but after being sent to the Underground, it had to resort to different sources of energy: LOVE, Souls and Dust.


More information coming soon...


Monsters made from almost pure negative energy, created for sole purpose of gathering LOVE. Soulless.

Shadow Chara

Strongest of the Living Shadows, created to resemble Chara. Possesses little DETERMINATION, and seems to posess ability to predict his opponents moves.

Dark Echo

Pitch-black Echo Flower that serves as a "Voice" of Statue. There are multiple of them, and even if destroyed, new ones will just take their place.


Servants of The Fragment, who have made contract with it in exchange of power, and are usually carrying one. There are eight known Acolytes. Roman revealed two things. that not only humans are Acolytes - Some of them are Monsters who were given a special human souls.

Roman Fletcher

Military General and descendant of the one of the wizards who sealed monsters to the Underground, INTEGRITY.


Descendant of the original PERSEVERANCE soul. Much like Trench, he is a professional hitman and expert of close-quarters combat. He fell to the Core - This caused him to become being like Core!Frisk, allowing him almost freely travel between AU's. It is yet unknown if he did this was an accident, or if he did jump to the Core on purpose...


Vampire-like monster who excels in Green Magic. He was given Soul most suited to his own magic type, KINDNESS. He wears Fragment as an amulet.


Imp-like, brutish monster. Does not use magic, but has Black Human Soul : HATE. Attacks often before thinks, and is known from his brute strength.


Refered also as "Frozen Lady", female monster who likes staying in cold places. Skilled in blue and ice magic. Dislikes Melior. She was given Soul of PATIENCE.


Volatile Fire Monster, who loves causing trouble. Looks much like Grillby, while his personality could not be more different. Hot-headed, expert of fire magic. Was given soul of BRAVERY.


Machine, given a soul and fueled by The Fragment. Body itself is controlled by a ghost corrupted by a Fragment. Was given more power with soul of JUSTICE.


Fairy-like monster Special case among the Acolytes, and was originally thought not to be a member. SOUL she was given was a dark pink one - LOVE.

Additional Changes

Thanks to appearance of the Cursed Statue (or "The Fragment", as it is known in Universe it originated from), several changes have occurred in AU:

  • After Chara's death, Asriel never took his soul, as it was consumed by the Cursed Statue.
  • When a Monster or a Human dies, their dust/soul is consumed by the statue. This strengthens the Shadows, increasing their LOVE.
  • W.D. Gaster never fell to the Core.
  • Monsters have abandoned the Capital and Hotlands, both which are now over-run by Shadows.
  • Both Mettaton and Napstablook have robot bodies.
  • Papyrus is a member of the Royal Guard, and Sans works with W. D. Gaster, trying to figure out the weakness of the Shadows.