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Onisiontale is an AU created by mryoshiyoshi. The AU is about the characters from Undertale being replaced with characters from the Onision YouTube channel. The main roles are played by the popular characters that Onision himself plays and some secondary roles are played by other popular Youtubers. In many occasions the characters will do certain things that were done by them in popular Onision videos. The characters personality are a combination between their original counterpart and the role that they take. This AU takes place in the real world in his hometown of Seattle, Washington.


Long ago, four races ruled over the earth: Carrots, Onions, Potatoes and Pigs.

One day, an internet beef started between the four races.

After years of debates, the Carrots were victorious.

They banished the Onions away to the left side of North America.

It is unknown what happened to the other two races...

Seattle, Washington 202X

A young soul travels to see the Banana Nation of the Onions.


  • Frisk - Young Greg
  • Flowey - Onion
  • Toriel - Vicky
  • Napstablook - White
  • Sans - Emo Charlie
  • Papyrus - Chibi Derf
  • Doggo - Stoner
  • Dogamy - Male Preacher
  • Dogaressa - Female Preacher
  • Gaster - Panda God
  • River Person - Checkerboard Man
  • Mad Dummy - Batman
  • Gerson - Elmo
  • Temmie - Banana
  • Red - Meilyn Saychow
  • Undyne - Onision's Mom
  • Alphys - Sarah
  • Muffet - Madison DeCambra
  • Catty and Bratty - CaponDesign and Billy the Fridge
  • Mettaton - Rod Danger
  • Asgore - Dale
  • Asriel - Onision (Greg)
  • Astell - Laineybot
  • Chara - Shane Dawson


  • Ruins - White Van
  • Snowdin - Backyard
  • Snowdin Town - Prank House
  • Waterfall - Living Room
  • Hotland - Kitchen
  • True Lab - Garage
  • CORE - Bathroom
  • New Home - Upper Hallway


  • Onion is a nickname that Onision gets from other Youtubers. So therefore his characters are called the Onion race.
  • The four races (Carrots, Onions, Potatoes and Pigs) is a reference to a Japanese children song known as Kare-Raisu no uta (Curry and Rice Song).