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The Omega Timeline is a timeline that works as a meeting room for all other timelines. No one knows of its existence or how to get there unless they are told by CORE!Frisk.


The Omega Timeline (OT) is a special dimension that connects all Undertale timelines and AUs. It has become a new home for people whose timelines are no longer habitable or have nowhere else to go, as well as a safe place for those who don't have one in their own world. That doesn't mean this timeline is only for people experiencing hardships, however - anyone can be invited if CORE!Frisk chooses to do so.

While the dimension has always existed, it was CORE!Frisk who has claimed its ownership and with the help of many shaped it into the safe haven it is now. The first person other than Frisk themselves has set foot in the OT approximately one thousand years ago. The place was at the time empty safe for the entrance, and it was - quite frankly - depressing and sensory depriving. Joining their forces, people started to bring in items and resources from their old timelines, including the stone to build the paths from and the ground to plant the trees in. Through the decades of hard work, the OT has finally become a place worthy of being called haven. The process is still not complete, and the timeline continues to develop more and more.

To someone new to this place The Omega Timeline might look like an average little town; the most notable difference being the lack of horizon, and especially the blank, featureless sky with occasional blue clouds (the recent achievement made possible by the brilliant minds of the OT who grew sick of the white nothingness above their heads). Perhaps the most jarring cultural shock the newcomers experience is the lack of day-night cycle and proper weather, something yet to be achieved through the magic and science. You should sleep with the curtains closed until we figure it out

However, the sky will inevitably always be blank white without any moon or sun, and thus without the day-night cycle. Recently, the local scientists were able to develop special weather satellite machines hovering high above the ground that create blue clouds able to rain or snow, making a gust of wind every time they fly over above. It was a revolutionary invention to mimic weather and make the blankness less potentially maddening.

(This information has been copied straight from the Omega Timeline's official Discord role-play server)


The timeline was discovered by CORE!Frisk through their omnipresent abilities. Approximately one thousand years ago they brought the first inhabitants to the OT, back then devoid of anything but a single door. (Note: It's currently unknown whether this door was always there, whether Frisk somehow got it in or built it, and whether this door has a specific appearance or changes according to the timeline its last visitor is associated with.) This means that the Omega Timeline was properly inhabited and cultivated for at least one thousand years. It is currently not specified whether the timeline was ever entered before this period, but it's confirmed that the current civilization is the first one to claim the timeline.



Fms made this promotional art for the OT! He's one of our many cool and talented artists here! And yes, all the people in this are some of our regulars! (Here's the OP!)


  • While most believe the OT to be a place solely for Genocide route survivors, there are many people who are just there to meet other people or volunteer to help those in need.
  • According to the creator, the OT was presented as the iconic white void in its comics only because she was "too lazy to draw a proper background". The white void concept has however become so popular among the fans she eventually just "rolled with it and built everything around it".
  • An early concept described OT as a place which can create its own environment based on the objects people "plant" inside the timeline. This was eventually scrapped and now everything in the OT except the door/s was brought in from other timelines.
  • The OT presented in the comics has a single door serving as the first time entrance for the newcomers, and people can leave and reenter the timeline through any door they wish; however in its official Discord server, every time someone enters the timeline a new door appears out of thin air in a location known as "door area". The person can then only exit the timeline through this door, after which it disappears.
  • Some occupants can get a title of Caretaker. It would appear their job primarily entails helping the new members of the timeline and administration of the local events; whether they're involved in more behind the scenes stuff is unknown.
  • More question answers; Glitch Hop isn't going to destroy the OT. We've gathered an army in case that ever happens
  • You can't access other AUs from the OT; you can only access the timeline you entered from.