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Negativetale is a Korean AU similar to Underfell, but with a lesser emphasis on the edge and a bigger one on the evil aspect. Weak monsters are killed by the strong ones in order to make them pick on each other to not be among the weakest, to make them tougher until only the strongest remain to fight humankind when the barrier is broken. Most major characters get killed no matter what Frisk's actions are, with the exception of Flowey and Sans. This includes Frisk themselves.

While a completed English translation doesn't exist yet, or is hard to find, there is a French dub on YouTube that allows for English subtitles.



Created by ValenSealover

Flowey is similar to Underfell Flowey, and he helps Frisk in the Ruins, as he's determined to get the humans back to the surface. However, he cannot help Frisk a lot outside of the Ruins, as Asgore put a bounty on his head. The reason for is because Chara made him hesitate on the surface, which led to his death. His petals are blue and very torn.


Created by ㄽㅍ(pyanyal)

Toriel is insane, believing Frisk is Chara, pre-solving (and in some cases destroying) the puzzles in the Ruins, and even killing almost all monsters there even for just looking at Frisk, in order to protect them.

However, when Frisk is in her house before they try to leave, she acts much more normal and comparable to classic Toriel. She still fights Frisk, and gets crushed by a boulder after the fight is over. Instead of the Delta Rune, her robe contains a trident symbol, and is very patched up.

Ruins Dummy

The Ruins Dummy is killed by Toriel, his entire head and a part of his body being blown off.


Only one Froggit is still alive, and afraid Toriel will kill them for talking to Frisk.


Created by ValenSealover

Napstablook's colors are completely inverted, making him a black ghost with white facial details. He hates almost everything, including Mettaton, and his call plays a big part in her commiting suicide. The equivalent of his Dapper Blook form is called his Capo Blook form. His house is locked and inaccessible.


Created by an unknown artist

Sans is one of the weakest monsters, and most monsters wonder why he still is alive. He absolutely hates Papyrus, who took his eye out (and later on, nearly kills him) for making a pun, something he still enjoys. He also commonly pickpockets and he only sells hotdog buns in his illegal stand, as he couldn't afford the meat. He has a crack in his skull and wears an orange vest with a grey shirt and he likes mayo instead of ketchup.

He greets Frisk with a hand-buzzer similar to Underfell Sans, and uses them so he can kill Papyrus during his battle with them, as he doesn't want it to be openly known that he killed him, so he won't get sent tons of battle requests by the other weak monsters.


Created by Korhiper

Papyrus is a murderous maniac, who absolutely hates puns and treats his brother like garbage after he got denied by the Royal Guard. While being very strong, Undyne refused to give him a position in it because she is afraid he'll take the position of captain from her. He beat up the entirety of the guard as a response, with the exception of Undyne, who is one of the few monsters that can beat him in combat.

He wears a blue cape instead of a scarf and has a grey battle body with 2 spikes, one broken off, and a cracked skull. His attacks more closely resemble those of Undertale Sans' than of his own counterpart, with the exception of his first attack.

Monster Kid

Monster Kid is excited because he's gonna participate in a festival, but he doesn't know what it is. If he knew, he wouldn't be, as it's a festival where weak monsters get killed one by one. He is still obsessed with Undyne. After he discovers Frisk is a human, he tries to report them to Undyne, but gets killed by her when hanging from the bridge.

Snowdin Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper Bunny doesn't care about the fact Frisk is a human (or she wouldn't if she knew they were one) as long as they buy something. The paper behind her is destroyed.


Grillby is less forgiving towards Sans in relation to his tab. His fire is blue, but turns dark orange when he's angry.


Doggo is the person Sans steals the wallet of during the story. The coins are mixed in with chocolate coins, which is later revealed to be a prank from Sans.


Undyne's creation. Created by Ian621

Undyne is a creation of Alphys that's extremely loyal to Asgore. While she existed before Alphys made her like she is now, nothing of her old self is left. She has a red trident symbol on her chest and wears the same blue cape as Papyrus and her hair is also blue, while her spears are red. She kills Monster Kid when he hangs on the bridge. She uses her spears to hinder Frisk during the chase to Hotland, and there, her overwhelming amount of Determination makes her explode.

Mad Dummy

Mad Dummy is one of the nicer characters, and sad because there's no one to talk to. However, when Frisk talks to him, he has no idea what they can talk about, but appreciates the effort anyway.


Gerson is mostly unchanged. His nickname was "The Mass Destruction at the Epoch" instead of "The Hammer of Justice". He also is the only person still talking about and having the Delta Rune symbol.


Alphys is not just the Royal Scientist, but also a spy for Asgore, so she gets more funding for her projects. She wears a black suit and an eyepatch, and hates anime. She is very cold and calculating, and she helps Mettaton achieve her dreams only to break them so she commits suicide, but Mettaton takes revenge by blowing her up with her when she looks through her destroyed body, looking for reusable parts thinking she was dead already. She is the creator/enhancer of Undyne. By reading the notes on her desk, it is implied that she used Mettaton to kill various other monsters, including RGs 01 and 02 and Bratty and Catty.


Created by @luty-chan

Mettaton was created as an extremely loyal adversary-eradication robot, but as the robot was rushed, she malfunctioned and later disappeared. Alphys tries to send Frisk to destroy her before she crashes into the lab.

She's even more pink than the original Mettaton, as she remodeled her old body as it was too gloomy. During this, she also removed her self-destruct mechanism and all her weapons, as she is one of the only genuinely nice monsters and hates fighting, and thus befriends Frisk rather than killing them.

When she's first encountered, she isn't a star yet, but has a dream of becoming one. Alphys helps her so she commits suicide after she saw her show was extremely unpopular by the violence-hungry monsters. Her catchphrase has "bloodshed" replaced by "comedy". Unlike in Undertale, she is female rather than male.


The part of Hotland where Muffet resides is skipped, and thus it is unknown what she is like.


Burgerpants loves his job, as he's paid for sitting around and doing nothing. However, he dislikes Mettaton and finds her dumb and annoying. Though, he doesn't complain as it is the best job he could find. His uniform is blue.


Created by ValenSealover

Asgore is pretty much your typical Fell Asgore, and has isolated himself after Asriel died. When he heard Chara made Asriel hesitate on the surface, he put a bounty on Flowey's head and ordered to never speak of the Delta Rune. He gets killed by Flowey, but takes control over Frisk after his soul is taken, forcing Flowey to kill them.

Chara and Asriel

Chara lied about hating humanity so Asgore wouldn't kill them, but when they were ordered to kill the weak monsters during the festival, they eventually broke and burst into tears, and Asgore killed them on the spot. He ordered Asriel to take Chara's soul and gather 6 more on the surface. However, when seeking the souls, Chara made Asriel hesitate, leading to his death.


The areas are devoid of minor NPC' and random encounters, with the exception of one of both in the Ruins.

The Ruins

None of the puzzles function anymore, and dust piles can be found quite often.


Snowdin Forest is filled with deadly traps, yet none are shown as Sans takes Frisk to the town immediately via a shortcut.


Using Sans' telescope costs 4999G, the Echo Flower conversations are more scared, the Asriel statue is destroyed, and Napstablook's house is inaccessible.


Alphys solves the puzzles for Frisk, and fixes the elevator so they can head on straight to the CORE after Mettaton sabotaged them so Frisk had to go through her shows. These are just practices, and the news report stage breaks. MTT Resort's food is terrible due to cheap ingredients, and Bratty and Catty don't appear, and "But nobody came" appears in the area. Instead, some of Alphys' notes can be found.


The CORE is mostly skipped, and Frisk can head straight to the end.




  • A lot of colors are inverted, or "negative".
  • Instead of the Delta Rune, Asgore's trident is an important symbol.