*Have you thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
*Except you don't exist?

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Multiversal Misadventures (also known as Multiverse Misadventures or MM for short.) is an AU series created by ADgee. The AU's stories and plot mainly take place on various places in the "Multiverse" (hence the name.) after Frisk/Chara exited the underground.


After many Genocide routes in the past, Frisk decides to stop being a megalomaniac and RESETs before the fight with Sans. Chara complains at how they didn't RESET before, and got mad at them. They then fight over Frisk's SOUL. Chara manages to possees it, but Frisk still refuses to give up, making both cotrol the same body at the same time. After the RESET, Frisk/Chara manage to make a perfect True Pacifist Run, but still hate each other.

Nowadays, they still fight inside.


Undertale Characters


They're the main protagonist of the story. As mentioned in the backstory, they are most of the times fighting for the control of their body (except when sleeping, of course), but they sometimes manage to teamwork or just give up for a while.


He keeps his personality as well, and gains a new form when absorbing the Kindness SOUL. In this form, he doubles his DEF and ATK, but his HP is left untouched. He still cares a lot for Frisk.

More coming soon....


  • Intro
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • TBA


  • There exists a new type of SOUL: Imagination. This one is a mutation of the Determination soul, having a golden-ish color. It's extremely rare to find this trait, and nigh-impossible on birth. It's cause and origins are unknown, but it's known that it implies a notable increase on stats, and "game-breaking" abilities, those which can go against the universe's nature.
    • There are more new types of SOUL, but not all of them will be listed here.
  • In the backstory, AD/Simon uses a special spell. It is unknown how he could use it, considering it being a powerful one. Neither is known how his brother is later born with his old SOUL considering his mother died before.
  • As well, "Simon" is long gone, and practically forever. The spell is irreversible, nothing can bring him back.
    • The only thing that changed is his own existence. Familiars and friends are unchanged. But still, the bullies don't recognize him due to the change.
  • The Intro is the only interactive part, and only where you can name the character in it. 
    • This, however, doesn't affect the series. As well, there aren't any easter eggs when naming (yet).