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Asgore Dreemurr
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Midtale is an AU where Bosses and Mid-Bosses Switch places,other Monsters Also Switch Places too and Most Swaps have an History.

Characters :

Toriel :

Appearence :

Toriel wears her Usual Purple Dress,but she uses an Big White Blanket in her Head,it covers her entire Body,it has Holes in the Top for Toriel`s Eyes and Horns.

Personality :

Toriel is more Strict,as she had to see Asriel Murder Innocent People,but still Caring.She sometimes goes to the Ruins to Calm Herself Down from Seeing Asriel Murder the Human Childs.

Relationships :

Asgore :

Asgore and Asriel Relationship was Like Normal Undertale before Asriel`s Death.

Asriel :

Toriel and Asriel Relationship was like Normal Undertale before Asriel`s War Declaration on Humanity,but after that,and after Toriel Ran Away from the Castle,Toriel started to Miss Asriel and wonder if she should come back,however,those Feelings Dissapeared after she saw Asriel Murder one of the Human Childs.Asriel`s Misses Toriel,and even Sended some Search Groups after Her,whose Failed.

Chara :

Toriel and Chara Relationship was the same as Undertale.

Undyne :

Before Asgore`s Death,the only Relationship between the Two was Toriel being Proud of Undyne,who was getting Better at Using Her Spears against Evil,after Toriel Psicology,both became Good Friends.

Napstablook :

Both are good Friends since Both Meet Each Other in the Ruins.

History :

After the Death of Asgore and Chara and Asriel Declaration of War on Humanity,Toriel ran the Most Far Away Possible from the Castle (For Days,stopping from Time to Time),but Stopped Running after Some Days,and Made Napstablook`s Abandoned House Her`s.

After Undyne Got Back Home,Toriel Hid from Her (As she knew she would Report about Her to Asriel),but decided to offer some Psicology after she saw how Undyne was Acting.Both became Good Friends After Some Months.

Then,the First Human Child Fell (Alice,The Light Blue Soul) and was Killed by an Group of 9 Moldsmalls,leaded by an Moldbygg,Toriel was Visiting Napstablook,an Friend Of Her,and had to See the Child Die,which made her Way More Strict.

Napstablook :

Appearence :

Napstablook Looks Normal,except he is always Wearing an Purple Shirt,which has the Deltarune Mark on It.

Personality :

Napstablook`s Personality is the Same as Undertale`s.

Relationships :

Toriel :

Toriel is an Good Friend of Napstablook.

Mettaton :

Mettaton and Napstablook have the Same Relationship as in Undertale,except Mettaton Regrets Having Left Him Way More,as he would have been Happy,instead,he is Trapped in an Little Theater basically Forever.

History :

Napstablook had the Same History as Normal Undertale Until After the King`s Death and the Ruins Improvement,Napstablook Decided to Live in the Ruins,as Most of His Friends went There.

Papyrus and Sans :

Appearence :

Both Papyrus and Sans are in the Royal Guard,so they Normally wear an Armor.

Personality :

Both Brother`s Personality are Slightly More Serious than in Normal Undertale.

Relationships :

Dogamy and Dogaressa :

Both Brothers Were Shown to Try to Help Both Dogs to Enter the Royal Guard,No Results.

History :

The Brothers History is the Same,except,after Showing Snowdin Town People their Power,they Got in the Royal Guard.

Dogs :

Most Dogs died before in battles in the War and against some Humans. Those Dogs were Endogeny Components, the Snowdin dogs are all in their Places (Not Dogamy and Dogaressa,as they appear in Sans and Papyrus Place.), and later they appear in BakerLand. Dogamy and Dogaressa's Puzzles are more functional then the Skelebros Puzzles.The Dogs Suits are Normal,except Dogamy and Dogaressa wear an Blue and Pink Shirt and are Younger,their Pants are the Other Dog Shirt Color.

Pacifist : They are exacly like Papyrus and Sans,except in the Tile Puzzle,but i already explained it Before.

Genocide : They Appear,but the Same Way as in Normal Undertale.

Undyne :

Undyne was the Leader of the Royal Guard, but when she found out what happened to Alphys, she got out of the Royal Guard for no Known Reason, and her Sanity got Lower and Lower. She went to the Dump and found Toriel. Toriel took care of Her until most of her Mental Health was Recovered. Both became Friends and Undyne never told Asriel about her, as thanks.

When you meet her she starts throwing Spears (Who act like mad Dummy Knife.), while Her Trashbots (Little Robots she created inspired in Alphys Robots.) launch Trash in You. After some Time, she makes a Circle of Spears around you and makes them get closer before being Launched by one of Toriel Fireballs (Giving Up on Genocide).

While Undyne Loves Alphys,but she needs to try to control her Anger close to the Royal Scientists.

Mad Dummy and Dummy :

After Undyne got out of the Royal Guard, Asriel got Many People wanting to be the Leader, with mad Dummy being the Winner.Mad Dummy entered the Royal Guard to ``Protect´´ His Cousin.

Mad Dummy launches Many Knifes, while undyne launched only 5 or 6 Spears, and Dummy is always at the Start of when Mad Dummy Follows You. Asriel regrets having put Mad Dummy as Leader, as he made the Royal Guard Crazy.

Amalgamates :

The Amalgamates history is Explained WITH Alphys Story.

One Day,after Muffet Murder,Crystal meet Muffet Ghost and created an Body for Her,but Both dont know much about each Other.

Crystal is Seen in the Lab,helping You in Muffet Quiz,she gives You an Cellphone,and Lemon Bread Components help You Through Hotland,Reaper Bird Components help you through the CORE and the Dogs Just Sit and Help in the Lab.

They Dont Appear in Genocide,but if Alphys Takes Action was Canon,they would Fight alike but after Melting,they All would Fuse into an Colossal Amalgamate of the Lab Size,called D3t3rm1n4t10n,they woud Fight using VERY Strong Attacks until they Melt Completely,as there would be an Determination Overload.

Mettaton :

Mettatons the Same (Sadder,as he Lost Napstablook Earlier),except he Never had an Box or NEO Form,he only had his EX Form.After Muffet Dominated the MTT Resort,Mettaton Ran to Muffet Bakery,a Place she had Forgot,and turned it into his own Theater,he makes Shows Every Week,and Most of His Fans Act Like they Hate Him and Love Muffet,but its the Reverse.

He and Napstablook are Cousins and Good Friends.

He Never Really Met Anyone Else Importtant to Him,and never Will as Muffet Tyrany is Covering Bakerland.

Muffet :

Muffet was Killed by Th3 M1st3ry08s 0n3,then she went to Alphys Lab ask Crystal to build an Body For Her,Crystal builded an Body that looked like an Spider,while her EX and NEO Form looked Like Robotified Muffet`s.Then,she Dominated Hotland thanks to Her Robot Powers,she started Calling Hotland and the Mtt Resort (Now Muffet´s resort) BakerLand and Mff Resort.

Muffet Non-Official Appearence and Them are Here : Those are Not Mine nor Official.

Alphys :

The Amalgamates Components (Snowdin Dogs,NOT Endogeny Components) were invited into the True Lab, but the Dogs Ended up dropping Determination on Alphys,who started melting. Snowy Mom (Named Crystal) started throwing every experiments she saw at Alphys to try to ``Fix´´ Her, until she used the DT Extractor and it worked, but turning Alphys into an Gooey Mess, who`s all limbs and suits were Fused.Since Then they Wear lab Coats.

Crystal tried to Hide what happened to Alphys by saying she had Disapeared and that they were Substitutes,but Undyne Found Out,which basically Traumatized Her.

Asriel :

Asriel met Chara when Asgore brough Her Home,they Talked A Lot After That.

After Asgore died,the same thing that happened to Asgore happened to Him.He grew Up while the Humans fell.

His Fight and Appearence are exacly like Asgore`s,except he Uses an Staff Instead of an Trident,His Staff Summons an Giant Colored Star in the Battle Box.

Asgore/Flowey :

Flowey is Normal,but his Green Parts are Purple,and he is Scarier.

Asgore Dreemur Fight is Normal,using His Trident Instead of Asriel Swords.His Normal Form is an Adult However,and Hug is Comfort.

Chara :

Chara is Normal,except she Manipulated Asgore Into doing what she Wanted.

Locations :

Ruins :

Appearence :

The Ruins were Painted White,as an Homenage for Asgore,who`s Body is There,as there were Much Useless Space there,they Turned it into an Turist Attraction,and Putted Many Flowers and Rivers There.Most Monsters went Away From There,but Many Come Everyday,for Living There or Visiting.

Monsters :

1 - Napstablook.

2 - Shyren.

3 - Lemon Bread`s Components.

4 - Aaron.

5 - Moldsmalls.

6 - Moldbygg.

7 - Woshua.

Snowdin :

Appearence :

Snowdin was Almost Completely Abandoned since ``The Orange Incident´´,so its Dusty and most Houses are Broken.But as the Murder is Dead,the Monsters Plan on Going Back (Wich only Happens in the Epilogue),and if It Happens,its Almost Sure to Think the Whole Forest will become Part of the Town.

Monsters :

1 - The Dog Guard.

Waterfall :

Appearence :

Most of Waterfall is Full of Broken Rockes and Tsunamis,which Come from the Royal Guard Daily Training.Most Monsters Moved Away to the Ruins (As its the New Turistic Attraction and Because the Royal Guard was Making Everything an Living Hell) and Most Ruins Monsters Came and Became part of the Royal Guard (Becoming its CORE Forms).

Monsters :

1 - Mad Dummy

2 - Dummy

3 - Knight Knight

4 - Madjick

5 - Final Froggit

6 - Whimsalot

7 - Astigmatism

Hotland :

Hotland is mostly Purple,as Muffet asked for her Spiders to Paint It.It has Lots of Bakerys.The MTT Resort was Turned into the M -TT- FF Resort,wich is basically More Purple and Muffet Themed.Its Hard to Find Normal Monsters in there,as most of them are in the CORE or the MTT Theather.


The Core is Normal,and the Dreemur Castle Too.

Trivia :

  • Muffet was the First Character Created.
  • Muffet box Design is Based Off an Cartoon Spider.
  • Muffet box design was,also,designed of an Character of The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Greater Dog Outfit is Based off Dr. Kong from the game Monkeynauts.
  • Muffet Theme and Design are not Official,and will Probably be Discarded.
  • Asgore Flowey Form is Based Asundertale`s Flowey,who is also Asgore.
  • Chara is Canonically Evil in this AU.
  • The Final Boss of the Genocide Route is Th3 Myst3ry08s 0n3,who Disguises Himself as Dogaressa,and turns into Many People (Including other AUs Characters) in an Very Fast Way before Fully Dusting.
  • Happytale and Entropytale,believe it or Not,were what gave the Creator Confidence to Draw this AU.
  • An Discarded Idea is that Alphys and Mettaton would Swap.
  • It is Possible that Muffet Dying might be changed to Muffet being an Normal Spider that wanted to be more Human.
  • The Myst3r108s 0n3 is the Creator`s Way to Make Himself in Game,This Character only Purpose is to make the Characters Swap.
  • Muffet Attacked the MTT Resort because Th3 Myst3ry08s 0n3 killed her while Disguised as Mettaton.
  • The Creation of This was because the Creator wanted an AU where Sans wasn Important,when Suddenly More ideas Came to his Head.
  • Muffet is the Mascot,bcause she was the First.
  • Error Sans wouldn want to Destroy this AU,as its Happenings can happen Normally in Undertale.That might be the Reason the creator made it an History instead of an Swap.
  • The Creator of this wrote Everything.