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MentalTale is an Alternate Universe where monsters live with humans on the surface, and the Underground has been converted into a Mental Hospital called the Underground Mental Hospital, or UMH for short. It is facilitated by Asgore and Toriel. This hospital houses both humans and monsters who, when found to be mentally unstable are thrown into Mount Ebott. However, some humans and monsters have evaded being thrown into Ebott, and reside on the Surface amongst their 'sane' companions.

Frisk (who, in this AU, is a 17-year-old female) wanders off from her home one day and, as in the original Undertale story, falls into Mount Ebott. However, once she'd fallen Toriel is waiting and escorts her into the hospital. There she meets with Asgore before being recorded and taken to the main lobby for observation. It doesn't take long for Toriel and Asgore to see that Frisk is sane, and they let her go (possibly to help them facilitate the patients, or to leave in any way she can). Some of the monsters/humans Frisk meets are rather nice, and Frisk helps them see that their disorders don’t define them.

However, other monsters/humans have been consumed by their mental issues and are beyond help (or so it seems). These monsters/humans go after Frisk, jealous of the sanity she possesses. However, Frisk might be able to convince a monster or two to help her escape, if she plays her cards right. Frisk's ultimate goal is to leave the Underground and return home.

This AU eventually non-canonically crosses over with Psychetale.



Monster Residents of UMH

These are the monsters that Frisk will meet while at UMH. Some will come to trust Frisk quicker than others, and some not at all.

Unstable Monsters Living on the Surface

These monsters have mental illnesses, but were the lucky few able to hide either their illness or themselves well enough to keep from being admitted into UMH.

Other Monsters (In UMH, on the Surface, or alternating between the two)