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Asgore Dreemurr
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Melangetale is a Switch-Up AU created by SoundCloud user Rayanoster. The character swaps are built on the premise of taking the roles of Storyshift and reversing them. Flowey reset the TIMELINE because he wanted to dance with Frisk, as he saw that Chara was inside them, and he recognized them.

Character Changes

  • Mettaton takes the role of Frisk.
  • Toriel takes the role of Flowey.
  • Chara takes the role of Toriel.
  • Frisk takes the role of Sans.
  • Monster Kid takes the role of Papyrus.
  • Sans takes the role of Undyne.
  • Papyrus takes the role of Alphys.
  • Gaster takes the role of Mettaton (Editor's Note: I might be wrong, I don't know).
  • Asgore and Asriel swap roles.

Location Changes

  • The Ruins are now The Last Corridor.
  • Snowdin is now combined with Hotland.
  • Waterfall is filled with golden flowers.

Additional Changes



  • following with frisk and chara(as mettaton) the two people are falled down on the underground. He's meet tory the flower, Tory the flower explain what is LOVE but a trap was happening to the human they joke him as a evil joke.
  • Tory take the soul but he's saw a knife around him chara protect the childs and they get continued to follower her..