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Megatale is an AU created by Mega Lucas. The main plot is about a group of individuals trying to capture Frisk, which causes fights between them and the main Undertale characters. Characters such as Red, and the creator's oc, Mega will be involved throughout the plot. The animation is made with Pivot Animator and was originally translated in English and Spanish.


Papyrus VS Bandits

Frisk is surrounded by two guys. When one of them gets closer to her, she tells him to get away from her. Still moving backwards, the child bumps into the other man and starts crying as the first one picks her up. He laughs, saying to look at her and the child begs them to stop. The other bandit throws Frisk on the ground and starts picking on the child saying the monsters are hindering them to steal things and that it's Frisk's fault since she's the one who brought them to the surface. Frisk once again begs them to leave her alone and hides her head in her hands. The bandit in green says that only after their punishment.

As he tries kicking the child, Papyrus comes out of the shadows and pokes the man in the back. As he turns around in confusion, Papyrus punches him in the face. The bandit likely dies after whacking his head on a rock and being thrown at a wall. Frisk smiles as Papyrus asks her if she's okay and tells the little human to hold his hand. He picks the child up and talks about how innocent and lucky she is because she has someone like him to defend her.

The skeleton puts Frisk on his back and asks her who's been bothering her. She points at the other bandit, who falls on his knees and begs Papyrus for showing him mercy. The skeleton doesn't want to at first, but is convinced by Frisk. The man tries attacking Papyrus by surprise, but ends up in not doing any damage to him. Papyrus then tells Frisk to go home because he will leave the things "a little red."

More bandits join in, but the monster beats all of them easily and sets them in cages made out of blue bones. Of course, there's an exception - the bandit who at first attacked him tries to flee to his allies on the other side of the bridge. As he crosses the bridge, he destroys it with a bomb so the skeleton can't pass.

As he tries calming down the gang by saying that the monster won't pass and that they should take the boats and run, Papyrus summons a huge bone which gets him to the other side of the gap and hits two bandits. The other ones take out knives and guns, considering another attempt of killing the skeleton, failing in it. Like, at all. Papyrus also puts them in boney cages.

However, one bandit is still up. Papyrus enters the FIGHT mode, using his "really cool regular attack." His opponent avoids all of the bullets, but when trying to shoot Papyrus, he fails. Papyrus then says that he "can't believe that he was hit by the last bone." He then remembers he has left "the guy on the wall" and "the guy's spaghetti", but when he turns around he sees the two already killed by Sans's Gaster Blaster.

He thanks his brother and the episode ends.

Muffet VS Bandits

At the gang's meeting, one of the bandits says that he's got some good news. He explains that he has found a way to restore the money they lost in one of the shops that monsters made. Before they go in, they call backup, so they can load all the profits. One of them opens the door and jumps in fear. He tells his allies that he has good and bad news - good that the door's open, and bad - that he saw something inside. The other men call him crazy and the three of them go in.

Inside of the room there's a table and a mug on it. One of the bandits puts it up and quickly smashes it on the floor because he sees a spider inside of it. The other one slaps him and tells him to be quiet. The third one tells them to look up and they see lots of gold in cobwebs sticking on the ceiling. A giant spider comes out of it, and the humans are terrified. One of them takes out a gun and tries to shoot it, but it escapes and steals the human's gun. They see more spiders and decide to get out of the place.

Then they see Muffet. They try to run, but are stopped by the monster's pet. She gets onto it talking about them being silly for thinking that she will just let them go. One of the bandits escapes, and the bravest one tells the spider that they want to fight. She accepts that with satisfaction.

She sends her pet back home, claiming as she can deal with it on her own. She also says that she'll show them what happens to thieves. Using cobwebs she kills the first bandit. Then the backup arrives. She beats most of it and says that she will let the rest of them go to show their friends what happens to thieves.

A bandit tells another one that they need help on the main base because of a smiling skeleton who's attacking it. Then he tries to attack Muffet, and slashes her cheek while she's talking. Her eyes go red and she says that this time she won't forgive him. She attacks him with purple webs and he passes out.

When the bandit wakes up, he sees that his hands and legs are stuck in webs. After a moment of silence he asks her what does she want. Muffet replies with a question - "What do you want with us?". Then the man explains that their sole purpose is to imprison the monsters again. He also says that this time they will put a human soul to guide the barrier and tells Muffet to guess which one they're going to use and that they've already captured it and only need to do the spell.

Muffet asks about the mentioned "something smiling" at their base. He says that it's true, and asks her why is she laughing. She responds that it's just funny and that the bandit's friends at the base are going to have a bad time. Then, the episode ends.

Sans VS Bandits

The first thing we see is a shadowy figure standing in front of the bandits' main base. It teleports near to a bandit, who takes out his gun and warns the person to stay away and tells him how bad luck do they have teleporting here accidentally. A moment after he finishes his speech, he's shoot by a gaster blaster. Another bandit, probably a guard, recieves a call about problems at the main entrance. Then ANOTHER two bandits riding a motorcycle try to kill the person with it, but they are picked up (along with the motorcycle) with blue magic and bump into the guard.

Then we see two bandits playing cards. One of them asks the other what was that noise they heard. Actually, it was a noise of the motorcycle guys bumping into the guard guy. His friend (?) tells him that it's just avalanche and that he should focus on the game. Then they hear a loud knock. When one of the men ask "who's there?", someone starts a knock knock joke about a gaster blaster. It ends by someone blasting the door out. The alarm starts beeping (like, you know - beep, beep, beep, beep) and the army arrives. We hear a familiar phrase - "it's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, PEOPLE like you...."

"S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L."

The mysterious person appears to be Sans, and when they army starts the fire, the fight begins. When the smol skeleton accidentally kills a bandit, he's in a small shock. Teleporting further to the corpse, he can't believe his eyes. He thinks out loud - "How is this human still alive?" and the creature explains to him with laughter that they aren't humans but just invocations and that they were summoned by "Him", who's the only one between them all. Sans stays chill and says that it's great because he won't have to worry about killing them. The REAL fight begins.

Then we see one of the machines saluting to someone, and that it tries to tell the person something. However, they are interrupted by this person, who immediatly says that he knows everything and orders the machines to "take the girl to another place" and that he wants to talk with Sans.

The person arrives to the place of the fight and tells the army to hold their fire. He appears to be a human, and Sans realizes that he is the one that the machines talked about. Asked about his name, he says that it doesn't matter and asks Sans about the traitor that told him about their location. The monster says that he won't answer until the human does. The man says that his name is Lucas, but he can call him Mega.

Sans says that he remembers that the guy was wearing a blue shirt. Mega summons (?) the guy and asks Sans if that's the one. The skeleton says that it's the correct one, and that the bandit flew from Muffet and Papyrus. He also says that when he saw the man running, he beat him up and that something in his hands interested the lil skele. When asked if it was the information about the place, he answers flustered that it was. Actually, in the animation we can see a flashback of the bandit holding a bottle of ketchup.

Mega kills the traitor with the power from his hands, and asks Sans about the reason he came here. Sans asks the human where is Frisk, who's the one that was mentioned previously in part 2 and 3. Mega says that he's sorry but his people took her to another place while they were talking. Furious, Sans destroys the base with a gaster blaster, and says that the bandits captured a wrong human.

And so, the episode ends.

Undyne VS Bandits

Frisk is a prisoner of Mega. When the two of them are sitting at the table, he says that the child looks very relaxed for someone that has been kidnapped. When Frisk doesn't respond, he continues his speech. He says that it's probably normal for someone who's been in the Underground but things are different here, on the surface. When Frisk says that she's not scared of him, a robot that was guarding them hits her, saying that she should.

Mega is PISSED. He shouts at the machine pressing it to the wall. Its name is Skell. When the robot CHECKs Mega, it says that "his source of power are his hands". Frisk asks Mega to spare Skell, and CHECKed, it says that "she likes to make friends and her source of power is her DETERMINATION". Mega says that he won't destroy the robot, and makes a new order for Skell - "don't touch the child". Skell accepts it. Then Frisk asks about how did they escape from the exploding base. Mega doesn't respond, and takes a purple artifact (?) which creates a portal. Mega says that he's leaving, and that Skell will take care of this place for a moment. He has left. Skell tells Frisk that he's going to recharge his batteries and that she has to stay in this room.

In front of the base, Undyne appears out of the water. She starts killing the machines. When she asks one of them where is the human, it says that on the top floor. She kills more of the robots, and says that "she'll better take a shortcut". She takes a shortcut, indeed. While Frisk plays with Chara, she breaks threw the wall. She tells Frisk that she found her, and that they should keep going. Frisk asks Undyne about how are they going to do it, because they're "in the middle of nowhere". Irritated, Undyne says that there's a boat waiting for the child.

At the same moment, Skell has finished recharging. He gets a call from the radio about Frisk being rescued by a monster. Skell asks for the information about it, and they say "She likes watching anime, and a strange power emanates from her left eye". Skell checks his missions, which are "don't touch the child" and "don't kill anyone". He deletes them, making himself a new mission - "kill all of the enemies".

Undyne takes Frisk on her back and tells the little human to hold tight. When they are finally outside, Undyne tells Frisk to run, and that she will take care of them. Another robot asks Skell about what are they going to do, and Skell responds with "kill the monster and retrieve Frisk". The other machine doesn't agree, because "Mega said to do not kill anyone". Skell says that it doesn't matter, and the other robot tries to contact Mega. Skell stops him and destroys all of the ways of comunication.

He takes out a gun and says "Destroy". Undyne looks at him and says that they both know that this way he'll miss, and Skell responds with "You're not my target at the moment". Actually, his target is Frisk who's getting on the boat. Frisk falls on the boat and the River Person sees that she's only unconscious. Wondering how, they look at Undyne, who took the fatal hit instead of the child. She says her lines from the genocide run, when she protects the Monster Kid. The only difference is that after "N-no....S-somehow....With just one hit.... I'm already....", Skell throws a spear threw Undyne's head. He turns back to other robots and one of them starts saying that he shouldn't have done that, and that Mega will punish him.

The sky goes dark, and Skell says that his sensors have detected an unknown power. It comes from Undyne, of course. As she takes her Undying form, she says "You're going to have to try a little harder than THAT". She attacks Skell with purple spears, that are breaking the shield that robot created. He tries to ask her if this is everything she's got, but Undyne is faster. She punches him and tears one of his arms off with her spears. Then, she continues her attack.

Standing on his head, she asks about his last words. Skell replies that these won't be his last words and he starts laughing, before she crushes his head.

The episode ends.

Red & Mega VS Skell's Army

Mega teleports back to the base that Undyne destroyed, and can't believe his eves. Then Undyne attacks him with a spear, but the human blocks it. He says that right now he doesn't want to fight, but she doesn't want to listen. She throws more spears and tries to punch him. When he sees defeated Skell, he starts to calm down. Undyne asks him about what the heck is he doing (you know, Skell just like totally KILLED her!), and Mega says that he's leaving, because he's already got what he was looking for. He picks up the robot with magic and teleports out of the Undyne's way.

Back at the other base, Mega uprades and charges Skell. When Mega's finally done, Skell asks him about his purpose with this. Mega responds that Skell's the one who should know it the best, and the robot asks if he settles for so little (?). Mega asks him about what is he trying to say, and Skell says "If you can have more.....Why not have more? Mega, I'll do what you were afraid of. I'm Skell Ezuom, and nothing will stand on my way. And that includes your useless fear."

With these words, he blocks his hands' magic and his blue elements turn red. Mega says that he will regret this, and one of the human's soldiers try to shoot Skell. Unfortunately, he escapes. The robot asks Mega if this will be a problem, and Mega says that indeed, this WILL be a problem. A HUGE problem. He also says that he will have to talk with "Her", and to prepare the teleporter room.

Mega teleports to the place where the fan-battle with Red begins. He asks if someone's here, and a girl's voice asks if he's looking for her. She says that he's not welcome here, and asks what does he want. When Mega says that he's a friend, the girl says that she hasn't got any friends. The human tells her to calm down and that he needs her help. She breaks the spell that blocked his hands, and tells him to leave her alone.

When he says that he still needs her help, she wants to tell him to go away, but in the middle of her sentence she jumps out of the shadows and kills a robot that was going to attack Mega. The girl is Red!

They see more robots surrounding them, and start a fight. They beat most of them easily, when a different robot arrives. Mega says that it's stronger than the others, and Red says that she noticed. Mega tells her that he will explain her everyting after they defeat the robot. When Red kills it, it attacks them from surprise. It suddenly reactivated.

The robot asks Mega if he remembers the canon that Skell used against Undyne, and says that it was outdated. He also says that Skell made a new version of it. And that he's going to use it. Mega tells Red to hold his hand and to trust him, but she hesitates. In the last moment, she does, and they teleport out of the way. When the robot sees that Red survived, he said that Mega managed to escape but left her here and that he's a traitor. When she doesn't put her sword down, he starts laughing at her. Then, Mega jumps out of nowhere and kills the robot once again.

However, it stands up again and throws the human onto the wall. Mega falls and blood starts dripping from his mouth. He takes his bandana off, and Red asks him what does he think he's doing and why is he giving up already.Mega says that the robot already knows their combat modes and that they have no chances.

Then Red says that "They haven't tried to....", and Mega asks her "We haven't tried what?" to which Red says "We haven't tried to work together." She offers him a hand to get up and smiles happily. He stands up and they FINALLY kill the robot in the way that it can't reactivate again - there's only dust left out of it.

Mega says that now he owes her some answers if she's interested in helping him, and Red says that she sees that Mega REALLY needs some help.

They teleport to the base and the episode ends.

Gaster VS Skell's Army

When Mega and Red teleport to the base that Sans destroyed, they can see that it's being rebuilded. A magical shield surrounds it, and a robot gives Mega a report - no signs of Skell for now. Mega says that if anyone sees him they are supposed to destroy him. The robot says that he noticed that Mega has found Red and asks about any orders related to her. Mega says that the monster saved his life and that they should already know about the respect that she deserves. He then tells Red to follow him.

They are seen sitting at the table, and Mega tells her that now she can ask him questions. Red asks him about Skell - who is he and why is he against Mega. The human says that Skell was "his best friend", but then changes it into "his best creation". Mega says that Skell is a powerful robot - the one that he passed the most of magic from his SOUL. He also says that it was a big mistake, because Skell was very clever and thought that his creator's purpose was small. The robot was angry that he had to serve to someone like Mega and went his own way.

When Red asks about his purpose then and now, Mega says that his previous purpose was to entertain "Them" and not hurting anyone, but when Skell rebelled it changed to destroying his best creation. Red asks about the purpose of Skell, and Mega says that he thinks that Skell wants the SOUL of DETERMINATION.

They are interrupted by a knock on the door and Mega says to come in. A robot tells Mega that they found his mask and washed it, but the blood tingled it to an orange - red color. Mega says that it looks even better right now, and thanks the machine. The robot says that it has to show Mega something on the screen that was behind him and Red.

It shows Skell's units moving in the direction of Frisk escaping with the River Person. The robot says that Skell is a one step ahead of them, and Mega tells it that he can't teleport in the water so he'll be waiting to help Frisk in the nearest place but also that he won't get there on time. He then asks Frisk, who of course doesn't hear him, to hold on and asks Red - or the robot, we can't actually say - to stay here and guard the base in case of Skell's attack.

Then we see Frisk and the River Person. One of the Skell's units try to attack them from the air with the canon mentioned in previous episode, but is stopped by a Blaster? Anyways, Frisk wakes up and asks the River Person about the weird sound, to which they respond with "nothing you should fear. They want to take your SOUL, but I will get you to a safe place."

Probably some time passes, and Frisk is getting off the boat. Skell's robots land a few meters ahead, and the River Person tells Frisk to not to worry. Then, they take their cloak off and Gaster appears.

He says that the robots won't touch Frisk on his watch, and tells her that he will defend her on her way to the cave. And then we see a cave. The end. Okay, actually, he kills the machines that were blocking Frisk's way, and the child starts running. Gaster starts attacking with black goop and kills the units with ease.

There's a place switch (?). We see Skell and two other robots in some sort of a base. One of them tells Skell about the troops that are in need of help. Skell says that he has already sent the reinforcements and the combat robots are on their way.

Again, we see Gater killing the last invocation, when the combat robots arrive. They say that after they will analyse his combat mode he will have no chances, and it CHECKs him. However, the CHECKing glitches and the robot is destroyed. The only thing the robot could read before its destruction was "The man who speaks in hands." The other robot is VERY mad and tries to attack Gaster. He beats it up and blasts the rocks on the cave so they can fall on the entrance and block it.

There's a switch to Skell's perspective. He says that the troops have failed, but to make them stronger he will need to dominate more territory. He immediatly thinks of the ruined base on the island as of the right place. He also says "But this time......I'LL DO IT MYSELF." and again, his blue elements change to red.

The phrase ends the episode.

Undyne The Undying VS Skell Euzom

Meanwhile at the base.....

The units are patrolling every part of the base. One of them comes to a human that checks the radars and tells him about the new order from Mega - the one including destroying Skell. The human says that if anyone sees him, they have to contact Mega because they aren't strong enough to defend the base. The robot says that there's a little problem - they have only one communication building. The radar catches something, and the two are terrified because of the thought that it could be Skell. When the robot tries to calm down by saying that Skell has anti-radadar devices and wouldn't use them only if he knew that they weren't neccessary, their biggest fear comes to reality. It's Skell.

He destroys the communication building and turns red with words "I am Skell Ezuom, and nothing will be in my way." Mega's robots try to attack him, what is incredibly hard. And pointless. After his finished "job", he says that it was easier than he thought. After he hears a noise, he informs the person that made it that they will regret coming back here.

But our sweet, little Undyne doesn't give a heck. She says that she didn't come here to talk but to fight. Then, she takes her Undying form and the fight begins. After a while, she's surely losing. Her helmet falls of and we can see blood dripping from her mouth. She continues attacking and tells herself that she has to stay DETERMINED. However, her attacks are weaker every moment.

She can't take it anymore and transforms to her normal form again. She's got only 1HP. Skell makes the final attack, and she dies.......Oh wait, that's not how it goes! Mega comes out of nowhere and tries to block the hit - unfortunately for him, he doesn't have enough power and it hits him in the stomach. Right after that, Undyne passes out.

Like in the part 4, Skell asks Mega questions, but this time it's just a simple "Why?", to which Mega shouts another question at him - "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!". Skell doesn't respond, and Mega says that it's not over yet. He takes Undyne's hand and they both teleport. After a while, Skell answers him with "I know, Mega."


The Ezuoner

The first thing we can see are the ruins of the base that Undyne destroyed. Then, there's a zoom on Skell, who puts the 'island' out of the water, and makes it floating in the air with telekinesis. His army flies to it, and takes it on its back. Then, the Ezuoner's building begins. It shows as the robots carry items, weld them and how does the finished Ezuoner look like.

Chara VS Skell's Army

While Frisk makes her way downtown she hears a loud noise. She turns around, and Chara's voice tells her that the army's coming and that she won't be able to reach the bottom of the cave in time. She then tells Frisk that she hasn't got a choice and needs Chara. As her ghost appears, she also tries to convince Frisk by saying that she won't do anything "evil" this time, but she needs "the thing".

When Frisk takes out her SOUL, Chara asks her to give it to her. Frisk says that only the half. Chara tells her that it's okay, but the bigger the piece, the more time Frisk will get for the escape. Chara absorbs the half of the SOUL that Frisk gave her and tells the child to keep running. Right after that, the units break threw the ceiling. They see smiling Chara, and there's a moment of silence. She cocks her head and does a jumpscare.

At the same moment, Gaster is slowly loosing his strength, because no matter how much of the units he kills there's always more of them. Then, the Ezuoner comes and a powerful robot jumps out of it. Gaster smiles saying that he's sorry but he can't help Frisk anymore. After these words he disappears.

Meanwhile we see Chara again. She starts laughing at the robots, and when she begins her attack another jumpscare happens. She kills them with a knife; it seems like fun and a piece of cake for her. One of the robots send a report to Skell, which says "We have a trouble.....Chara's here. She's holding us back. Frisk is getting away" and Chara responds with "That's it, call for help....Let's see how many of you I can tear apart."

There's another place switch, where Mega's dragging Undyne on his back. He sees one of Skell's soldiers. He thinks that he hasn't got a choice - he can't let Undyne die out here. He puts her down and the robot puts on him a spell that blocks his hands. The robot says that Mega's chances of surviving are like only 10%. It tries to attack him, but someone kills him first. Red, of course.

She says that he shouldn't keep his guard down and that he has to be more careful. Mega says that he has to do this, or Undyne can die. She says with sarcasm that it's veeery useful and that if it wasn't for her they will be both dead at the time. She also says that if he wants to save somebody he has to make sure that he won't die when doing so.

Mega says that he's sorry, and asks her for help showing her his hands. "Right." she says, and to Mega's confusion she walks next to him picking Undyne up. When he tells her that it's not what he meant, she says that she won't be by his side forever and that as they will continue he'll have to learn how to do this on his own.

Again we see Chara - she beat up the robots and tosses a knife in the air, then catches it. She begins a monologue - "They are weak....But it's still fun. The only thing that I have to do is to destroy them, which gives me fun." Then, she notices the powerful robot that came from the Ezuoner. "Another one?" she says.

She notices that it's different than the others, but when she looks at it again it's nowhere to be found. Actually, he kicks the girl from behind and she breaks threw a wall. She jumps out of the hole that her body made with red eyes and a furious grin. The fight begins.

After a while, Chara seems to be defeated. She's on her knees, one of her sleeves is torn. She takes out Frisk's SOUL, and the robot extracts it. She seems pissesd, but says that it's okay, because the true SOUL is still with her and that she has tricked it into extracting a prototype that Chara made. The robot then explodes. Chara calls it "a stupid machine" and says that now she can go back to Frisk and not waste the SOUL's power.

We have a place switch. Frisk sees that she has her full SOUL again, and Chara's ghost appears. She tells Frisk to run faster and the episode ends.

Toriel & Asgore VS Skell's Army

The robots catch up with Frisk and she turns around to fight them, when suddenly Toriel appears, hitting the closest machine with a fire bullet. She reassures Frisk that she is safe, and the fight starts. After a while, Toriel seems to panic a little, her mind swirling with the thought of not being able to fight them off by herself. Just after that, a mass of soldiers tries to pin her down, but is stopped by Asgore. When he tells his allies to run, Toriel puts her hand on the King's shoulder and teases him that without her he does everything wrong. Although she stays to fight by his side, she also insist on Frisk leaving the future battlefield.

Not waiting for a response, the pair continues the attack. Asgore warns his ex-wife that it's true that they're weak, but great numbers give strenght too. Annoyed, she says that she already knew that, and that they have to delay them at all costs.

Meanwhile in the Ezuoner, Skell has just upgraded his skills and another robot comes to give him report. It is noted that they have send troops after the human child, but they will need some newer models to capture her again. Skell admits that he sent the older models to tire the monsters out and take them by surprise. He also says that he can sense a strong power coming from the cave, and that even if he's strong he won't risk anything and let his guard down. When the other robot asks about Mega, Skell snorts at the thought and says that he has great powers but - unlike his best creation - doesn't know how to use them. He reveals that if it wasn't for Mega's teleporting, he would be dead by now.

Talking of Mega, there's a place switch. It's night in the place that he's currently in, and Red stands guard outside. She passes out while standing, and Mega's voice brings herback to reality. He asks if she's tired, and she replies slowly that it's not true. He scolds her for being so stubborn and proud, because just by looking at her face he can tell that she's exhausted. Half-awake, she asks him if staying here and doing nothing is the best he can come up with, and he explains Red that in her current state she won't be use to anything.

She notices that he hadn't removed the 'things' off his hands, and Mega says that they neutralize their power, so he can't do anyting. Red asks him how does he teleport, and says that she noticed he has to touch his target first. Mega admits, saying that he passes some of his SOUL's power to the target, making it able to control a little bit. Red makes herself sure that he can pass power to anything he touches, then proposes that he can do the same with his hands. Her plan succedes, and Mega thanks her. She just says that he has to learn how to control his powers, and Mega promises her that he will (she's a smart cookie!).

Right after that, he insists on Red going to rest, but apparently she doesn't hear him; she just falls asleep again. Without hesitation, he carefully picks her up and says that she deserves a good rest and that he'll take the watch from now on (shipping intensifies :3).

Okay, enough of this lovey-dovey things! Toriel and Asgore are fighting for life and death right now!

The stronger robot comes, and our friendly monsters realize that they can't show it any weaknesses. As it makes its first strike, Asgore notices, horrified, it's power. He throws Toriel out of the way and tries to block the hit with his trident. Toriel cries out his name in shock and fear as the King's weapon is destroyed, and its owner - unconcious. When the machine tries to manage the final blow, Toriel throws it off and reminds it that she's still here, hatred glimmering in her eyes. It tries to finish her off with a chain, but she tears in from the rest of the mechanism, making it her ownweapon. She makes it heated to red and attacks.

Another report comes to Skell, and the robot carrying the news tells him that the old troops were defeated and that they need the new ones immediately if they don't want to risk Frisk escaping. Skell says that all of the robots are up-to-date and strong with exception of one. It turns out that this robot was the one who was now reporting, and Skell 'kills' it (sheesh man, calm down....). He summons the troops and tells them that they already know what to do.

Toriel is trying to make herself believe that Agore will be fine, when the troops reach them. Alarmed, she prepares for a fight, but before she does anything she is knocked out. Drons take the noble monsters bodies, because it is revealed that the troops had the order of having them alive. The communicating robot asks for any new orders, guessing that now they'll have to take care of Frisk. Skell says that it's affirmative.


Asriel VS Skell's Army

In Megatale 11, the video opens upon Frisk. She is running through the caverns, attempting to escape the Skellbots. However, while she is running, a new model lands in front of her. It attempts to grab her with a claw attacked to a chain, but she dodges. Over the radio, Skell says "You will not be able to capture her that easily. Authorized non-lethal force!". Frisk and the robot have a short staredown, and suddenly another robot picks her up form behind, attempting to shock her to knock her out. She gets out just in time, and begins running, as the robot runs after her.

It attempts to grab her, but she matrix dodges, and then jumps on it and climbs over. She equips her ballet shoes, and starts doing some sick tricks while avoiding energy blasts.

The second robot rocket charges at her from behind, then punches her in the back of the head(but it somehow doesn't knock her out...), and she flies forwards, into the waiting arms of the other robot, however she quickly un-equips her ballet shoes and narrowly escapes. She is then grabbed by the claw & chain, but resists being dragged forward, to which the robot replies "She is resistant." It then electrifies the chain, attempting to knock her out, once again, with electricity.

However, Asriel interferes out of nowhere. Frisk is knocked backwards and lands in front of Asriel, and is greeted with a "Howdy.". "Asriel!? How you.." Frisk responds, to which Asriel says "Not now... I'll show these guys... what happens..." Asriel flies upwards. "To someone who bothers my best friend!" A star comes crashing down on the robots, which they barely avoid. They fly upwards, and lightning blasts rain from the sky and hit one of the robots down to the ground.

Asriel conjures his chaos sabers, and the other robot brings out his laser blades. Asriel and the robot clash, before the sabers become sentient and begin fighting on their own. One of the sabers stabs the robot in the abdomen, and Asriel grabs the remaining saber and impales the robot on the ground's head, destroying it. "Skell... it's Prince Asriel... he's in his transformed form... but according to the calculations, he's not even close to his full power." The remaining robot said. It pulled the sword out of its abdomen. "10% chance he is taking light with us. 90% chance he is not with his full power.". "Try to stay within my reach." Asriel said to Frisk. "Now tell me... how?" Frisk responded. "I do not know exactly... but..." Replied Asriel. "For some reason... there were several particles of human SOULs floating around... they all came from the same direction... they were not so strong on their own... and they all looked the same... as if they were from the same person... I transformed myself with them... but I'm not even close to my full power... but it's enough to protect you." The robot charged an enormous red energy ball and fired at Asriel, but he used his hyper goner and absorbed it. The robot suddenly charged Asriel and knocked him backwards, then blasted him with an eye beam. Asriel was knocked into a cave wall, but he absorbed the impact and recovered quickly. He then rushed at the robot, teleporting behind it and hitting it in the back, then blasting it with a powerful energy beam.

The robot was destroyed. Asriel grabbed frisk and flew out of the cave. "Asriel look." Frisk said. Asriel looked towards where Frisk pointed and was shocked. He saw the drones carrying Toriel and Asgore's bodies. He attempted to fly to them, but was blocked by Skell. Asriel stopped. "Who are you?" He asked. "I am Skell Ezuom. And nothing... will be in my way." Skell replied. "You have something I want... and I have something you want..." "I will not make deals with you." Asriel said angrily. "You have no choice... your parents... by the girl... If you take too long to think, they will already be far from your reach... and I'm going to kill you if you try to protect the girl... I think it's pretty obvious what choice you should take..." Skell replied. Damn... I can not just abandon Frisk like this... but they are my parents... but Frisk has the SOUL of Determination... who knows what this monster is going to do with that power... Asriel thought.

"I think I'll help you make the right decision myself... you are so slow..." Skell said. "What do you think you're going to do?" Asriel asked. "You'll find out in the worst way." Skell held out his hand, and the drones stopped. His hand light turned red, and he snapped. The drones' visors turned red, and they threw Toriel and Asgore's unconscious bodies. Having no other choice, Asriel quickly raced after them. Meanwhile, Skell pointed and multiple Skellbots flew towards Frisk. She shrugged, then raised her hands in surrender.

Skell flew up and grabbed her, pulling her face closer to him. "What now?" His lights turned red. "Still not afraid of me?" His lights turned cyan again. "What are you waiting for?" He asked. The bots grabbed Frisk.

Meanwhile, Asriel made a cloud thing under Toriel and Asgore, catching them. He examined them worriedly, then became angry. The robots loaded Frisk into the Ezuoner(Skell's battleship), and Asriel flew towards him angrily. "SKEEEEELL!" Asriel yelled. "Asriel is approaching." Announced a robot. Skell nodded, and the robots flew towards Asriel. Asriel destroyed each robot with ease. "Well well... you are good... but you will have no chance against me... I analyzed your movements and strength.... you're no match for me with your current strength." Skell remarked. "We'll see!" Said Asriel. Asriel charged at Skell and prepared a punch. The episode ends.

The Four Warriors


The Other

The episode opens up with Undyne waking up and was found in an unknown location. A robot talks to her and Undyne angrily demands the door to be opened. The robot tries to reassure her by telling what they left her with and they open the door. Undyne readies her spear and the robot tells her of what she will see. After they go to a room where Mega is, Mega greets her and Undyne was about to attack him. After some intense exchanges, Undyne sits down and Mega explains that Red recommends her as the teacher. Undyne doesn't care at first, but after hearing Red being mentioned, she asks where she went. Mega tells Undyne about the events that he went through in the previous episode and Undyne then explains the lore behind Red's origins. TBU

Bob VS Bandits

The Temmies are having a party when bandits are planning to rob them. Then a bad guy shoots in the air and says "Nobody move!" The temmies beg for their life and the bandit asked about the whereabouts of their GOLD. A Temmie (not Bob) angrily said to leave their friends alone. The bandit waits a while before shooting the Temmie. Bob came just in time and catches the bullet in his mouth. Basically, Bob does Matrix-esque moves and has claws and has the usual Temmie abilities. And at the end, he says "Don't mess with Temmies."


  • Megatale Muffet has got only four arms so Mega won't confuse himself while animating.
  • Frisk and Chara of this AU are confirmed female by Mega Lucas.
  • All Pivot fullbodies in parts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are made by Mega Lucas.
  • Skell Euzom and Megatale Red already have theme songs.
  • Megatale Undyne can take her Undying form whenever she wants to.
  • Mega Lucas said that in Part 12 there will be backgrounds, but then explained that he's still not sure.
  • We don't know if Bob VS Bandits is canon to Megatale, although Mega Lucas said that after finishing this animation he's going to concentrate on the Megatale series and calls it "an extra animation".
  • Mega Lucas has got a twitter account and posts there informations about Megatale.
  • There are a few things that can suggest a future canon ship of the series - Mega X Red. Most notably in a secret scene.