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Maniatale is an AU of Undertale where W.D. Gaster perished in the war against monsters and humans, and both Toriel and Asgore died as the barrier was raised. Because of this the CORE was never built, or the Hotland laboratories for that matter. The remaining monsters without their monarch's panicked and a civil war of sorts broke out as the monster community crumbled into anarchy. The underground now is a land full of darkness where monster culture and society has unraveled to something more primal.

There is no Sowdin town, only the vast snowy tundra where danger lurks in every corner. Food is scarce, and dusters roam Snowdin forest, the snowy tundra, Waterfall, and especially Hotland. A duster, is a monster addicted to dust. During the civil war and mass chaos, and from a severe lack of food cannibalism became the norm for some desperate monsters. A duster needs to keep eating dust, or the result is rather . . . explosive due to unstable magic. A duster loses their awareness and will do anything to feed the endless cravings for dust.